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Diversify your campaigns using Multiple Keyword Suggestions.

Keyword Suggestions

RankWatch Hidden Opportunity Feature | Tutorial

On RankWatch, you are not restricted to a certain number of keywords that you can track. But rather, we encourage you to track as many as you can, as it will not only allow you to identify but also provide you with more actionable data to carry on a successful SEO Campaign.

Having an array of keywords will also allow you to monitor their performance over a period of time and optimize them instantly when the time is right.

However, this act of measurement should not be a manual task, which could take hours or even days to collate and report. And by them, it may be too late to capitalize on a certain keyword.

There are three ways through which you can create a comprehensive list of keywords that are suggested to you by RankWatch.

1) Add Keywords Page At the time of adding keywords manually for a new project, RankWatch suggests you with a list of keywords you should consider tracking on the right hand side as shown in the screenshot below. You can directly add any of these keywords to your tracking list straight from this page by just clicking on “Add to tracking”.

2) Keyword Overview Page: After selecting a certain keyword on the Keyword Overview page, it will first give you day-to-day rank results for the same, and on the right hand side there is another option to check keywords which have been suggested by RankWatch and our proprietary databases.

3) Low Hanging Fruits (LHF): Being associated with the SEO community, you can understand that by working on 5 keywords, leads to other potential keywords getting affected. The only way you can perhaps track those 20-30 other keywords is via Google analytics, checking the traffic sources for your website.

So, to save you all the time RankWatch has an awesome feature, which helps you identify hidden opportunities i.e. it will suggest those keywords, which you are not optimizing, however are ranking well & should be suggested to your clients to consider tracking them as well. These will show up under the LHF page along with their broad-match search volume, their trend over a period of 6 months and their respected CPC’s.


4) Keyword Suggestion Module: Lastly, RankWatch has created a unique module designed specifically for users to be able to research into suggested keywords. This not only allows users to find keywords related to their own projects, but also research into their competitor’s keywords and also prospective clients.



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