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First of all, I went through and clicked on a couple of the people rating them 5 stars.

They had only given one contribution and one only (at this time, now that they see this they may realize their mistake) and it was rating this company with 5 stars. IT'S A SCAM. They must create fake google profiles to rate the company to try and make it look good. Liars! We get multiple calls a day asking if we want to "update our google listing." These calls are spam. Every single one of these calls we get I report. It's so annoying. When the guy called today, he asked about updating our google listing. I told asked him very kindly to take us off their call list; we get these calls multiple times a day. He asked if I was the one in charge of advertising or whatever and I said yes, we're a small company. He continued on with his spiel completely disregarding my request to be taken off so I kindly repeated my request. He hung up on me. There is not doubt in my mind that they are a Scam. He hung up quickly to call his next "victim.

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