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How To Create Backlinks That Actually Drive Results?

What are Backlinks and How you can generate more Backlinks - Ultimate Guide

How incredibly difficult do you think it is to create high-quality backlinks for the website?

If you are reading this article, chances are you’ve tried a dozen tricks and tips for link-building, and you are still waiting for tactics that actually work.

While it surely is tough to crack the backlink game that we are going to share through this article, the strategies mentioned here can literally be a game-changer for your internet business.

Ergo, we’d like you to put the glasses on, bookmark this page, and read this article attentively, for our marketing team has penned this article after researching and reviewing strategies that are sure to generate fat backlinks.

Before the article goes ahead to how one can get tons of high-quality backlinks, it is imperative to know what the backlinks are.

Backlinks: What’s the hype all about?

In the SEO terminology, backlinks are the links that are directed towards your site. They are called ‘Backlinks’ since such links point back to your web pages. And apparently, backlinks are considered to be of significant importance in bringing a website’s ranking to the top because they bring in the organic traffic to your site. They make a big impact on the website’s visibility in the search engine results.

Backlinks are important to search engines like Google, bing … etc give more credit to a site having quality backlinks. When Google calculates the relevance of a keyword to a site, the search engine considers the number of Backlinks to that site. Thus, the higher the number of backlinks, more will be your web page’s ranking in Google search results.

Seventeen Link Building Tactics you cannot afford to Miss:

Let us further discuss how one can attain high-quality backlinks to one’s website without being famous or owning a celebrity like status.

Everyone who wants to build and be successful through their website wants to create high-quality backlinks so that the traffic is directed to their website. It is an important marketing strategy and optimizes the search for your website on any search engine. I’ve divided this section into three parts, based on the level of effort required for each execution of each strategy.

1. Bookmarking Strategies at the Beginner Level

While I was writing this article, I assumed most readers would have some experience with backlinks, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing for those who’ve started afresh and want to kick the sales with fundamental strategies.

Submission to the High-Quality Directories:

High-Quality Directories and could seem tough for the beginners to pave their way, but once your website is listed any directory website, it’s all worth it. Fortunately, there are hundreds of legitimate directories that are helping users to establish credibility about their business.

  1. These legitimate directories accept free submissions and are industry-specific.
  2. Some of the paid directories also post quality content about your website and have a massive online community of members from the same industry/niche.

Also, try to send submissions to official forums. Submission of your blog or articles to the official forums and blogs like .edu or .gov etc. Once accepted and posted on their sites, your website will gain both popularity as well as a handsome amount of organic traffic.

Industry Niche Online Forums.

An Online Forum is a discussion group of people posting similar, updated, and newer content about something. You can build another backlink to your website by using these internet forums. You can post some of your website’s content on these forums for the people to become curious and reach your site.

  1. Posting the links within your niche forums is a great way of creating awareness and generating quality.
  2. Most Industries have these online communities and groups which have free forums.

 Submissions to local Directories of Your Niche.

The local business offers great many exposure opportunities within the local directories. These directories of your niche can also help in building organic traffic to your website. You can submit your high-quality content to these directories. And these directories will direct links to your blog or website thereby building traffic.

  1. Sure, it’s important to be listed on Yelp, Google My Business, and YP, but present at the local directory will be helpful.
  2. This won’t bring traffic overnight, but being mentioned within the local directories will help Google to verify and identify your website.    

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking means storing your ‘liked’ content or blog on the web instead of doing so on your web browser. Social bookmarking enables a person to access the content from any device and anywhere.

  1. For example: Saving a link to a video or website on Facebook in the category ‘Watch later’ or ‘Saved Items.’
  2. This practice can help build a backlink to your site.

Social Network Backlink.

Here’s the rule- Always add links within your profile. Another way social media can help in creating a backlink to your website is you share your blog content on some popular pages on the Facebook or Google or Twitter or Instagram, or you can use hashtags to lure readers into reaching your content and website, thereby, increased readership.

  1. Your social media profile for online communities is a great opportunity for your website.
  2. Include the website link in your profile.

Tutorial Blogs and How-Tos

Your website containing How-To articles and tutorials can bring you good organic traffic. For example, “How to register for Troop Messenger, or How to place an audio call in Troop Messenger.’

  1. Because people need help with their problems every day and they need solutions to these problems every day. If your website contains stuff like that, you can build backlinks to your site.
  2. Always write solution-oriented content no matter how difficult the topic is.

2. Bookmarking Strategies at the Intermediate Level

Following are the users with limited experience in link-building can ensure high-quality backlinks to their websites:

 Broken Link Building.

A broken link is a link which doesn’t work anymore (i.e., dead); a link which will not direct you to the other web page. For example, many times a web page doesn’t load, or when it does, it shows “Error in the webpage” or “The link no longer exists.” How this can help in building a backlink for your website is that you notify the content owner about the (similar content as yours) broken link and then suggest him your website content which they can use to update the post.

  1. The trick is that you find dead links, recreate the content for such a link, and tell the person linking to the broken resource to instead link it to the content created by you.
  2. When you tell people about broken links present on their website, they are always eager to replace it with the one that is working.

