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6 Ways To Get People To Interact More With Blogs

Did you know that there is one trend that shapes the online behavior of your blog readers? According to several sources, the attention span of online content consumers is steadily diminishing over time.

Resultantly, we see abandoned websites, deserted comment sections of thousands of blogs, and ultimately lower rankings in search engine result pages.

Something needs to change. But what is it? You have to consider increasing the engagement potential of your blog, attracting more visitors and making them want to stay and leave a comment.

Here are six ways to get people to interact more with blogs.

1. Deliver a Clean Design

Imagine arriving on a blog only to see that several banners separate the content. You somehow manage to accustom your eyes to the light show, and all of a sudden, a pop up blocks your view.

At this point, you are struggling whether or not to click that X and leave the blog altogether, let alone comment on it.

You have to do everything in your power to make it as easy as possible for your audience to read the blog posts. In the end, there should not be a single thing interfering with the audience’s intent to read.

Highlight the chunk that you do not want your readers to miss. This way, even if they’re missing some part of your blog, they’d go through the info you want them to go through. Create sections on your blog like different genres and place each piece of the blog under these sections. This will help the reader in navigating to whichever blog they’re interested in.

And, don’t forget the mobile version of your website as well. There are more mobile readers than you think, and you will be losing a lot of interactivity if you forget to provide a delightful mobile experience.

Ultimately, you have to work on your website functionality to make it as simple and as intuitive as possible.

2. Free Quiz Maker and Continuous Market Research

Audience interests are not a constant thing. Like everything in life, interests can shift, and if you stay consistent in providing content to serve the old interests, your blog will lose the power to engage your audience.

And if they are not engaged, the chances are that interactivity will drop below zero. To avoid this, you can make use of the free quiz maker which is an excellent tool to do continuous market research on a budget. This software makes it very easy to integrate with your blog.

You can make quizzes of your own to ask your readers about their interests so that you know which topics to cover. Creating a quiz will move you one step closer to your readers as it will give them a sense of importance. When you take readers preferences into account, they look forward to your upcoming blogs with utmost excitement.

Furthermore, you can use a free quiz maker to engage your audience with exciting quizzes and make them stay a while.

This option is great because it offers readers effortless interactivity thus increasing the engagement potential of your blog.

3. Work Towards Building Trust

You know this as a fact from your everyday life. In fact, the chances that you will interact with someone you trust are significantly greater than interacting with someone you render untrustful. The question is, how to make your blog appear more trustworthy? This one is straightforward.

What you need to do is start using data from authoritative sources, just as we did to back up the claims about the online consumers’ attention span diminishing over time and the number of mobile internet surfers. Include numerical data since numbers are a sure shot way to influence the readers. If you associate with a particular genre, try picking up data and stats from the ace performers in the same genre.

4. Fine Tune the Comment Section

There are several different solutions for the comment section on blog websites. Some of them perform better than the others, but it all depends on what your audience prefers to use.

If you notice that you got a lot of traffic from Facebook, you should consider implementing a Facebook comment system.  

If this is not the case, you have several options at your disposal, such as Disqus, Discourse, LiveFyre, JustComments, and others.

It is better to play the “audience is used to something” card than to force them into using something that’s new to them. But, the most important thing is to allow them to leave a comment with minimal effort.

5. Write From Your Experience

If you want people to interact with your blog, you have to leave your personal mark on the content you create.

Writing in general and providing useful information without addressing how you came to the solution and why you think that solution is best will make your content hard to relate to.

The internet is flooded with guides, reviews, and opinions. Chances are that you are going to write about a topic that’s already covered by a ton of content. Writing with your experiences will render a more personalized touch to your blogs and help establish the reader-writer relationship. Share some of your personal experiences in the blogs and you’ll see the engagement going up and up.

Always strive to tailor it with a unique approach to the fabric of your content. Readers will recognize it and it will help you form a bond with them.

6. Add High-Quality Relevant Visuals

According to a recent study, people read only 20% of your content on a page.

You can be the best writer in the world, but the reality is people aren’t going to read your content word for word. It’s a fact you need to accept right now.

The featuring image of your blog posts is one of the most valuable elements of your content. In combination with a title, it has the power to drive traffic and improve engagement.

Using high-quality visuals that are relevant to the topic you write about should be your primary concern.

If you are in the craft of writing guides, you should always include screenshots in your blogs. Yes, the text contains the guidelines and explanation but the picture is there to help the readers see exactly how things are done.

Including images will help you deliver your message in a clean way unlike cramming up your blog with text. You can also go for infographics or illustrations or create a pictorial story in a comical way. It will definitely help your content look appealing and attract readers.


Delivering easy to understand solutions to all sorts of problems will engage your audience, thus getting you more comments and social shares.

If you have a blog but feel that your visitor’s engagement with your blog is minimal at best, then these 6 tips are for you. They’ll help you increase blog engagement for more comments, social shares, and links.

Since every bloggers’ audience is unique, you can start by implementing any of these tips one by one and see how they affect interactivity and engagement.

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