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How Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting the Marketing Landscape

Since the time when computer systems were developed, the performance of various tasks such as decision-making, visual perception, speech recognition, and translating from one language to another required human intelligence.

The need for human intervention in many computer-related activities, however, is slowly becoming unnecessary with the evolution of artificial intelligence or AI.

Everywhere you look, you see the use of artificial intelligence, from Tesla’s self-driving cars to AiDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant) by Bookmark, which can build you a website in just a few short minutes.

Artificial intelligence has also started making changes in the world of marketing and it seems that what we’re seeing is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, according to Demandbase, 80 percent of all marketing executives believe that by 2020, AI will have revolutionized marketing.

The forecast is hardly surprising since companies who are already using AI have not only made huge savings, they have also heightened customer experience and eliminated the “human error” factor in their processes.

At present, marketing is defined by two crucial aspects: data and technology. To enhance customer experience, marketers are replacing human intuition and traditional marketing approaches with AI systems that make understanding, processes, and decisions quicker than we’ve ever thought possible.

While the human element in marketing isn’t going anywhere for now, it’s possible for it to become superfluous over time.

Here are specific ways of how AI is changing the marketing landscape:

AI and Customer Service

Delivering the right product to the right customer has made shopping a more interesting and efficient experience. You can see an example of this in the suggestions panel on the product pages of online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

The same goes for Netflix suggestions on what movie or TV series to watch.

AI and Decision-Making

One of the biggest advantages of AI over human intelligence is that it can process large amounts of data rapidly and accurately. From the data it gathers and analyzes, AI can develop algorithms that will mean the difference between a marketer’s success and failure against their competitors.

AI and Content Marketing

Several organizations and companies are in the process of creating writing programs that not just analyze but create content.

We can now see the results in finance and sports reports and developers believe that these AI content writing systems will be able to produce other types of content in the near future.

AI and Pricing

Marketers know that prices affect sales. However, offering discounts across the board can hurt your bottom line by creating a smaller margin.

The solution? AI systems determine which customers are likely to convert when offered a discount and those who are likely to convert even without an offer. This is one way AI can help you increase your sales while maximizing your profits.  

AI and Advertising

Many of the ads today make use of AI systems that collect, examine, and process customer information to predict the likelihood of the success of advertising campaigns. Data from these activities will be used to continuously improve future strategies.

In addition, AI targets specific ads to customers that would most likely find them useful. This is beneficial to both marketers and customers.

AI and Marketing Strategies

In marketing, it’s now uncommon to encounter a truly original idea that hasn’t been copied or modified on some level. Consequently, AI systems easily pool data from campaigns that have been previously successful and develop their own version.

AI and Voice Search

Voice search, which is an AI system, is nothing new. However, as there have been some issues with voice search not capturing commands accurately, there is still some room for this technology to grow.

Fortunately, the role of voice search will only get bigger especially since consumers are becoming increasingly mobile.

AI and Customer Communication

The high capacity of AI for learning and processing mass amounts of data has made AI-generated messages the norm.

This is another way of enhancing the overall experience of the customers because no matter how many of them send queries and no matter what time they send their queries, they will always receive a response.

AI and SEO

The use of AI in search engine optimization or SEO is relatively new but analysts predict that it will become commonplace in just a few short years. Using an AI system to help you determine how to improve your visibility on search engines and optimize your website is a natural progression.

After all, artificial intelligence can go through a whole lot of information to help you generate traffic through the use of algorithms that look for patterns in user systems as well as by analyzing raw data from which to derive a set of possibilities and performing the appropriate actions.

No matter how you look at it, AI will eventually dominate marketing and other areas. When that time comes, all humans have to do is review the results and make modifications as needed.

The only question now is what marketers can and should do in order to keep up with the changing times.

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