Get to know Tylor Bennett, CEO, Seattle Web Works

June 20, 2022 | Interview

Tylor Bennett Is the founder and president of Seattle Web Works in Seattle WA. Tylor has been an internet marketer since 2012 and makes his full-time income from organic Google traffic. Tylor also teaches search engine theory and tactics all over the country.

Please introduce yourself and where you work.

My name is Tylor Bennett. I’m a professional internet marketer. My primary specialty is Search Engine Optimization. I own 2 client consulting companies and about 50 lead gen websites which funnel leads in several different niches.
I’ve been studying SEO exclusively as a marketing channel for the past 4 years. Through constant trial and error and persistent testing I feel I’ve been able to really crack the Google search algorithm. My best piece of advice for newbies is “Don’t over complicate things!” SEO is a lot simpler than you’ve been made to believe.

How do you think SEO has changed over the last 10 years?

Honestly I think SEO has barely changed over the last 10 years. Of course the tactics and strategies have evolved over time. Google has closed many of the loopholes that SEOs used to take advantage of in years past. All this has done though is really purify the industry. Many of the black hat internet marketers have moved on to other traffic sources.
With that being said, Google is still looking for basically the same quality and relevance indicators it always has. While individual strategies have changed, the core pillars that influence what ranks where are the same as ever.

How did you get introduced to digital marketing, more specifically SEO?

I began my internet marketing career with paid traffic. I got sick of the ups and downs though of buying traffic. Too many times I’d put countless hours and thousands of dollars into a campaign in order to make it wildly profitable only to have the offer shutdown or the price of traffic suddenly increase.
I wanted a more stable source of traffic which is why I turned to SEO. While it can obviously take much longer to generate traffic and leads, I have many sites that make me money every single day with absolutely zero intervention from myself.
SEO as a traffic generation method lends itself well to people who are patient and want stable passive income.

What are the services you provide to your clients?

Seattle Web Works offers a wide range of client consulting services. Some are SEO focused and some are not. All of our services though are intended to generate more traffic and leads for our clients from the internet.
Some of our favorite marketing channels we offer services in are:
– Paid Facebook advertising
– Paid search engine advertising
– Organic social media marketing
– Influencer marketing
– Content marketing
– Video marketing

What strategy according to you will prevail in 2017 for SEO?

I will tell you exactly the prevailing strategy for 2017. There are only 2 factors that really influence rankings. These are relevance and authority or credibility. All Google really wants to do is show search results that it can be confident are about the searched term and are from credible resources. Google wants to be confident that the searcher is going to find a valuable, relevant document the first time they search.
SEO’s get so distracted by the technical details they miss what is actually driving results. All you need to do to capitalize on those 2 ranking factors is figure out what your ideal searcher is typing into the search engine (Keyword Research) and ask yourself “do I have a page on my website that I can say confidently is exactly about that search phrase” (Onpage Optimization). If the answer to that question is yes than all you need is more links from other credible resources than the competition (Link Building).
Do that and you’ll rank every time. If you’re still having problems then look at other factors like anchor text, page speed, etc…

What would your advice be to people who are looking to take up digital marketing as a career choice?

Put in hours and hours and hours into learning. There is so much to learn that you are going to have to really dedicate yourself to becoming a student. You need to be on that computer every single day studying and reading.
Outside of that, don’t get “analysis paralysis”. That is learning without acting. You need to be willing to test and try things before you have all the information. Remember that “done is better than perfect”.

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