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3 Reasons why you should focus on Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords

 Long tail keywords

Google with its ever-changing algorithms forms a very interesting space. You plan things up & an algorithm change can potentially bring the strategy down like anything. In such an unexpected scenario, SEO is something that needs a lot of balancing out and well, that’s quite a task.

When it comes to techniques such as SEO, you certainly need a few pointers to gain traction organically.

Well, we are not putting things randomly. SEO is sheer hard work & it is important that every aspect is given a deep look. Businesses and brands compete with all efforts to rank better at SERPs.

A number of them even attempt keyword stuffing to accelerate their rankings better but heads up, if Google ever notices it, chances are you’d be gifted with a penalty & even your good intent efforts would go in vain.

This, however, doesn’t necessarily implies that the game of keywords is too risky & should not be touched. In fact, there is a winning strategy that lies within the plot of keywords only if you can connect the dots right. One such example is the increasing popularity of long tail keywords. Ever heard about the term? Let’s know a bit here.

Long Tail Keywords

For successful on page SEO Optimisation, 50 percent of the focus should be the long tail keywords, quoted from Statista. Yes, that’s how much they matter.

Long tail keywords are nothing but those three to four-word specific keywords that relate with your customer’s search directly. They come with a comparatively lower monthly search volume but the impact they have directly to sales is phenomenal. In fact, the voice search queries generally include the long tail keywords. Given that they help you get an idea of the exact purpose & intent of search, the importance of long tail keywords is adding up high.

3 Reasons Why You Should Focus on Longtail Keywords

No wonder, there are plenty of reasons for preferring these but we thought of bringing you the best top 3 this time. So, here are 3 reasons why you should focus on long tail keywords strategy more than anything & trust me, it’s worth your time-

3.1 Lower Competition

It is quite a task to rank for the one-word keywords. Given the kind of competition they come with, a lot of strategies combined can’t beat all of it. On the other hand, the long tail keywords carry a different story altogether.

As mentioned earlier, the long tail keywords come with a comparatively lower search hence, it has a very low competition to be worried about. They are super relevant, very much what your target customer searches for and results in better conversions. You can still rank for what your audience wants without handling much of competition and frankly, what’s better than that. In addition, this results with qualified lead generation as well.

For instance, if you check the image above, these are all long tail keywords. While the competition for the listed keywords is low but then so is the competition. In such a scenario, it is pretty logical to go for the long tail keywords.

Due to the lower competition, it’ll be very easy for you rank for these queries & looks like, this is exactly what people search for.

Ranking for 4 of such keywords at higher positions will be better than ranking lower for the one word keyword. And one doesn’t need to say how difficult it gets to rank for usual keywords with that kind of competition.

Also, be mindful of the conversions that stand as a possibility in such cases. To discuss more on the same, let’s move on to the next point.

3.2 Better Conversion Rates

By the simple definition, long tail queries are the ones which define precisely what people search. They are more or less equivalent to the exact match of what people are looking for. If your website’s product or service fulfills the requirement, the conversion rate accelerates on its own.

For examples, if a person searches for the term ‘pink dress’, it could mean anything, it could be someone looking for a wedding dress, a bridal attire, a formal wear or anything at all. But if the same search query as ‘Pink Prom Dress under $200’, I’m sure it would have been easier to target it and find the relevant results.

Not everyone would rank on the latter keyword and there lies your chances to sell what you actually have. So, again a big fat reason for why you should focus on long tail keywords in your SEO strategy.

In other words, low competition and targeted traffic can only result in better sales. Give your site visitors some value & they shall convert, there goes the key!

3.3 That is how people search

Another reason for embracing the long term keywords is the fact that it defines how people search. We, as normal users, tend to put in our query in terms of a description. We tend to be as descriptive as we can while we search. Well, so do our customers. It is essential that we offer them direct & sure shot answers on their elaborated queries.

For example, if you see the image above, you’ll get the point we’re trying to make here. There is a specific search for a particular query i.e. ‘Best Content Marketing trends 2018’. Whatever is the user search intent, it is explicitly clear. Also, if you see the results for the same, the best of industry leaders are trying to capture this keyword. Well, can’t really blame them given it works for them so well.

In 2016, Google actually extended its title and description limit, which marked for a huge change and gave in new space for long-term keywords to fetch some more limelight. With updates such as Hummingbird, Google has time and again signified the importance of search intent & context. These factors all the way marks the reasons for why you should focus on long tail keywords.

The key again is to understand your customer’s mindset and his requirements. If you fit well to analyze the search intent behind any query, you’ll know the best way to optimize for the same.

How to achieve this?

Now that you know the pointers of why you must focus on long tail keywords, we assume you have understood the indispensable role it plays in an effective SEO strategy. But then, how exactly are you supposed to take care of this aspect?

As a business owner, your core responsibility should be taking care of your business goals. Services such as digital marketing and SEO can be outsourced to SEO specialists or firms which hold specialization in the services. Search Beast SEO agency is one such option. See that the chosen firm takes care of the requirements and all you have to do is track the results over the period of time.


Long Tail keywords form a substantial part of an SEO strategy. Irrespective of the business you’re running, you need to inculcate them to run for a long run & getting a targeted customer base. It has been long that long tail queries have risen to be a prominent solution for all SERP issues. It is literally high time that we accept & embrace it in our SEO strategies from now on.

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