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Boost Your Search Engine Visibility by using SEO and PPC together

Some say SEO is better whereas others prefer PPC over SEO.

While you’re on the way to create a website that people love and use every day you must show importance to the visitor. The thing is, if you want to build a brand worth talking about, you must start by working on the reputation.

There are a plethora of brands out there, and during all of this, everyone seems to be following the same path as everyone else. As a startup, if you want to stand out, you must leverage the ultimate power of SEO and PPC.

But what if you combine the power of SEO with PPC and leverage both to improve the ranking of your website? With Google changing algorithms every day, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of the changes. But if you take time to combine the power of search engine optimization with Pay Per Click you can gather knowledge about the market and use that knowledge to get more attention from the audience.

For instance, if you run ads on PPC, you will gather data related to the audience. Your target audience is already there; you’ve collected all the data. Now you can use the data in PPC to write blogs, create landing pages, and develop categories which don’t currently exist on your website.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about any of this because I am here to help you out with your problems.  

Yes, there is a way to it. And this blog will share the tips that you need to use to take maximum advantage from the power of digital marketing.

1. Use PPC to drive more traffic on your website

SEO largely depends upon the links, the DA and how much traffic comes to the website.

With PPC the traffic will be genuine, and people who want to purchase the product or solve a problem will visit the website.

The best advantage that you can take from PPC is that of controlling the power of content. You can show people what you want and leverage the power of great content to give people something to solve their problem.

Use catchy PPC headlines to gain the user’s attention. This will help you get your brand out there, even if it is just the users knowing about it.

Once people get to know that your brand is offering the best services, people will come back for more. If the content that you’re providing is solving the problems of the people, they will get the impression that you are the only brand which can help them get the best of life.

2. Nurture old customers with PPC retargeting

One of the features that PPC has but SEO doesn’t is retargeting old customers and helping them reconnect with the brand.

Generating top SERP rankings organically is hard labor. And you must work with might and fight for the position. It might take you years to build up a target market and hold the #1 spot on Google search result.

By leveraging the power of PPC, you can push the customers who are willing to buy but are not sure how to trust the brand. My friend who owns a digital marketing agency take customers from PPC and build specific landing pages for them. This has improved his sales big time.

So, you remind them with ads on YouTube and Facebook. Retargeted ads will let the customers trust the brand and buy the product when the time comes.  

And instead of targeting general website customers, you’ll be able to focus on dedicated customers by using landing pages. For instance, you can run a campaign to find influencers and target those influencers in your ad. This is how you can target customers who are willing to buy from you but don’t know how to proceed.

3. Search your target customers with PPC

When you run ads, you will get visitors. When you start analyzing these customers, you’ll know what these customers are looking for. And based upon that you’ll able to create products that will be loved by your customers.

Basically, it is like drawing your target customers like a magnet with paid promotions. Once the customers start using your product, they would love to use the service again. And more visits to the website will bring sales and generate genuine orders.

This tactic works best for startups who don’t know where their target market is. When you start experimenting with various countries, you’ll know whom to target and what are the keywords that customers are using to come to your website.

You can then use these keywords to make the best of PPC and transform the visitors into customers.

4. Study your competitors

When you start making ads, you’ll know what your customers are searching on the internet, and you can use that information for your benefit. They say if you want to go somewhere, ask from a person who has been there already. If you’re new in the market, you’ll not know much about the market. So, it is best to learn from your competitors.

It is important to mention here that there is a difference between studying your competitors and copying them. Maybe their target audience is on Facebook, or maybe their audience loves to interact over the phone. But this doesn’t imply that your target audience will do the same.

For your brand, you must do separate research. You cannot rely solely on the data which is provided by the audience. You must give it a chance. You must gather the data related to your target audience and analyze your data to get the desired result.

The data that you get might surprise you. But the thing is that if you don’t learn about your audience, how you can provide them with the service. When you learn about your audience, you can use that data to create better products.

From Google AdWords, you’ll be able to know what your customers are searching, and then you can incorporate those keywords into your SEO. Either use the keywords in current pages or create separate landing pages against those keywords.


If you’re willing to get things straight, you need to use both PPC and SEO to outsmart your competitors. You cannot afford to take one and leave the other. In fact, just like others, you need to combine both PPC and SEO to get a compound result. A combined effort will have a more significant impact than using SEO and PPC separately as a service.

It might be possible that not all the strategies will work, but if you use some of these strategies, you’ll know which of them are working right for your brand. You can break them into various parts and see how you can combine various tactics to see which of the strategy is working right for your brand.

Test the strategies as mentioned above and comment below about the ones which proved to be useful and which didn’t.

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