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My team and I interviewed over a dozen marketing agency's and we basically heard the same pitch over and over again.

It was like the same company, just different faces. We started to get rather frustrated because we've used marketing companies in the past that had roots in digital marketing, and we were very disappointed. We met CC&A and their sales rep was emphatic that they were different from the others, so we set up a meeting. In all honestly, I wasn't prepared for just how different CC&A was. The marketing approach was like nothing I had seen before. We signed contract about 18 months ago and the results have been GREAT. Now it wasn't all roses along the way. There was a lot that we had to do in partnership with CC&A, but we put our best foot forward and made it happen. Our company has grown so much more then I thought we could. We are no at a point where we can hire CC&A for additional services and cut back on some of the marketing responsibilities on our end, which will allow us to focus purely on our clients and our business. It is going to be a great year for us!

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