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How Can Holiday Videos Generate Quick SEO Results

Holiday videos not only act as a medium to give seasonal greetings, they can also help you tell your yearly story or even support a cause.

Whatever be the purpose of your video, incorporating it in your seasonal campaign can help you get more traffic, increased conversions and higher sales (provided you do it right).

In fact, holiday videos can also address your SEO problems. Here is how they generate quick results for SEO:

1. Supplying what is in demand drives SEO

This is the time when people are online looking for gifts for their loved ones. Since holiday videos are in line with what people demand, they can give great SEO results.

Additionally, the consumption of videos is on the rise (expected to be 80% of all internet traffic by 2021).

So a holiday video employs two major ingredients in their recipe for success:

1) videos are the most consumed form of content right now


2) people are looking for holiday themed products (and are in a festive mode)

With a holiday video, you bake both the ingredients together.

The demand for such content can be seen in the trending section of the social channels too. If your content synchronises with what’s trending, your SEO plan gets an automatic boost. Plus it has a good probability of going viral.



Providing your audience with exactly what they want is the key to boosting SEO with video. Utilise that trending section!

2. Holiday videos spread the festive cheer

Holiday videos celebrate the festive vibe. They humanise your brand by showcasing you as real people who are also equally involved in the holiday spirit.

In our busy lives, a seasonal video can be a reminder of the onset of the holiday season. Your video can set your audience in the mood of fun and frolic before the actual celebration.


The above holiday video by H&M succeeds in setting the mood for the upcoming holiday season . The video received more than 3 million views on Facebook and was shared widely.


With carefully crafted holiday centric content, you can cut through the holiday noise. Take your audience on a nostalgic tour of the season or show them how they can celebrate the spirit of the event by committing to a noble cause.

3. Emotional content attracts traffic and influences sales

Holiday videos strike the right chords at the right time.

The festive mood is all about family gatherings, gifts, office parties and decorations. People feel more connected, more close to each other.

If you create videos that resonate with your audience’s emotions, it can help promote social sharing and hence lead to better sales.

Take a look at this video by John Lewis which increased their sales by almost 23% in a matter of 5 weeks.



For striking the right chords in your audience, make use of emotional content. Or crack a joke maybe. Make them laugh or make them cry. If you can do any of that, your audience will not forget you.

4.  Seasonal SEO boosts traffic

Creating holiday videos can automatically strengthen your seasonal SEO. With the web geared towards “holiday”-related keywords, your holiday video can easily become the highlight and bring more traffic to your website.

Taking seasonality into account while preparing your SEO plan can therefore help you drive better results.

Employ keyword finding tools to know the hottest holiday video keywords and get more eyeballs for your content.  We did a quick search at RankWatch’s Keyword Research tool to find a few juicy keywords to track and optimise our SEO efforts.



Using holiday keywords has some powerful tradeoffs. Seasonal keywords don’t face the same competition as long-term ones. So you can use them to conquer the SEO while the holiday season is still on.

5. “Unboxing” holiday videos influence search behavior

According to Google, unboxing videos are most often watched during the holiday season with almost 1.5x higher volume in October-December.


And about 62% of people watch them when they are looking for a particular product (as people are more inclined to specifically put product queries in the search box because they have already decided on the “gifts” they are going to buy).

A great advantage offered by unboxing videos is that they can be used for products of all categories without much limitations. Whether you are selling an electronic item or toys, you can reap benefits from them.

Additionally, unboxing videos can be evergreen and continue to bring results later. While people may stop looking for particular keywords once the holiday period is gone, if you create something worth remembering, it will continue to bring in traffic even when the season has passed.

An unboxing video is already about thinking “out of the box”. Here are a few tips that can help optimise these videos for better results.


Being genuinely enthusiastic while unveiling your product and adding some holiday feel to your unboxing video can do the trick for you. Make your audience live the feeling of actual unboxing.

6. Video with sales schemes initiate referrals

Through holiday videos, you can make your consumer market your product.

Videos that showcase seasonal discounts can increase the sharing of your content (thereby boosting SEO).


More than 70% of US internet users claim that discounts have a strong impact on the purchase decision during the holidays.

While discount pricing already helps in increasing sales, content which puts across these offers in front of your audience can find more eyeballs since people are more inclined to spread this message to their friends and family members.


Instead of just putting up a tweet or a Facebook post about your ongoing holiday sale, consider putting this information in your holiday video.


Holiday videos are built around seasonal SEO. If you start too late, you might not get the desired results.

Make sure to optimise your videos with engaging and emotional content to encourage more sharing on social platforms. And don’t forget the right keywords.

Happy ho-ho-holidays!

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