8 Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid To Propel Your Business Sales this 2019

April 5, 2019 | Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving industry that is always surprising you with a new trend that is deemed effective and efficient for any business. Many strategies are made for different businesses with different goals. However, because it is ever-changing, you would not know that a particular trend is not effective anymore with just a snap of your finger. This fact may become a challenge for anyone, especially for someone who’s starting a business online.

Another problem for digital marketing is that many people are very confident that they are doing the right strategy for their digital platforms, but they do not know that those are all wrong and has adverse effects to their business. We are showing you eight different mistakes that should not be done this year to avoid casualties to your business. After all, for starters, we want the first e-commerce sales to be the best.

1. No Ready Marketing Strategies, Plans, and Budget

increase your business sales

You cannot do something without any plan. Most people do not rely on spontaneity and improvisation. The formula for a well-executed strategy is a well-executed plan. For marketers, you need a digital marketing plan and a budget plan for everything to guide you on what to do.

Budget, first, should be consulted to know the allotment of money for your execution. From there, you can adjust the possible marketing stints and implementations you can do by planning it. You can start by assessing the whole situation of your digital state and find the problems that may hinder your performance. Find strategies that can solve your problem, and also, fit for your budget. Lastly, after you’re done with strategies, prioritize what should be done first out of urgency or availability of materials, so you do not waste your time.

2. One Form of Content Only

increase your business sales

Every content kind caters different audiences and marketing objectives. For instance, if you want educational content, you may opt to produce an informative video or an infographic for your content. However, creating only one form of content for all of the entries in your site is a big mistake for digital marketers.

Aside from text posts, different kinds of content forms can entice more of your customers. We have moving forms such as videos and GIFs. There are also stunning images you can use for your content. What’s important is that you are not stagnant to only one kind of content because it can imply dull and boring content for your website, which can lead to lower traffic, which is a nightmare for every digital marketer. Try experimenting with other kinds of content and find the right one for every content bucket you have.

3. No Optimization of Campaigns and Landing Page

increase your business sales

All of your campaigns should have a well-constructed image on what will happen on every step of the process until you finish your aim. For landing pages, you need to optimize that. An example of a bad landing page is one that does not contain any clear information on where to go next or where the website wants you to go next. That kind of landing page is terrible for the business since you want to achieve a particular goal and an unoptimized campaign and landing page will give you more push back than attaining your objectives.

To solve this, always try to do A/B split tests to your landing pages and campaigns to maximize the possible increase of conversions to your website.

4. No Information About Target Audience

For all marketers, not only in the digital industry, it is a mortal sin if you do not know a peeve of information about your audiences. Why? Because they are the one that you are catering, so it is common sense to get information and characteristics about them. After all, their data are the starting opportunities for marketing your business.

You should do this by creating a persona to whom your business would entirely operate. An audience persona will help you get a grasp on who is your target audience. It should contain the socio-demographic characteristics, psychographic characteristics, skills, behaviors, values, attitudes, and more. Basically, everything that needs to know about your audience: from there, you can find an opening on how to connect your brand to your audience through that information. Success in marketing comes from a perfect connection between the customer and the brand.

5. Passive Website

increase your business sales

You should not have the mindset of whenever you have a website, the working stops; the website will work itself to getting your marketing objectives. This is a big mistake for digital marketers. Working does not stop of successfully putting up your site in the World Wide Web. That is the start of your actual work as a digital marketer.

An estimated 1 billion websites around the World Wide Web, which means there are 1 billion sites that are competing with your website traffic. This is a fundamental problem we have, and as a digital marketer, you need to work on getting those high website traffic, low bounce rates, increased conversion rates, and more sales and revenue.

6. Not Retargeting

Retargeting is one of the underrated strategies for digital marketing for a lot of platforms. It is an online advertising kind that lets your brand stay visible after your customers leave your website. It is a cookie-based technology that you can use because it follows your audience all over the web.

It is an efficient and useful kind of advertising because most consumers, after going out of anyone’s website, the experience and the planned purchase has been forgotten. With retargeting, it will be easier to remind your customers because you appear to them even after going out of your site. It is a powerful conversion tool since it can connect with many customers; it can help in changing their minds and going back to your site.

7. No Analysis and Insights From Data

increase your business sales

To achieve an excellent record of your e-commerce conversion rate, you need to know more about your data. Whatever data it is, you need to get an insight from it. Not understanding your information is a big opportunity you are letting pass through your site.

Understanding your data should always be done because those pieces of information are openings on how you can insert your brand to the marketing strategy. For instance, you need to analyze the data about your website customer behavior. You have different information on the cursor behavior of your customers, so you need to capitalize on that; you need to be creative. Those pieces of data can be a starting point on how to create a better place and a better experience for your users. For example, your audience is mostly teenagers who are enticed by visual content; the thing you need to do is act depending on the data, which is to capitalize on the opportunity. You will create more content that is visually appealing.

8. Hasty Results From Marketing Strategies

Many people think that digital marketing is a fast-paced industry that gets the job done in the quickest way possible. That’s where they are wrong. Digital marketing is more of an investment to your different online outlets. All trends are fast, but the process in digital marketing is slowly but surely if you pick the right strategy for your marketing objective.


No matter what kind of business you have, Digital Marketing is a boon if used appropriately. It alleviates your business to newer and more lucrative heights. Using the list as mentioned above of mistakes to avoid, you can safeguard your business from suffering losses. If you have any more points to add to this list of mistakes to avoid, feel free to mention them in the comments. Also, let us know what you think of the points discussed here.

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