Feature Update: Low Hanging Fruits Equipped with Ranking Data

August 20, 2014 | Feature Update

Launched yesterday, the Low Hanging Fruits module is said to be the most informative one yet on RankWatch. And now, it has been equipped with a new feature where a user can check exactly where they are rankings for the keywords that are not currently being optimized by them.

RankWatch is now storing more than 100 million keywords in our own proprietary databases, which are tracked and updated every week from Google USA. This allows us flexibility to in-turn impart our users with greater actionable data.

In the process of re-engineering these keywords we are able to check and validate keywords that closely associate to the user’s website which has been added onto RankWatch as a project and hence, co-relate those keywords to how the user is ranking on them.

The Keywords are then classified as Low Hanging Fruits for the user if they are rankings anywhere on the second, third or fourth page of Google for their website, and with a little effort can be brought down to the top 10 positions.

The Low Hanging Fruits module is a flagship feature for RankWatch as it provides a multitude of keywords, which have not yet been noticed by users as a viable source to generate additional traffic with very little effort.


As displayed above, earlier RankWatch used to only provide the list of keywords that are ranking for your domain such as long tailed and keywords that have similar phrases, but with this new update the user can find out the exact rank on that search engine for the list of keywords and take immediate action based on the relevant ranking positions.

Sidhant not only loves reading and writing about start-ups but also started off in this industry by testing out his own version of a political social network. Looking after Marketing and communications at RankWatch, Sidhant also has a keen interest for design and user experience (UX).

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