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Can't respond in a timely manner. Question the expertise.

I have been a customer since January 2019. While I had confidence in the company and its ability to help my company for the first year and a few months of our relationship, things have drastically changed over the last year and sadly, so have our results with them. Specifically, just in the past month, I've had these problems with our relationship: 1. Google Merchant Center informed me I had disapproved offers due to data quality disapprovals. I brought it to their attention and was told, "That message was regarding the Buy on Google feature. It does not impact the shopping feed, shopping ads, or remarketing feature." I asked that even though I wasn't using the Buy on Google feature, I wanted to fix the errors so I could use that in the future if I decided to do that. Five days later, I received a link from our google ads specialist with the steps to enable the Buy on Google option. Upon my investigation into the matter, I find that almost all of the products in GMC have "Shopping ads" as "Disapproved or invalid". While the team is now looking into it, I'm shocked and dismayed our ads specialist told us this situation wasn't affecting our google ads when google adwords has disapproved ads because of the invalid data. 2. I've been told numerous times by the president and director of marketing that I should expect a response to communications within one business day. There are three tasks this month that I've had to leave notes in Basecamp for a response because no one was following up with any acknowledgment. It's confusing to know what the team is working on and where they are within a project. 3. A task that we (meaning my business and Coalition Technologies) decided to start for our Shopify store was communicated to me as "our team will start on the Image Optimization Task (first task) for Shopify before the end of July." This step was the first in a series of tasks to improve the speed performance of our Shopify store. We discussed the next steps on August 4 and left notes to each other in basecamp as to the direction of the task. Despite asking for updates on these tasks on August 6, August 11, August 13, and August 17, we weren't told that they had paused this project until August 18 in our regular Zoom call. I was promised a response about restarting the project by the end of the day on August 18 and still don't have a response, despite asking for it again on August 20.

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