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How Is OpenAI Affecting Your SEO Efforts?

When Artificial Intelligence first entered the market, nobody thought it could capture the entire world. From robotics to farming, you can find AI everywhere.

Besides, with OpenAI in this scenario, we can expect more changes and inventions in the near future.

However, there’s one sector that AI is having difficulty occupying: Content Creation. Creating original content is an exhausting job and requires hours of hard work. You need to think about new categories and content topics, research, and add a personal touch to make it interactive and relatable.

But, there’s a new wildcard in the market that is challenging content creators’ jobs: GPT-3. Thanks to OpenAI, GPT-3 has now become one of the most sought after tools by digital marketers, writers, and basically everyone.

What is OpenAI GPT-3? Why was it created? How can it affect the future of content creation? We are going to answer all of these questions here.

OpenAI: The Father Of GPT-3

The father, creator, or inventor of GPT-3 is Open AI.

OpenAI is basically a research institute solely dedicated to improving Artificial Intelligence to make life easier for humans. Developing safe AI products that will not harm people or cause any kind of security issue was the main problem statement that OpenAI took.

GPT-3 is the latest technology developed by OpenAI that has taken the market by storm. How? Read on to find out.

Chat GPT or GPT-3: Same or Different?

One of the biggest confusion that most of us have is, are Chat GPT and GPT-3 the same or different.

Well, both of them are different. GPT-3, or Generative Pre-Trained Transformer-3, is an advanced Natural language processing system designed for professionals. In simple language, if you are a pro in data analytics, coding, or any of the sectors, you can easily use GPT-3 to your benefit.

It can help you create spreadsheets, perform mathematical questions, generate mock coding layouts, SQL queries, design UI interfaces, and much more! The only thing you need is a proper experience in the field so that you can ask specific questions to get the solutions.

On the other hand, ChatGPT is a smaller version created off GPT-3. You can use ChatGPT AI to find errors in your code, research any content topic, write short-form content, draft emails, and other similar things.

The functions of both tools might seem similar, but there’s a vast difference. GPT-3 is much more powerful than ChatGPT, is trained with a larger database, and can perform heavy tasks without sweating out. 

Another notable difference is that GPT-3 is completely unsupervised, while ChatGPT is semi-supervised. The main reason is that ChatGPT is more of a chatbot for conversations and similar cases. While ChatGPT AI is quite limited, there are no limitations of use cases for GPT-3. You can use GPT-3 for various things if you know what exactly you need from it.

Impact Of OpenAI On SEO Optimization

Is OpenAI affecting SEO sector in a bad way? Can AI really help in SEO optimization? Well, if you think about it clearly, it can help you improve your SEO game to a certain level.

As per OpenAI’s statement, GPT-3 is designed with the help of 175 billion data sources. In short, GPT-3 can source data for any topic within seconds, which will normally take around hours if done manually.

Based on the above information, we can confidently say that GPT-3 knows the target audience, the user’s search intent, and how to develop content that will satisfy the reader’s requirements.

GPT-3 SEO can easily figure out the main keywords, search queries, and other parameters based on which it can create content and include all of them in a proper format.

As OpenAI GPT-3 has the ability to embed trending and relevant keywords in the content, you don’t have to worry about keyword stuffing anymore. However, you must still compare the keyword’s performance with your competitor’s websites to understand its potential and traffic generation.

You can do so with the help of RankWatch. It is one of the best SEO tools in the market and will help you perform proper competitor analysis, understand how keywords can bring organic traffic, and improve your website’s on-page and off-page SEO.

But does this mean we don’t need writers and SEO professionals anymore? No, in fact, it makes the job of writers, content creators, and SEO specialists easier.

Basically, GPT-3 creates the “first draft” with the help of its huge database so that it justifies the writing prompt. After that, it’s the editor’s job to check its relevance, plagiarism, and whether it’s factual.

When it comes to SEO professionals, they can use GPT-3 for creating footer copy, meta descriptions for existing content, relevant alt text for images, and as such. 

As OpenAI GPT-3 can help create relevant text for the above cases, the crawlers will not have any problem while indexing your blog.

Other Use Cases Of OpenAI

Apart from SEO optimization, there are different ways to use OpenAI to your benefit.

Resource Bank

You can use ChatGPT or GPT-3 as a resource bank for developing content. As GPT-3 has a huge database, you can use the tool to perform research for upcoming blogs or any kind of content.

Besides, GPT-3 can also provide you with upcoming trends that are ruling the internet. You can simply add the headline of your content, and the tool will provide you with relatable subtopics, a basic introduction, and other resources to fetch data.

First Draft Creator

When we say “first draft,” it means the first outline of a blog or article that contains all relatable data. After the first draft is created, the editor or writer has to remove irrelevant content, add more things, and do everything related to editing.

Creating the first draft is difficult, and GPT-3 can help you design AI SEO content within seconds. All you have to do is provide the topic name or simply ask the tool to write long-form content on the said topic and let the tool do its magic.

Once the first draft is done, you can use it as an outline, add more data, give it a personal human touch, and edit it accordingly. Besides, GPT-3 has the ability to write high-quality AI SEO content that can compete with that of highly-qualified writers.

Email Designer

Let’s be honest; nobody likes writing emails. Whether it’s writing an email to your manager for leave approval or the HOD asking permission to fund your college project, writing an email is pretty exhausting.

However, OpenAI has found the solution to this problem. ChatGPT OpenAI can easily create tons of emails based on several prompts. Enter the email prompt, and the tool will devise the perfect mail for you.

Code Generator

OpenAI can even help you generate codes. GPT-3 has a strong structure and can easily create code layouts for any problem or query. Besides, you can even use the tool for UI and UX design, devise layouts for website development, and much more.

Though OpenAI is still developing new AI-based tools for different sectors, it doesn’t mean humans will lose their jobs. Yes, AI and ML will rule the market, but it is humans who can make the output more relatable for the audience.

RankWatch makes it easier for SEO professionals to check if the target keywords provided by the tool are trending or not. With the help of SEO IQ, you can view the potential of the keyword and competitors ranking for the said keywords. The suggestions provided by the tool will help you optimize the content, thus improving your score.

OpenAI SEO can help you devise high-quality content. Still, it’s the editors and SEO professionals who can make it relatable to humans and make it rank in Google. Though OpenAI can help you in SEO optimization to some extent, the major work still needs to be done by SEO consultants.

Do you want to know more about SEO and its various norms? Head on to RankWatch to learn SEO for free online. It has a detailed section dedicated for people who are enthusiastic about SEO. Do let us know if you find it useful!

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