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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Entrepreneurial Landscape

When you think of artificial intelligence (AI), what comes to mind?

Like most people, you would probably think of robots walking around, looking like us, and feel vaguely uncomfortable with the idea.

You can blame the movies for that. While some portray AI realistically, e.g., 2001: A Space Odyssey, Her, and Bicentennial Man, most are presented as a threat. Human encounters with AI generally don’t end well, at least in films. Who can blame people then, if they don’t feel comfortable with artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is Already a Part of Our Lives

What a lot of people don’t realize is that AI is fast becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Most functions that would require humans to accomplish are now perfectly performed through various computer and mobile applications. 

In one study, for example, only 34% of people who used AI know that they did.

Artificial intelligence is used at home, in the office, when managing your business, and when interacting with the world. Going by the most recent trends, it is almost becoming impossible to live without AI. 

Why is this so? Well, it simply is because everyone enjoys the effectiveness and simplicity that it brings. Some of the situations where you have used AI include:

– Automatic email spam filters and other identifiers

– Facebook’s recommended news, suggested pages, and people you may know

– The use of home virtual assistants

– Performing various tasks using SIRI

All these applications (and so many more!) need artificial intelligence. We have grown so used to them that we don’t even question how they work.

Indeed, despite providing a major advantage for people who want tasks accomplished fast and at a lesser cost, the impact of artificial intelligence has yet to be fully realized, especially in business. 

One thing is for sure: artificial intelligence will continue to grow. AI Sophistication & machine learning is growing rapidly allowing for more expanded applications. 

AI is becoming part of almost every aspect of everyone’s life, and although some people may not realize it, and may even express discomfort if they knew they were using AI, in the end, they will be left with no option but to embrace technology. 

Slowly, they will start to understand the importance of this innovation and they will start seeing how much value it can add to their lives. It may not happen today, but it will definitely happen in the future, judging from the current trends. 

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Entrepreneurs 

Among others, the biggest winner for the increased use of AI in our everyday lives is the business industry. The entrepreneurial landscape will definitely be transformed in various ways, as businesses start getting into the minds of their customers and understanding their needs even more.

There are many potential positive impacts AI can have on businesses. Here are some of them.

Artificial Intelligence will enhance operations

The use of AI can greatly enhance the operations of entrepreneurs by helping them to offer faster and more flexible services. There is going to be an upsurge in the lean methodology as well as lean startup attributes. 

Subsequently, businesses will grow exponentially without having to go through the many hustles that they find themselves in today. There is going to be a trend where every business wants to have more automated tasks that ensure better organization and management of the enterprises. 

Entrepreneurs will also be able to turn their ideas into reality by testing them in just hours as opposed to when they had to take months to achieve this. It is more likely to happen because of the ability of artificial intelligence to perform smaller and repetitive tasks alone.

Remote workstations will be the norm

Another effect of the growth of artificial intelligence is the ability to change the entrepreneurial landscape so that people can work from anywhere. With a computer, mobile applications, and an internet connection, it will no longer be necessary for employees to report to a physical office in order to complete their daily tasks. 

Instead, they can connect with their managers from almost anywhere in the world and still complete the same tasks. It will mean huge savings for the company; there will no longer be a need to provide a physical space for staff members that comes with its own maintenance and other operating expenses.

Productivity will also improve, as employees work when they’re most productive and meet targets more quickly and efficiently. 

Artificial Intelligence & Digital Marketing

Another great value that artificial intelligence can offer is streamlining the employee structure. What could be done by a marketing professional now is much more sophisticated and strategic than it was years ago.

As a result, multiple marketing and social channels could be targeted simultaneously and with a much higher accuracy level. 

The growth of sophisticated virtual assistants, for example, will be the trend of the future as businesses seek to leverage on the power of artificial intelligence. Although this already exists in the form of Watson, Amazon Echo, and Siri, it is growing to be much bigger that what is being witnessed right now. 

The best examples at the moment are startups and specifically CMOs and growth hackers who started depending more on virtual assistants to help them capture insights, findings and understand trends as they plan and execute their growth efforts.

You can focus on what you do best and automate the rest

Another major change that is anticipated in the entrepreneurial landscape is that you, as an entrepreneur, will no longer have to spend countless man-hours on mind-numbing repetitive stuff that will drain your energy and time.

You can use artificial intelligence to do those things for you, so you can focus on what you do best. With automation using AI, your time, energy, and other resources will be put to better use.

Various tasks could potentially be automated or AI-assisted including data analysis, market research, customer service, legal work (contracts, agreements ,etc..) and of course, marketing automation.

Indeed, it will be a big shift that will see many people go back to the drawing board, just to find the best ways to ensure that they keep up with the trends. After all, it is the only way they can remain business. 

Artificial Intelligence in Website Design and Building

One aspect of the business industry that will benefit a lot from the use of artificial intelligence is in website design and building.

Currently, for example, if you want to build a website for your company, you have to go through a lot of hoops (or spend thousands of dollars if you decide to hire someone to do it for you).

  1. You spend hours looking for the best theme; sometimes, you even change themes when you realize it doesn’t look as well as you expected it to be.
  2. You find a host, install your theme, then spend hours again deciding on the number of pages your website should have, as well as the sections and subsections. You know that having a header is important, for example, as well as having a Call to Action and an About Us page. However, there are others, too, that might be necessary for your specific business or industry.
  3. Once you have the pages sorted out, as well the sections and subsections, you then need to scour the internet for photos you can freely use, download them, edit, and then upload to your website. Depending on how many pages your new website has, it can take some time.
  4. Finally, of course, you still have to fill up your site with content before you can formally launch it.

All told, making the website alone can consume a lot of your productive hours, not to mention a big budget, before you can even launch it. Even hiring a web designer isn’t always the answer. The internet is full of horror stories of businesses spending thousands of dollars and still ending up with websites they don’t like. 

What if this act of website design and building is taken out of your hands, so you can concentrate on the most important thing: building your business?

What if within a few minutes of signing up, you end up with a fully-designed website that’s specific to your industry, complete with the relevant pages, sections, and subsections, and photos automatically sourced from free photo sharing sites?

This is precisely what the Bookmark Website Builder does. It is a platform that allows you to build a professional website by bypassing most of the complex aspects of website creation. You sign up, choose what your industry is in, and wait for the AI to come up with a fully-designed website. 

After that, all you have to do is fill in the blanks — write the content that make your company shine.

In essence, the Bookmark Website Builder takes care of the most time-consuming aspects of website building so that you can focus more on building your business.


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