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The Battle Of Content: 7 Things Which Attract Millennials

You’re a content marketer or business owner, and you want to make a brand popular online? Then you have to think about Millennials. Currently, this is the generation with the greatest spending power on the market. They shop online and in brick-and-mortar stores. But they want brands to meet some standards before they are ready to spend some money. 

Millennials love the internet. Social media was part of the most important stage of their lives, and they are still using it daily. They also love social proof. Before they invest in a product or a service, they want to make sure it works. So they will look for online content to help them make the purchasing decision. 

Millennials Have High Expectations from Businesses

Millennials are sceptical about the motives of a business. The majority of them don’t believe that businesses had a positive impact on society. This is the generation that values experience and social benefits. They call out businesses to greater responsibility. 

What does this mean for your content? It has to be in-line with their values. Did you think about hiring a paper writing service to write product descriptions? That’s no longer enough. It’s the era of content battles. Each business is trying to attract Millennials by producing content of higher quality. The aim is to convince these potential buyers why your brand is better than any other. 

Let’s see: how do you develop content that does that?

7 Content Marketing Tricks to Attract Millennials

1. Show How Your Products Are Energy Efficient

Millennials care about protecting their environment. Through their daily choices, they try to contribute to environmental protection. 

This says a lot about Millennials. They want energy-efficient products. That’s why they conduct a lot of research on different brands whenever they buy something. They do this with cosmetics, home appliances, restaurants, and everything else. 

Tide is one of that hacked this need of the audience years ago. The commercials on the Tide Pods were all about the qualities of the product and the process behind its development. The commercials explain exactly how the product works and how it saves energy for the users. With minimal effort, you get excellent results. That’s exactly what Millennials want to hear.  

2. Invite Them to Take Part in the Campaign

Millennials want to be part of a community. That’s why they love social media and forums so much. They connect with other people; they make friends and expand their base of contacts. But most of all, they become part of the issues that move society forward. 

Alo is one of the many brands that used this characteristic to their advantage. It’s famous for sponsoring Instagram influencers. With that policy, the brand reaches out to a vast community of yoga practitioners and invites them to join different challenges. 

Alo gets mentions with each Instagram user who participates in the challenge. So the message gets further. That’s smart content marketing, right there. 

3. Give Millennials the Social Proof They Need

What does a millennial do before hiring Edusson or another writing agency? They will check the Edusson rating online. They want to make sure there are no shady practices related to the brand. So they read all the reviews they can find. 

Of course; this doesn’t mean you can start writing fake reviews. Your potential customers can see right through them. What you can do is invite your customers to write a testimonial for the product or service they bought for you. It takes time and effort for them to do this, so you have to motivate them. You can give them a discount code for their next purchase. That works! 

Also, allow them to rate your brand on Facebook. Allow them to ask questions and comment on the posts, too. But you have to make sure to answer, so you’ll leave the impression of a team that cares for its customers. 

4. Invest in a State-of-the-Art Blog

Before buying something, Millennials will read blogs. The testimonials at your website and the reviews at social media pages are great. They come from real users. But Millennials also want to know what the experts think. That’s why they will look for in-depth evaluations. 

Before buying a brand new video game, what does a potential customer do? They go to their favourite bloggers to get recommendations and warnings. 

You have to invest in that type of marketing, too. You can team up with authoritative bloggers from your industry. They will share their honest opinion about your products or services. The audience they reach will make a huge difference in your marketing campaign. 

Of course; you should also invest in your blog. Professional writers from Best Essay, Upwork, and EssayNinja can help. They develop high-quality content that engages this audience. 

5. Join a Cause

Gillette has always been known for its bold commercials. But the campaign We Believe: The Best Men Can Be got real attention among Millennials. It calls toxic masculinity out. It advocates for men to be themselves instead of playing the roles society expects them to play. 

The commercial is impressive. 

It was controversial because of the brand it came from. It makes commercials for a better world while exploiting its employees. But let’s leave that aside for a moment. The campaign, from a marketing point of view, is good. It’s what works with Millennials. It advocates for a cause we care about. 

Can you support causes through an honest campaign? This target audience will support your brand in return. 

6. Tell Them How They Save Money

Millennials have the greatest purchasing power at the moment. However, they make less money than their parents made at that age. That’s why they opt for renting instead of buying homes and other important property. They need to save money in the long run, so they can invest them in something big years from now. 

This is why Millennials are mindful about everything they buy. They want to gain the best value for their money, so they won’t mind spending time and effort in research. They will compare your brand to competitive offers. If they don’t see how you deliver the greatest value, they will bounce off. 

When developing content, make sure to focus on this aspect. Explain how the price is affordable, given the value they get in return. When you check the Tide commercial that we mentioned above, you’ll realize that’s exactly what it does. 

7. Show How Socially Responsible Your Brand Is

Millennials care about causes. We already clarified that. But using a cause for a commercial is a bad thing. It’s what Gillette was criticized about. People won’t buy the product just because the commercial raises awareness. They will buy a product if they see how it makes a real difference. 

TOMS did that well. There’s not much special about these canvas slip-on, but Millennials fell in love with them. What was so special? It’s all about being ethical with the purchase. With each pair of shoes you buy, TOMS donates a pair to a child in need. This is an impressive example of social responsibility. 

The TOMS team also invested in a content marketing campaign to make this known across the web and beyond. That’s what you should do, too. Show how by using your products or services, people can make a real change in the world. 


What’s the best way to develop a successful content marketing campaign? To study the audience you want to attract! Millennials are buying the most products and services these days. Clearly, all brands want to target them. But how? With the tips that we listed above, you can understand this audience better. When you understand Millennials, you’ll provide content that gets them excited about your brand.

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