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Local RankWatch | Another New and Exciting product by RankWatch


That’s right! We have built another amazing platform, and this time we are enabling both local businesses and the Digital Agencies that handle them.

What is LRW?

About 10 months ago, we started building another platform, Local RankWatch. Fondly called LRW, it aims  to solve the problem that every Digital Professional comes across at least once –  the complications and difficulties of local businesses and their optimization.

In the industry, this till now has been working on complete conjecture, and in the massive digital world that is like shooting an arrow in the dark.

My team and I spoke to around 500 local businesses from several different niches around the world. LRW has been developed after understanding the problems and difficulties they face. This platform provides easy actionable metrics for the end business owners which further leads to successful optimization of their businesses. All this can be done easily, accurately and effectively on LRW.

We are extremely proud that today, we have successfully defined processes that are to be undertaken to optimize ANY local business ANYWHERE in the world.

Essentially, we aim to empower each local business with all these features, give them an edge over their competitors and ensure that they succeed. We aspire to become the product that will benefit not only established local businesses, but also the new and upcoming models as well. With 28 million Local Businesses in the United States itself, Local RankWatch is one product that will make sure that your Local Business stands out.

Presenting Local RankWatch


How does Local RankWatch work?

It’s simple. We create a to-do list of tasks that are tailored  to your business, after a close analysis of  your competition, your presence/absence on different websites and your industry etc. The set of tasks are extremely easy to act upon and can be handled by the business owner and/or by the Digital Agency hired by the business owner.

Who does Local RankWatch help?

  1. Any local business owner that already has search engine visibility
  2. Any local business owner who is looking to build search engine visibility
  3. Any Digital Agency who is helping local business owners in increasing their Search Engine visibility
  4. Freelancers/Consultants who are assisting Local Business Owners creating online visibility

Essentially All Local Businesses that Aim to make it Big !

 What features does Local RankWatch have?

 1. Aggregated Reviews:

You not only receive all your business reviews in one place but also track unlimited reviews on a weekly basis, across a multitude of review sites to know the feedback and rating.

 This will give you a single point collation on how you have been rated across the web and become a one-stop shop for the feedback you receive.

2.   Profile Analysis:

Following the overall trend in your industry, we handpick certain websites, that you should definitely have your business profile listed on. Along with this, we will let you know if you are missing out business critical data on these websites.

Your absence from these websites makes you miss out a lot of potential clients. Local Rankwatch   will keep you updated about this and will help you become a more prominent brand.


3.   Citation Analysis:

This is where we collate all your citations and listings from the entire web under one powerful dashboard. Be it a blog or a discussion forum we will update you right here, ensuring you have the right footprints!

Essentially, this will make sure that your business has been correctly represented across the web!

4. Rankings:

Powered by RankWatch, this feature will not only enable you to track your essential keywords, but also keep you up to date about how your business is ranking in your region! We use localized IPs, which makes this super accurate. This gives you basic actionable metrics to improve your Search Engine visibility.

5. Micro Analysis of Keywords:

We dig it, till you dig it! We conduct multiple in depth micro analyses of which you get a detailed report. This report includes details about every single keyword and tracks their movement. Also, it tells you exactly which citation is contributing to the rise and fall of your keywords. We also track your competitors, because improving Search Engine visibility is all about being ahead of your competition. This is powered by our very own Citation and Review Analysis.

With this feature you will be able to pin point why your keywords are gaining and falling in ranks, so that you or your digital agency can take evasive actions accordingly.

6. To-Do List:

So we saved the best for the last- This is our M.V.P!

This is a set of tasks to be undertaken by you or your digital agency to improve your business’s visibility.

Created after combining data specific to your business using market intelligence and trends, combined with an analysis of your competitors and their visibility, this unique set of tasks will help you increase your digital presence and in turn grow your business.

This to-do list will also advise you to build citations on particular websites (only if they are of good quality and have passed our ’13 point check list’).

As an Agency, do I get something different?

Absolutely ! We understand that as an Agency, you might have several businesses that you work with, and it’s necessary to have a birds eye view of your projects. Presenting, the Agency Dashboard !


This special tool will help you manage top level data consisting of Reviews, Citations and Rankings. You can also see which projects are performing and which aren’t, enabling you to take corrective measures.

 Do you guys have a free trial?

 Ofcourse, here you go!


I am a current RankWatch User? Do I get anything special?

We at RankWatch always got your back ! Email us on, and we will hook you up with something really special.

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