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Is Your Website Successful? If Not, Here’s Why

Know why your website isn't successful

Know why your website isn't successful

If you want your online presence to be noticed, you need to move up the search engine rankings. The best way to achieve this is with efficient use of SEO. There are several areas involved in creating good SEO, and making use of them can make the difference between whether your website is successful or not.

What Is SEO?

SEO is a system that all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing use heavily. It is essentially the algorithm that dictates what content is at the forefront of user searches. Typically, the engines will push forward the most relevant or popular websites, although it is also common practice for many businesses to pay certain search engines, in order to get their content prioritized.

SEO is universally seen as a crucial means of advertisement, and can often hold wildly successful results. Businesses using search engine optimization will look at the quality of traffic, which focuses on how effectively the search engine is actually advertising their content. They will also be considering the quantity of traffic. This is to ensure their content is being delivered to the correct target audience, and the amount of traffic generated will then become more important.

The market is constantly shifting and changing as websites become more popular and new sites are created. This is why a serious focus should be applied to efficiently utilize SEO.

How Useful Can Link Building Be?

Link building is the spread of a site’s link mainly on other websites and social media. Among experts, this is seen as a supremely effective generator of more traffic. Trusted websites typically only link to other trusted websites, therefore, receiving a link from a prestigious and popular site can boost traffic in all areas.

If you have your link in dozens of articles online, and the content is of interest to the reader, they may well click the link to your site. The more that happens, the further up the rankings you will move.

Arguably the most important method of link maximization is linked to freshness. After extended periods of time, links may become stale and drop in popularity, and if they fail to earn new clicks search engines will take notice and the site’s ranking will decrease. Search engines use this constantly to gauge a site’s popularity and relevance. Methods of receiving links effectively are covered here.

What Is The Relevance Of Guest Posting?

Guest posting is another method of receiving links from sites. It involves providing a piece of content to a website in order to receive a link from the site. It is seen as a win-win situation: the website of choice gets maybe an article of interest and the content producer gets a fresh link to their site. To identify an article that would properly suit the site you’re advertising, research blogs specifically tailored to the site’s niche. Obviously, sites do not always accept the offer of a guest post for a variety of reasons.

Some blogs, in fact, advertise themselves as open to guest posting and openly welcome new content. Some additional ways to spread the guest post may be sharing on social media, interacting with the blog commenters, and interacting with the blog owners for possible future collaborations. This way the content produced gets attention, and the link receives relevant traffic. The content provided should meet a high standard if possible, as this will ensure future inquiries, along with possible attention from other sites interested in guest posting.

Using Videos and Images For SEO

Technology has become so advanced that the search engines can now use videos and images as part of SEO when positioning you in the rankings. They also have the added bonus that viewers are more likely to stop and view them than they are to read a page of written content. Keeping users on your site for more than four or five seconds has a big SEO advantage.

Most smartphones and tablets have very good cameras and video facilities built into them, so there is no need to go out and purchase expensive equipment. Of course, if your budget is large enough, you could pay professionals to produce them for you, but ones you make yourself can be just as effective.

Can Social Media Help With SEO?

Experts have mixed opinions on this, but generally, most of them agree that people linking to your site from social media can have quite a large SEO effect. The search engine takes account of how often your link on social media is shared, retweeted, or just passed on to other users. The social media platforms are treated like any other webpage, so things happening on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of the others are taken account of when you are positioned in the rankings.

Automation Can Be Useful

You have to remember that SEO rankings are all automated. There are not people sitting in the Google office deciding where websites should be placed, as the latest technology is used to make that decision. Just like the rankings are automated, so can some of your SEO efforts. Analyzing the results of SEO can very easily be done with analytic tools available online, and you can schedule posts on social media for days ahead, whether they are visual or written. There are programs that will remind you when things need to be updated, and others that will automatically make sure adverts on your site are changed.

One of the most important factors for SEO is freshness as if your site is not used on a regular basis, the search engines will think it has become irrelevant, and your position will drop. Keep all content, no matter what type it is, constantly refreshed to help maintain your place in the search results. This even applies to the social media platforms, as if you do not use your Facebook for a few weeks, people will start to think you have ceased trading and that will reduce the number of people that follow the link to your site.


Every business is different, and some aspects of SEO will work better than others. Whether you choose to perform guest posting, work on your social media, automate your SEO, build links the old fashioned way, or do a combination of all of the above, it is wise to analyze your results so that you can see what’s working. You just need to try them and monitor them to find out which works the best for you.

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