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8 Simple Digital Marketing Tips Your Competitors Don’t Know About

8 Simple Digital Marketing Tip

With more people having access to mobile devices, companies are shifting their focus to digital marketing. An increased number of mobile browsers has caused a chain reaction; one that will lead to 72% of all ad spend in the US being devoted exclusively to mobile.

Your business, amongst many others, can benefit from this evolution of digital marketing. However, the same evolution brings more available resources to every entrepreneur, thus increasing competition.

To rise above competing companies and brands, you will have to meticulously conduct research and find the right trends and business methods.

In 2019, every company will steer towards voice search, as more than 60% of surveyed people have started using it in 2018, according to MindMeld. If you use clever approaches such as social media advertising and mobile optimization, every goal will be possible.

Therefore, you need to invest more efforts and go down paths that are unheard of by your competition. In this article, we strive to explore the 8 most important ways of approaching digital marketing in 2019.

With these 8 tips, you will be able to take your advertising to the next level and achieve all your brand goals. Whether it is optimizing your business strategy or deciding to order assignment writing service, the benefits will be evident.

1. Focus on user-generated content

More and more companies face a lack of content during key moments. To combat this common digital marketing problem, you have to look for other sources of inspiration and content. You need something that will not only supply you with the material but something that also decreases the overall workload.

Prominent solution marketers need is user-generated content or UGC. How can you get UGC and make the influx of content a constant part of your business strategy?

One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is by utilizing social media and the power of hashtags. Let’s take the women’s clothing retailer Aerie as an example.

Using their #AerieReal campaign, they’ve urged followers to use a hashtag to tag all their unfiltered swimsuit photos. The result?

They received hundreds of thousands of images, which is exactly what they were aiming for. As a reward, they posted the best photos on their official Instagram account.

Here’s how to create an efficient UGC-acquisition campaign:

  1. Create a marketable product that people will be proud to display on themselves and on social media
  2. Devise a hashtag that your audience can use to mark their posts and brand them at the same time
  3. Invest time in selecting the best posts, share them as a reward and keep the others for further campaigns (with the permission of the person who posted it, of course)  

2. Write for people, not search engines

According to a recent survey by HubSpot, 61% of all marketers have cited improving SEO and overall organic presence as their digital marketing priority. However, this is a trend you shouldn’t follow as “religiously” as most marketers do.

What do we mean by this? By highlighting this data, we wanted to note that content creation isn’t about the content – it became an endless stream of analytical activity and pleasing search engine algorithms.

Writing blogs only to insert keywords and establish backlinks might improve your organic ranking, but it will also cause real people to lose interest. Remember – you’re targeting real people to buy your products, not just mere clicks.

Raising your brand can only be accomplished by appealing to customers and writing copy that will be pleasant to the eye. A strategy many companies use is outsourcing by utilizing one of the many writing and proofreading services. Here are some of the best:

  1. It’s one of the most reasonably-priced writing tools available. You can order all sorts of content and receive it shortly.
  2. Paper Writing Pro. Yet another writing service that specializes in creating content for marketing campaigns and increasing brand awareness.
  3. Assignment Holic. One of the more popular proofreading services; it can save you hours by quick and effective proofreading reviews.

If you can’t choose the right writing tool, you can use the option of the content writer’s review, like EduBirdie review.

There are also other options for outsourcing written content or for resume writing, when you need the good resumes of your employees for the projects with ambitious clients, like cv writing service. Use it to grow your brand and quality of your services. 

3. Target the right audience

Your marketing campaigns are created to be effective, is that correct? If so, then why are you not focusing on targeting people who are most likely to like your brand? No brand has ever succeeded by targeting the entire population. In accordance with the nature of your product, there is a target group that can bring you success.

Take Apple’s student discount campaign as an example. Through reduced pricing and flexible payment option, Apple is promoting its devices to whom exactly? That’s right – to their target group.

As they desire to be more popular with students, they shift their entire business method to targeting the preferences of students. From color and design to convenience, Apple is doing targeting the right way.

You would be surprised if you knew how many companies are just searching for the “most successful marketing strategies.” What they don’t know is that every strategy has a time and place. This is what targeting is all about, making sure the brand campaign fits the desired person.

4. Analytics and automation are kings

In 2019, you have to focus on both improving your team’s performance and reducing overall workload. There are many ways to accomplish this, but none are more effective than gathering the right analytics and utilizing it through automated processes. One segment of digital marketing that you can boost with the right analytics is email marketing.

By knowing your demographic, you can segment your emails for maximum efficiency. The result?

According to MailChimp, segmented email campaigns have a 14.32% higher open rate than non-segmented email marketing campaigns. This is an example of the right use of analytics, to make sure there are no errors in the way you conduct various forms of digital marketing.

