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Google’s New Feature: Users Can Now Contribute to Search Results

Google has been coming up with new features time and again. And, every feature has been adding up to the dynamics of its search results.

This time around, with a new feature, Google is set to let its users contribute to the search results.

The inception of this feature was communicated by one of the Google Search Help Documents. However, the feature has not been unveiled in all the languages and regions and is still in the developing phase.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the feature and see how it works.

Firstly, Google has provided the users with a dedicated page to manage their contributions to search results. And there are two major ways through which users can contribute to Google search results: Reviews & Comments.


Under the first bit of the feature, users can review any movie, book, TV show, etc. after searching for the same on Google.

Reviews can only be posted through official Google accounts by adhering to Google’s policy for content posting. This has been done to prevent the posting of anonymous and spammy reviews.

Reviewer’s name will be mentioned alongside his/her review. Also, Google offers each reviewer the option to edit and delete their previously posted reviews. As far as the searchers are concerned, they are given the freedom to flag reviews that they deem inappropriate.

For the time being, reviews are working only in India and in the English language. However, upgradation on the same is highly expected.


Just like commenting on a social media post, users can now leave their remarks on live sports games.

Users can also delete their comments and like or dislike others’. Similar to the reviews, comments will also abide by Google’s policy for content posting publicly.


With this feature coming up, it seems like Google is kicking up the user experience to higher echelons. Search results now have an essence which is much like social media. Hence, making the experience of netizens better than before.

Furthermore, letting people contribute to the search results will help Google collect a lot of data which can be useful for it on the road plans.

The feature is interactive and holds all the potential to change the paradigm of search results.

It is just a matter of time, and we can see Google rolling out this feature to many contents as well. So for the time being, let’s keep our eyes on the feature update and see where it goes and what else it brings.

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