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Is Your Google Website Ranking Dropping at an Alarming Rate? Here’s what you can do


Here’s a scenario:

You went to bed peacefully after checking your website’s Google page ranking, confident that you have done everything right and the rankings will remain unaffected. Suddenly, your Google ranking starts dropping at an alarming rate. You wake up in a jiffy, thinking it’s a nightmare, but unfortunately, it’s reality.

We know how important it is to get a decent Google search ranking, and if the Google ranking drops for any reason, it shatters our hearts. All your efforts can go down the drain once your website ranking on Google starts dropping.

But you don’t need to panic, as we are here. Even if your Google page rankings have dropped, there are certain tips and tricks through which you can find out the reason for such a drop and rectify it ASAP.

How to Improve Google Search Rankings?

Your Google rankings have dropped, and you have sobbed your heart out. Now’s the time to get back on your feet and improve your site’s Google search rankings. 

How to do that? Here are some tips that will help you regain your lost rankings.

1. Check for Recent Google Algorithm Updates

The first thing you should do after finding out that your Google page rankings have tanked is check for Google’s algorithm update. 

Why? That’s because Google brings new algorithm updates daily, both minor and major. 

So, there’s a huge chance that your Google website rankings took a dive because they couldn’t meet the new algorithm’s requirements.

The best thing to do here would be to check for the newest updates of Google algorithm and see if any of the updates align with the day your website ranking on Google started dropping.

Google Updates timeline can help you get a quick overview of all the latest updates so that you stay on your toes.

2. Detect Hidden SEO Issues

If your Google SEO rankings have not dropped due to algorithm updates, then it’s time to conduct a proper site audit.

A thorough site analysis will help discover all kinds of technical issues your website has, which directly or indirectly affect its Google rankings. 

RankWatch’s site audit is the best option for conducting a proper website analysis. The tool crawls through all your web pages and analyzes them based on several factors, including technical SEO aspects, and shows the site score and all the issues that it found.

Based on the suggestions and priority levels, you can easily rectify the issues. Once done, your Google site rankings will gradually start increasing.

Besides, our free seo analysis online tool is also there at your service in case you want to analyze a particular web page whose Google rankings have dropped unexpectedly. It will go through the page, analyze it and present before you all the issues that affected the Google page rankings.

3. Rectify On-page SEO Factors

So you are confident that your technical SEO is strong enough to hold your Google SEO rankings high in Google SERPs. But are you sure your on-page SEO has the ability to hold up the Google search rankings?

Hesitant much? There’s no harm in checking your website’s on-page SEO factors as, who knows; the Google search rankings might be decreasing due to one of these factors.

It’s better to conduct a quick SEO test of your website with RankWatch’s SEO IQ. The AI-enabled feature crawls through your website, analyzes it on several on-site SEO factors, and scores it out of 100.

Worried after seeing your SEO IQ score? Don’t worry; our patented tool also provides effective suggestions that can help improve your on-page SEO in minutes.

You can also edit your web content directly on SEO IQ Content Editor and incorporate all the suggestions on the go.

In addition to that, our patented feature also shows how your competitors are performing for the same primary keyword. 

4. Stay Clear of Spammy Links

Ever heard about negative SEO attacks? When spammy websites link to your site, or there’s a sudden hike in your link profile from toxic domains, understand that your site has been attacked.

Most petty rivals do such tricks so that your website ranking on Google will go down in flames. But we have a solution to that as well.

To verify if the backlinking is from a toxic domain, you can conduct a link audit using RankWatch’s backlink audit feature.

Here, you can discover all toxic domains within seconds, store them in a sheet, and disavow links immediately.

You can double-check the domains with our free online backlink checker tool. If the domain’s trust score is less than its citation score, that’s a straight red flag for your site.

5. Verify Keyword Potential

There’s a major chance that your website’s Google rankings have dropped due to your primary keyword. Confused? We’re here to clarify.

Let’s say one of your target keywords in 2019 was “Corona,” but it was for the Corona beer. The Google website rankings were good, and everything was going fine.

But when 2020 started approaching, you saw a massive drop in your article with “Corona” as the primary keyword.

Why? That’s because, during that time, people were searching for the Coronavirus on search engines, which ultimately affected your Google search rankings as users were unable to get the desired information from your article.

In this case, you can see that the keyword potential changed as per the user demand. If you have doubts that your keywords’ potential is down, check the same with RaknWatch’s keyword rankings feature.

It will help you easily determine the current potential, search volume, traffic, and other important metrics. All you need to do is enter your primary keywords, and the feature will pull out entire information on them.

6. Check Out Your Competitors

If you are still unable to figure out the reason for your low website ranking on Google, you need to check on your competitors.

Most of the time, it might not be your fault for the website’s poor Google SEO rankings; instead, your competitors are designing amazing strategies, due to which their Google website rankings are increasing.

That’s why it’s better to spy on your competitors from time to time. RankWatch’s competitor analysis gives you complete freedom to understand your competitors’ marketing strategies, their content design, and your stand amongst them.

Such in-depth and detailed analysis will help you get the insights needed to improve your site’s Google rankings.

7. Look into Search Console

If everything seems right to your eyes, but you can’t still figure out why your Google search rankings are dropping like flies, then it’s time to take things a bit further.

Log in to your Google Search Console and see if there’s any manual or algorithm penalty levied on your website.

If there’s a manual penalty, it means a human reviewer on Google thought your website to have violated Google guidelines and has flagged it from future searches.

In such cases, you need to go through the manual actions page of Google and fix the issues as per the suggestions.

Summing Up…

So now that you have got the tips and tricks to regain your lost Google search rankings, what are you waiting for? Avail the RankWatch free trial offer right now, use the features to the fullest, and improve your Google search rankings right away.

All the Best!

See you soon!

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