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8 Ways to Organically Develop a Brand on Instagram

Organically Develop a Brand on Instagram

Organically Develop a Brand on Instagram

Are you looking to increase your Instagram followers? And that too organically? But developing a brand organically is not an easy thing.

As Instagram is a proven marketing platform, it is used every day by ordinary people as well as businesses; both big and small.

To market your brand on Instagram, there are a lot of ways to get huge followings and user engagement organically. You need to follow these specifics to lift your brand up on Instagram. We will be listing eight such ways that will develop your brand naturally.

Let’s get started.

Research your audience and engage with them

Before posting and developing your brand, you need to know who your target audiences are. Not everyone will be interested in your content.

So, study on your audience first. Get to know them well. After all, you are creating the contents for them. If you are reaching the wrong audience, they will unfollow you in no time.

Once you understand the target audience, you will be able to decide what kind of posts to consider. knowing your target audience and posting accordingly, you can keep an eye on your competitors.

Observe who the followers are and what kind of posts they engage with. Then you will have a clearer idea about this. You can try following the first and get them to follow you back before developing yourself as a bigger brand.

Like and comment on similar kind of accounts. This will also draw people’s attention.

Engage with your followers. How?

Consider posts that ask for their opinion. For example, you cannot decide what color suit to wear. Go ahead and ask them. This is a simple example only. You can make such engaging post related to the brand too.

Get back to their queries. Simple replies with emojis are enough. Try liking and replying to their comments. Audiences feel good if you are paying attention to them. So, connect with them as much as possible.

Post at least once per day

Being consistent is important. You should post at least once every day. If you don’t post regularly, people may end up unfollowing you due to the irregularity.

Regular posting proves that you are active and people grow a sense of reliability on you. If you last posted two months ago, people may also develop an idea that you are closed.

People generally consider regular brands while purchasing something. So this is vital to your brand. You cannot expect to deliver six months a year, and people still be waiting for you to be active so that they may purchase from you when you are not. There are a lot of brands available. They will switch. Don’t consider them loyal.

Now that you are posting once every day, you need to time it well. You cannot expect enough engagement if you post when your target audience is sleeping.

Find a convenient time when your target users are online mostly by researching your posts and similar accounts and post your content accordingly.

You are likely to have a high amount of post reach if you do so.

Schedule your posts

We have already discussed how vital being consistent is. Now, what if you cannot post it someday due to urgent personal stuff or maybe sickness? You might be on a vacation too.

Don’t worry there’s a solution to this too. There are a lot of tools that are free to use for Instagram marketing. They allow you to schedule posts even for months.

You can upload your content and schedule them to be posted at different times. This way you can post multiple times a day easily.

So, sit back and relax. Schedule your posts whenever you are free and do whatever you like!

Use hashtags

If you’ve been on Instagram, you already know about using hashtags. Using hashtags is a common thing in social networks, especially on Instagram. Proper hashtags will let you reach your target audience better.

Try creating one branded hashtag that represents your brand name. Keep it consistent in all of your posts.

Use unique hashtags. Don’t worry about using multiple hashtags. Use them freely and include all that qualifies for a specific post. You can add up to 30 hashtags.

Research on the popular ones and the ones that are used by similar companies. You can use tools to find relevant hashtags to your business.

Make sure your content delivers what your hashtags promises. Irrelevant hashtags will only downgrade the post quality.

The more popular hashtag you use, the more competition you are up against. Instead, try going for mid-level hashtags.

Use Instagram stories to show behind the scenes

Instagram has introduced stories, and they are quite popular. Stories are a must for being on top now.

“You can upload behind the scenes in successive story posts, and users will get to watch them one after another. This is a beautiful, convenient way to get these posts more engagement,” a social media expert from Online Invent said.

Stories may tell actual stories in this manner. They are exciting and more effective than multiple picture posts. People prefer pictures with texts or emojis on it in the stories. One story is viewed for a certain amount of time, and then the next one comes automatically.

So, the user can sit back and see all the photos one after another without having to swipe like regular multiple picture posts.

Share on other social networks

Posting your Instagram posts on other social networks is important. Not all users are connected to your Instagram profile. They may be able to find you on other social media networks if you post them there.

So, try cross-promoting your posts. You can primarily start with the most popular ones like Facebook, Twitter. This is likely to engage more people and increase your Instagram followers.

You can also create special offers for Instagram followers both in Instagram and other social networks. These will make more people follow your brand on Instagram to avail the special offers.

Use quote graphics to get the audience’s attention

Creating engaging posts is a must to ensure more traffic. As a result, posts should be both attractive and easy to scan for the users.

Often users skip posts that are boring and hard to scan.

Share a high-quality picture with quotes or texts on it. This improves scannability and makes them more attractive.

Add an appropriate caption along with the hashtags. But captions are too small in size and often ignored. You may have told something useful that would generally get more views, but many of the users kept scrolling as it was not scannable.

Not all your posts need to be like this. But apply this tip whenever you can.

Users are likely to share these kinds of posts that match them. As your post gets shared, your post gets better reach, and many more people might convert into your follower.

Feature and get featured

This is a very vital solution to develop a brand organically. Consider putting user-generated posts. This increases the connectivity, and you get to reach more people on Instagram.

You can offer people to share some content with your branded hashtag for a contest. They keep sharing, and you keep on reaching.

After the contest is over, you announce the winner and share the winner’s post.

Another thing you can try is getting featured on other big accounts. Just like the previous idea, your post gets shared on an account with a massive amount of followers. If you have not tried it yet, try.

You can list the big Instagram accounts of a similar category, or it can be different. Follow them, like their posts, comment on their posts. Use their branded hashtags.

Thus you get noticed. And once you are noticed, you can contact them with the post that you think is shareable and would fit them. You can start with some appreciation for them and later on ask them to share your content.

You can also offer share for shares to other Instagram pages. This is just a trade-off. You offer to share their posts if they share your posts in return. This is an effective way of reaching audiences organically. Many fashion accounts share other fashion accounts’ posts in this manner.


It can be difficult for gaining followers organically. But with the right strategy, it can be done in a comparatively more straightforward manner than other social networks. We have listed some crucial ways to gain followers. You may find many more online.

You will also find both free and paid apps to increase engagement.

Start with some of these organic methods and wait for the results. Gaining followers is no magic. You may be stuck. Don’t get demotivated. It will eventually grow. Offer users with quality motivating posts. Motivation helps you reach people better than anything else.

Focus on that. Offer them something that they lack, and they will end up providing you with more audiences. Keep posting, keep communicating with audiences, and follow such small steps. You will start to gain followers gradually.

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