Afterward, use tools like Constant Contact, MailChimp or GetResponse for automated email campaigns with the data you’ve collected. The result of automating email marketing and utilizing analytics will be immediate. You and your team will save hundreds of hours on a monthly basis.

5. Word-of-mouth is still the law

“No matter how much we strive to promote our products in the best possible light, advertising has one flaw that will never go away. That flaw is – it’s advertising.”, explains Greg Dawkins of EduGeeksClub.

“Audiences know that you’re trying to target them and they will look at any campaign with a sometimes unhealthy dose of scepticism. Therefore, you need to do what others don’t and focus on word-of-mouth marketing.”

How can you increase the reputation of your brand through clever word-of-mouth marketing? Let’s take a look.

  1. Make your products shareable and aesthetically pleasing. People will not only tell their close friend and family about them, but they will also share them on social media, causing even more people to talk about them.
  2. Showcase reviews from Google and Yelp on your website, in a visible place. This will show customers that you care about their opinions, regardless of their nature.
  3. Organize events and make moves that will cause a lot of stir. Word-of-mouth marketing has to be carried out in several waves for the effects to be seen and felt.

Word-of-mouth marketing can also be given a separate type of content to work with – testimonial videos.

6. Use testimonial videos to promote both the brand and individual products

In B2B marketing, more than 89% of all marketing executives see testimonial videos as the undisputedly most effective form of content. They’re also seen in numerous B2C marketing campaigns.

Why are they so effective? The answer lies in human nature and how do we perceive the same opinions. Testimonial videos are specifically designed to instill faith about a product.

People are more likely to believe another person than the company that created the product. Companies sell the product as a part of their sales goal, whereas people share their story for other reasons.

Take this Code Academy testimonial video. Tommy tells his story in an inspirational and emotional way highlighting two key things:

  1. The problem he was facing
  2. The solution that the site provided to him

To improve your content marketing sector, gather your most loyal customers and give them a chance to be heard. Chances are, they will relish the opportunity to voice their pleasure due to using your product for an extended period of time.

Use people of different backgrounds, ages – simply to show that your product is for everyone and anyone. Make the videos honest, candid and simple. They are one of the most valuable representative forms of content for your entire brand.

7. Use social media to attract candidates and offer them a chance to grow

More and more brands are shifting towards content marketing, and there is a large need of people with knowledge in the niche. While this means more job opportunities for young experts, it makes the brands’ lives more difficult. It will be harder to find the right personnel to comprise a functional and productive digital marketing team.

Did you know that 59% of candidates use social media to find their next position? Use this statistic to your advantage. Here’s how you can accomplish optimal recruitment:

  1. Ahead of a job opening, advertise both your brand and the position on social media. Target people in the niche and don’t hesitate to use LinkedIn as your primary platform.
  2. Be clear and concise when advertising a job opening. The best way to improve your brand is to get the best digital marketing experts. This means that you need to take a head-on approach and give them what they’re looking for. If you’re not transparent about salary, the candidates won’t take you seriously.
  3. Define responsibilities. By having a clearly defined position, you will place the fate of your brand in its culture, not its employees. Regardless of what happens, defined responsibilities will always attract the top experts in the digital marketing niche.
  4. Offer them a chance to grow. Wherever possible, highlight the quality of your employee training programs and the opportunities that await candidates. No employee wants to remain static and sit while his peers move up in the business world. Salary is what makes people apply, but growth opportunities are what makes them stay.

8. Utilize colors in web design to send a message

Content marketing doesn’t always have to involve words, images or any other form of content that is created for a marketing purpose. Instead, you can use smaller details as content or as vessels that will send any message you want to the audience of your product.

Aside from shapes and fonts, you can also use colors to send important messages through design. Carefully choose the color you desire, as every hue has a different effect on the customer’s psyche. Here is an overview of how different colors affect the buyer’s mind and contribute to digital marketing campaigns:

  1. Red. It creates urgency within the human mind. It’s great for food-related websites and stimulates thinking, all while increasing blood pressure. Use it for discounts, clearance sales or special offers.
  2. Blue. This color represents security and legitimacy. It’s not a coincidence that sites that work with user information all have a blue design. Facebook, PayPal, and LinkedIn all strive to instill trust in their customers so that they will use their services.
  3. Green. A powerful tool in modern-day marketing, green is used to symbolize nature and ecological awareness. It’s also closely associated with health and emotional well-being.
  4. Black. It’s a representation of elegance, luxury, and power. If you want to make a strong statement, use black as an integral part of your marketing campaign.


There are many trends in digital marketing that go overlooked. The 8 tips we provided relate to some of them, but you are free to explore more on your own. Utilize these tips, and you will see your entire brand growing and evolving in front of your very eyes. Stay ambitious and creative if you wish to leave a lasting legacy.

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