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How to Create a Website for Affiliate Marketing: Things to Remember

Currently, everyone’s looking for a source of passive income, and to be honest, who doesn’t love getting more money? One of the most sought-after ways to gain extra money is by making an affiliate website.

Confused? We are here to clear out your confusion. 

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting a company’s services or products through your channel so that your audience will buy the company’s products. In exchange for every sign-in or sale, you get a commission from the company.

Seems pretty simple, right? Well, it isn’t. That’s why we are here to guide you through the process of making an affiliate website that will bring in stable revenue.

Why Should You Build Affiliate Marketing Websites?

Before you start with affiliate marketing, you must create a website for the same. Though you can join many affiliate program websites, having a site where you can create content and introduce the services and products will bring in more profit to you instead of simply being a part of an affiliate program website.

Let’s face it, only your friends and family will go through your affiliate site link and buy products for the sake of it, even if they do not come close to being the target audience.

But, if you have a proper affiliate marketing website where you talk about a particular niche and promote products, the target audience will relate to the content and buy your recommended products through your link.

Isn’t it a win-win situation for both? You get the commission, and your readers get a good discount.

However, before you go ahead and create affiliate marketing websites, you must know all the norms related to affiliate marketing websites development so that you do not face any hurdles throughout the process.

How to Make a Website for Affiliate Marketing?

Here, we will talk about how to create affiliate marketing websites that can give you stable revenue over the years or a huge profit when you sell it.

1. Choose A Niche

Before you go ahead and create affiliate marketing websites, you need to identify the niche on which your affiliate site content will revolve around.

Do not make the mistake of selecting a highly profitable niche about which you have zero idea and zero interest. Why? That’s because you will lose interest in the niche after a few months, and it will get tiring for you.

Always select a niche in which you have an interest and proper knowledge. Once done, you need to check for the niche’s popularity.

How? Start creating a few content headings on the niche. 

See if you can create more than ten content headings and outlines or not. If yes, then congratulations, the niche is popular; else, you need to restart the process.

So, the hard part is done, right? NO! 

The difficult part starts now, but don’t worry; we have an ACE who will help you throughout the process of making an affiliate website.

After doing all of the above, you need to check your competitors in the market. Why? To understand how they are ranking, what type of content is getting them high SERPs and traffic, and other important metrics.

RankWatch’s competitor analysis will help you discover all existing big names in the affiliate website market and provide details on upcoming competitors as well.

Along with that, the AI-enabled tool also provides details on your competitors’ ranking URLs, keywords, snippets, SOV, CPC, and much more.

These insights will help you understand what type of content is popular in your selected affiliate website niche.

Besides, you can get in-detail reports on your competitors’ ranking keywords and URLs with Domain Research. Just enter the domain name, and the tool will do all the necessary deeds.

2. Join Proper Affiliate Program Website

Once you have selected a niche and analyzed competitors, you need to join relatable affiliate program websites. 

For example, if you’re into digital marketing and SEO, then RankWatch’s affiliate marketing program would be the perfect choice for you. 

If you are unsure about which affiliate network sites will bring in benefits, Google right away. Else, you can always spy on your competitors to know which affiliate marketing websites program they are a part of. 

You should also check for the domain quality of the affiliate program website. Why? That’s because we do not want any penalty from Google, right?

So, once you have narrowed down the affiliate marketing websites programs that you want to be a part of, check for their domain quality with our backlink checker. If the trust score is more than the citation score, you can trust the affiliate network sites.

3. Select Affiliate Marketing Website Type

Now that you have joined multiple affiliate marketing websites programs, think of ways how you can introduce them on your site. But before that, you must decide what type of affiliate marketing sites you want to create.

Whether you want to create affiliate marketing website that’s related to blogging, a retailer site, or one that provides product reviews, comparisons, etc.

You have tons of choices, but which one to choose? Again, spy on your competitors. See what’s trending right now in the market and try to incorporate that.

Besides, it would be better if you could have a mix of any two types and create affiliate marketing websites based on that.

4. Domain Name & Host Selection

Now it’s time to move on to the technical part of making an affiliate website: selecting a proper host and choosing a domain name.

You need to go for a host that provides proper space for designing affiliate marketing sites, is cost-effective, and comes with all the essential features you need.

Many host providers are present in the market, most of which also provide you with free domain names.

Make sure to go through all host providers, analyze their benefits, and then select the one that best suits your requirements.

Simply speaking, a domain name is the address that users will type on search engines to find your affiliate network sites. That’s why you need to select a name that is short, crisp, and easy to remember. People tend to forget complicated or long names, resulting in a loss of traffic for your site.

5. Design your Affiliate Website

After all the hard work has been done, you need to properly design your affiliate marketing websites so that conversions can happen.

You cannot simply just place all the links haphazardly on the home page. There needs to be a proper hierarchy and a proper design so that users won’t lose their way after entering your website.

The navigation should be perfect, website should be mobile-friendly, loading speed should be under 5 seconds, and much more.

Here you need to take care of technical SEO so that Google bots do not place your website at the end of SERP rankings. 

RankWatch can help you a lot in this area. Once you are done setting up your affiliate marketing websites, use our mobile friendliness checker to see whether your affiliate marketing sites are fit for mobile phones.

If you are not sure about the loading speed of your affiliate marketing website or have doubts regarding its navigation, our website analyzer will help you with it.

It provides in-detail reports on all technical SEO aspects of your affiliate marketing websites within seconds. You can rectify all errors after going through the report and conduct another analysis once done.

Besides, our seo web page analyzer is completely free to use. 

6. Create Relatable Content That Converts

Once you are done setting up your affiliate website, it’s time to create content. And not just any content; you need to design blogs that actually convert. We know it’s difficult to get conversions in the first ball, but with RankWatch, the chances will increase.

The best way to find content topics would be to analyze your competitors and see which of their content is ranking in SERPs. With Competitor Analysis, you can easily discover such gem content ideas within seconds.

Once you have an idea, you must design titles and get good organic keywords for creating content. 

RankWatch’s keyword researcher will be your best friend in this. It can seek tons of relatable and organic keywords that will surely bring traffic to your content.

The tool shows each keyword’s difficulty level, search volume, and other key metrics, based on which you can decide whether it’s a good fit for your content.

Moreover, keyword research also provides you with famous question terms relatable to your primary keyword and increases the chances of your content getting in featured snippets.

Once you have the topic and keywords, start creating content immediately. After completing the piece, optimize it for on-page SEO factors.

Here, RankWatch’s SEO IQ can be of great help to you. The advanced AI-based feature crawls through your content, analyzes it based on several on-site factors, and provides suggestions based on the analysis.

You can easily incorporate these suggestions into your content and see a change in your SEO IQ score immediately. Besides, our Content Editor is also here to help you edit your website content as per on-page SEO factors.

You can directly edit the content in our Editor dashboard and see the changes right before your eyes.

Full-fledged on-site SEO-optimized content has more chances of driving traffic than non-optimized one.

That’s why, once you create content, check it on SEO IQ and optimize accordingly.

Summing Up…

So, now that you know the steps, go on and create your affiliate marketing website immediately. However, remember that you won’t be getting traffic and conversions immediately, as it would take time for your website to get indexed by search engines, and then those bots will decide your SERP rankings as well.

Don’t worry, as RankWatch will be with you until the end and help your website gain the rankings it deserves.

I hope this blog was helpful.

See you soon!

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