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How to Use Google Trends for SEO Upliftment?

How to Use Google Trends 2023 for Magnifying SEO Efforts?

Google Trends is an analytical approach that evaluates the popularity of a search term using a real-time database. Thus, to find the relevancy of a Google search, it is essential to figure out how many searches were done within a certain time frame.

This has been the reason that Google search trends have been the spearhead for harnessing the full-fledged potential of content strategy. 

Well, don’t you think that Google trends should be taken upfront by every digital marketing firm?


If your answer is yes, then you are navigating in the right direction. That’s because, in this blog, we are going to have an end-to-end discussion on how to use Google trends for better content strategy and SEO enhancement.

Why is Google Trends a Popular Tool for Content Strategy?

Google Trends can assist you in improving keyword optimization for a better content marketing strategy. 

Digital marketers can not only discover new keywords co-related to search terms or required topics but also compare the popularity of infinite search terms and see how the search trends are being changed over time. 

On top of that, you can also evaluate the behavioral change with different time zones, platforms, and geographical locations.

Thus, by harnessing the best utility of Google Trends 2023, you can bring an intuitive and practical approach to strategizing your content. 

Next, in this blog, we are going to discuss the essential factors of Google trends that can be invariably used to leverage your SEO efforts. 

How to Use Google Trends for SEO & Market Research?

Google trends are broadly used by digital marketers across the globe to make their SEO practice more effective and produce better output. 

However, before witnessing the marketing strength and infinite possibility of Google trends, you need to know the long array of cutting-edge benefits that come along. 

Let’s jot them down. 

Discover Relatable Trending Topics

The biggest mistake that a digital marketer makes while developing fresh content is not choosing the right and relevant topic. 

Which topic will bring the maximum visitor engagement? Which topic can bring the most traffic to the website? These are the biggest questions.

No Worries! RankWatch would be your silver lining. 

Our AI-based competitor analysis feature makes a list of the top trending domains along with their URLs, evaluates their ranking keywords, and enables you to extract a relatable topic that can make your website rank in the SERP algorithm. 

Basically, to develop a trending topic, you need to get an overview of trending competitors, and RankWatch deploys end-to-end assistance in it.

For instance, you have an e-commerce website. You can first fetch your top competitors and their high-ranking keywords. Then use those keywords in Google to find the topics related to e-commerce businesses. 

You can also navigate over the content section of your competitors to find their topics that are surfacing on the internet. 

Finally, you can formulate your content related to selected topics and accelerate the SEO factor of your website. 

Identify Google Keyword Trends Demographically

Google keyword trends data per the geographical horizon is a core factor for magnifying the SEO aspect of your website. These data determine whether a particular set of keywords relates to the users of a certain region or not. 

For example, let’s say keywords like Clothing, home decor, books, furniture, art & crafts, etc., are popular in the Western continent. You can use them to target the promotional activities of the .com domain. 

But again, how do you get to know about those keywords? 

Our keyword research feature gives you information like search volume, CPC, and competition as per the location. You get an option to feed the keyword with location and then click on the search option.

Thus, to refine the keyword search query in regard to the geographical location, you need a proper SEO tool. RankWatch is an AI-driven tool that brings the same facilitation to your fingertips. 

Recognize Google Keyword Trends Categorically

Narrowing down the keyword search per category is another way to formulate one of the best SEO strategies with Google word trends. 

For example, if your keyword category is the IT solution, Google Word trends would produce the data in context to solutions and technologies. Using this formula, you can find more accurate information to boost your SEO planning.

Well, how can RankWatch help you with this?

As discussed above, RankWatch is a tool that is known for performing an end-to-end keyword analysis.

With keyword research & ranking dashboard features, you get keyword distribution track record, Country wise keyword traffic, ranking URLs, snippets, competitor ranking trends, and many more.

These metrics are sufficient enough to identify the keywords with defined categories to boost your SEO planning.

Target Users Search Intent

Google search trends help you analyze the search intent of the users. To drive SEO performance, you need to fetch better insights from the visitors. 

This is possible with scratch-to-end audits of websites, multiple competitor analyses, better keyword evaluation, average keyword ranking, top-ranking snippets, page response time, page depth, and many more.

However, the most significant approach that can act as a game-changer to understanding user’s intent is keyword research


Because keywords are something that transparently defines the intent of website visitors and given content. 

Not only the volume and competition, but you also get the question terms keywords, including who, what, when, which, where, why, and how. 

But how to perform it?

Just enter the keyword, location and click on the search option. Our AI-driven keyword research tool will automatically crawl over the fed keyword and list the actionable insights within seconds.

With RankWatch keyword research, you can perform all these activities and figure out the exact search intent of the users. 

Further, you can use the given intent to strategize your SEO campaign and content development. 

Discover Seasonal Trends

Seasonal Google Trends 2023 today are something that frequently hits the internet. By discovering this trend, you can plan your next advertising campaign with the best SEO effort. 

But how to do it?

As discussed, RankWatch is an AI-driven tool that viably helps you with keyword findings, competitor evaluation, and strategic SEO development. These parameters can not only help you identify seasonal trends but also let you drive a phenomenal SEO strategy. 


Let’s check out HOW?

Firstly, you can identify the CPC, search volume, and competition of a particular keyword. Secondly, you get to know about the top-ranking domain that also serves as effective information to recognize the season trend and enhance your SEO strategy. 

A sudden increase and decrease in the number of backlinks depict the popularity of websites, seasonal trends, and the type of content that the visitors are looking for. 

For instance, if a certain domain shows an increase in backlinks, it means that the website and its content is trending seasonally over the internet. 

Further, using our backlink checker free online tool, you can check the relevancy of a domain with information like active backlinks, deleted backlinks, referring domain trends, citation score, trust score, anchor text distribution, and innumerable other insights.

All these facilitations are available at your fingertips, just with RankWatch. 

Being the most preferred Digital marketing tool, it has harnessed the power of Google trends to leverage the SEO efforts of countless small businesses, mid-size companies, to large enterprises. 

Last but not least, we got a surprise for you!

Our Backlink Analyzer is available free of cost for every user. So, you don’t need to pay a penny to get your vision accomplished. 

Video Optimization with Google Trends 2023

Optimizing the videos for multiple platforms with Google search trends is the latest technique to boost the SEO performance of your website. 

For instance, let’s talk about YouTube videos. It runs on a certain algorithm. Google Trends can be used to optimize the search categories, keyword types, and location-wise content that is proximate to the users. 

It can also help you recognize the seasonal topic that can further be used to formulate relatable videos for audiences.

Now, How can RankWatch help you over here? 

RankWatch is an optimization tool that can improve the functionality of video marketing using Google search trends. 

With the ranking feature, you can analyze the top landing pages, high-ranking keywords lists, and potential domains with high traffic. 

You can gather the content from your own website’s high-ranking pages. Further, those contents can be transformed into visually appealing videos for better SEO ranking.

Let’s take a look at our ranking dashboard. It has a section that shows a list of top landing pages. 

These actionable insights can help you develop the following video for YouTube or any other social media platform. Thus, Google trend is a great assistance for formulating your next video content as per the user’s search result of high-degree SEO practice. 

Summing Up….

So, In this blog, we have made a scratch-to-end discussion on the utility of Google Trend for enhancing SEO efforts. Google search trends today or SEO Google trends are highly demanding practices in today’s digital world. But to drive complete SEO potential with Google Trends 2023, you need to have a leading SEO tool.

Certainly, RankWatch is best for the business. The best part is that it offers a major section of its facilitation as online free seo tools. What could be better than that?

Hope this blog is informative to you.

Happy Reading!

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