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One Thing is Killing Content Marketing and Everyone Is Ignoring It


The Face Of Content Marketing In The World Of Today

This may initially sound puzzling but yes Content Marketing is no longer as straightforward as it perhaps was a couple of years ago. Many things have changed and it has become a varied multi-faceted beast, encompassing a huge variety of innovative ideas and applications across the board. After all, you have to keep up with the times now don’t you?


On a worldwide basis even today, most companies are still wondering about ways to make their content marketing strategy more successful and far-reaching in the long run. The answers to that still seem to be proving rather elusive. After all, there is no magic formula to hunt and search for as each company is different with a varied set of goals and customers to boot. A single formula cannot possibly be applicable to all.

Common misconceptions About Content Marketing

A lot of businessmen out there seem to have this misconception that once the content is out there, it’s a given that hoards of customers at hand would simply line up to read it and the traffic sales would soar right up. After all, why would they have to do anything extra when they had (supposedly) put most of the effort into creating the content in the first place? Quite honestly, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reason for this train of thought is simple – most of the company’s senior leaders actually underestimate the real toil and hard work behind marketing regarding it to be a much easier task than it actually is and that the product at hand would automatically end up selling itself. The main delusion is that they seem to think that they have done their best in the marketing realm and that there is just one more ingredient to be added in the perfect recipe for content marketing. Meaning that in their minds, after the “perfect recipe” was done, all they needed to do was simply sit back and let the reactions of their customers indicate their own progress. Clearly, there is a lot more to content marketing than just that.


But the ugly face of reality does tend to rear its head every now and then. Reality being that most companies simply do not seem to have any diverse or original approach towards marketing and that most of them are disappointed with the results. The singular result being that most of their customers do not seem to be paying the least bit of attention to them.

From being ignored by them on the social media platforms, to their blog posts hardly getting any traffic to actually talk about, to their email newsletters remaining perpetually closed, to their SEO reach remains surprisingly low even after several months, the list of problems plaguing the company in terms of marketing seems to go on and on. Bottom line: the old formulas are clearly not working anymore. High time for a new approach and strategy.

And yet, here’s the clincher – hardly any of the companies seem to have grasped the gravity of the problem at hand. They are still bent upon sticking to the old and tried ways of marketing that have clearly been done to death by now.

The truth is – you need to earn the attention you seek from your customers. Yes, earn is the keyword in this context. It’s definitely not going to land on your lap on a silver platter, that’s for sure. Work hard on making your content so impactful and interesting that literally every second day, customers will automatically have a reason to read the content. As simple as that. Being merely “good enough” has become the new mediocre it would seem. Quite the harsh reality for a lot of you out there, but facts are facts.

The Concept Of “Content Tilt”

Finally, it’s all about getting the attention of the customer/s at hand. That can only be done once you stop focusing on the amount of content at hand and start nitpicking on the actual content itself. After all, marketing has never been about creating truckloads of content. In this aspect, it is mainly about creating minimum and concise content with the maximum amount of impact i.e. content which is valuable and different from the rest of the generic content floating around. Now that would be something that specifically sets you apart from the rest of your contemporaries and the herd in the sense that you would be making content on the basis of the psychology and behavior of your customers.

Now here is where the aspect of the “content tilt” comes into the picture. For those of you looking clueless, this term basically refers to a unique or refreshing idea or twist on a familiar topic that gets you all the attention that you need. Basically an edge over others. Let’s face it – only by standing out from the crowd and being different from the norm will you get noticed by most of the customers out there. The jury’s definitely not out on that fact.

Failing to achieve the content tilt will only leave you fading into the realms of irrelevance and becoming part of the background (or clutter) of another million failed strategies that have no place in today’s day and age of constant adaptation and change. If you want to kick it up a notch as far as widening your customer base and gaining everyone’s attention is concerned, then you will have to do whatever it takes to find that tilt.
Now you may be in a fix as to how to exactly go about that.

How do you make your content different from the rest? Quite understandable. However, the point to note down is that it’s not completely necessary for your content to be different. Rather if the way of presenting the said content is different, not only will that be easier to do in comparison, but you will also get the attention that you need as well.

Having said that, here are a few pointers to keep in mind while doing so: –

  1. Know your audience inside out: Once you achieve that, it will be much easier for you to create a particular niche. Once you do that, you will automatically be able to figure out whether they are looking for a general outlook of your product or more of a niche.
  2. Ways of dealing with the subject matter at hand: This is in direct relation to the first point. Once you have your audience and subject matter sorted out, you need to find newer ways of spicing up the content by going into particular niches that haven’t/rarely been covered before.
  3. Finding A Different Platform: This is equally essential. For instance, there are a dime a dozen blogs scattered across almost every single nook and cranny of the Internet so how about doing a podcast instead? Now that would surely make you stand out.

Ultimately as a marketer, the question you need to ask yourself is this – Would it even matter if suddenly, all your content across every social media website and page simply vanished? Would it subsequently leave viewers struggling to find another source of inspirational and original content?



If the answer to that happens to be a no, well then you know the problem you have at hand. Focus on the quality of the content rather than on the amount of content. An amount is utterly meaningless if it happens to be the same thing people have read a thousand times over already.
Aggressively focus and tackle the different ways in which you can make your content stand out and soar miles ahead of the rest of the competition. Eschew staying in the boundaries of being merely “good enough” and unlike most others out there, don’t be afraid to do whatever it takes to be truly great. Once you’ve achieved that, there’s no stopping you from gaining the attention you rightfully deserve.

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