There are chances that this may not work as the webmaster or the content owner may not want to make any changes. But, if the webmaster updates the post with your link in it, it will surely bring you organic traffic. This method can be time-consuming but it’s worth your time.  

Writing a Guest post to other Blogs.

Another most common and essential tip for building your own backlinks is writing guest posts to other blogs. Guest posting is writing content on someone else’s website. Guest posts are written to invite the other blogs’ readers to stop by your site and read the content that you have to offer. Guest Post has other advantages:

  1. These posts will help you construct relationships with other bloggers.
  2. Guest posts make your website ‘visible’ to new people.
  3. Increased value of your blogs on search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google.

Hence, an increment in your readership and traffic at your website. This does not happen without the host blogger’s permission. The host blogger will have a link in their content, which will direct the readers to your website, thereby, creating your readership and increasing the value of the website.

Run the Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your Competitor’s moves is always a great move. Always try to find what your competitors are using as the backlink strategy. There are a couple of SEO backlink tools that allow users to find out exactly what backlinks your rivals have earned. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Research about one of the Backlinks monitoring tools and sign up
  2. Once you’ve signed up, switch to the Competitor Links section and add the names of your competitors to find their backlinks

Mentions from Top Influencers and Collaborations

You can write and submit your content to the top influencers in the same topic or blog like yours. With a genuine interest and nicely written message request, you can have a shout out and a backlink to your website. This is also the time to build relationships with other brands, publishers, and people from your field.

  1. Ask these people to share your content or links semi-regularly
  2. Befriend someone with notoriety on the internet and see if they can collaborate with you on upcoming content.     

 Interviews by Other Bloggers.

You can get an interview about your website done by other bloggers. An upcoming blogger being interviewed by an existing one will be quite a yielding method to build a backlink, but for that matter, your website must have the content that many readers would want to read. Only then the established bloggers may come across your blog and agree to interview you.

  1. In the beginning, you can do paid interviews with Bloggers who have a good following and decent organic traffic.
  2. Later as your constantly post quality content, bloggers are likely to approach you for the interview.

Promotion of the Blog.

If you can promote your content with diligence and right method, there is no way people won’t stop by your website or blog to read it. You can reach out to the other bloggers and websites for round-ups.

  1. Often renowned publishers are interested in taking a few pieces of roundups.
  2. Try this search operator to find those who accept roundups, locate their emails, and add the pitch: intitle: roundup [industry].

3. Bookmarking Strategies at the Advanced Level

If you are diligent towards the above 12 strategies, you sure can reap the benefits of strategies at the advanced level. We assume by this stage you have a decent following and organic traffic to your site, and here’s what you can do to leverage it furthermore:

Be part of the Expert Roundups:

The expert roundups are something most people are a sucker for. They are very valuable because it contains the opinions of several experts. Rounding up as experts and sharing your opinion can be a great resource for creating backlinks.

  1. Choose topics that are especially from your niche, for that gives you the advantage of sharing genuine opinion.
  2. Link your website with the post to create a backlink.

Infographics submissions at forums:

Everyone loves and understands better from the infographics. No-one has got enough time to read the whole blog or article. Just the snippets of essential things in the form of visual data can increase the readership on your website.

  1. Infographic designers can be contacted on websites like Fiverr or Dribble, and you can get your content designed at an affordable price.
  2. Once the infographic content is ready, you can submit it to the online forums or the blog directories of the same niche.

 Top Bloggers Award

I know it’s easier said than done, but giving awards is a great way to winning the audience. That is similar to incentivize the other great bloggers of the same niche for posting your content on their websites or including your link in the blogs. You can design a ‘Top Bloggers Award’ and award it to the one you think has a significant following and readership.

  1. You can publish an article why you think they are the top bloggers and submit it to their website.
  2. This too will one helpful in building a backlink to your site.

Comparison of products, politicians, actors, etc.

Comparison posts get a curious and intrigued readership as people want to know on what grounds a person has compared the two crucial things or celebrities. This will also act as a backlink to your website. Not only this strategy provides you with plenty of options, but usually, there are three to four great options that users want to pick.

  1. This is the reason why such posts get linked easily. Hence, find products that fall into your niche and perform an in-depth comparison.
  2. Tips to improve, which one to choose, such articles will attract readers and users to your website or blogs.

Conversational piece and tangential topics:

Anything that has the potential to generate the buzz, start the conversation has an immense chance to be linked and shared widely. You can call is controversial too as long as it creates responses from your audience.

  1. Getting response as the blog comment is one approach, but encouraging your audience to share it is another great medium to link building
  2. If you want massive exposure, you have to cover tangential topics. Be the first to write about something that has not been written yet.   

Surveys on ‘who is your best friend’ or ‘what does your food choices say about your personality’ or ‘What is your IQ’ will bring quite a good number of readers to your blogs and websites. For Example, you can run quizzes on different things and produce unique results as great organic traffic.


The tips, as mentioned above, are practical and proven methods to build backlinks to your website. These are cost-effective and tested ways to make a readership for your blogs and generate visitors to your webpage. These methods will ensure high-quality backlinks to your sites and organic visitors.

Some of the tips are relatively new, and some are old. What do you think is likely to work for your niche? Please care to share with us in the comments below.

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