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How Machine Learning Can Help Increase The Conversion Rate Of Your E-Commerce Site

machine learning to increase conversion rate

machine learning to increase conversion rate

One thing that has been on the rise is the use of e-commerce stores for sales of virtually any item you can think about from clothes to jewelry to toys to shoes to herbs, the list is indeed endless, and we can all attest to this, everything is directed to expanding your horizon and reaching the much more massive audience you would naturally not meet when you have a store fixed to a spot without an online presence. However, the intent for which these businesses are given an online presence is to make a profit and possibly even have a steady increase in profit day in day out. The factor for growth has therefore shifted from just owning an online store to also how to maximize its potential and get it to run itself efficiently, to this end more and more researchers have been carried out to optimize the online world and also to bring out the most the internet has to offer to its online citizens. One of such tremendous innovation that has hit e-commerce stores is machine learning, and you are going to love what it is about.

Machine learning in the most uncomplicated term possible is the use of artificial intelligence to help harness the potentials the internet has to offer and bring such abilities to use for your e-commerce site to maximize opportunities and get better conversions. Machine learning primarily refers to the use of specific algorithms that help in optimizing your e-commerce site by recording and observing behavioral patterns and drawing out data without you programming them, it also refers to the automation that you have uses the data drawn to effect changes to your site and one other great thing you would love about machine learning is their ability to help make predictions that would be really useful to your business with more than 70% accuracy. With this in view, it can be said that machine learning is the next big thing that can give your business a total turn around as you really don’t have to set or program things explicitly, they just learn to adapt to the state of your business and make the most of the data they get and give you that multiplier effect. One thing that would interest you is the fact that machine learning algorithms are also recorded by other companies and help make the interaction between your little eCommerce site to bigger companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and the likes.

Reasons Why You Need To Consider Machine Learning For Your Site

It is an exciting thing to have machine learning on your site doing the basic recursive tasks that you would be struggling to do yourself. Everyone hopes to have a booming business, but most times we’re not ready for the influx that comes or instead we have no structure to cater for this influx, and that is what machine learning seeks to help you with among many other things involved. You just can’t sit by yourself checking how each potential customer got to your site and where they left off, if they almost checked a good out but stopped, if they spent enough time on your site before running off, what type of product was viewed the most and many things in between but these are the things machine learning seeks to help you with. Below are very tangible reasons you should buy into the idea of adopting machine learning for increased conversion.

1. Top Of Mind Solution

One thing you want to ensure for your business is to be at the foremost place above all other competitors in your niche and machine learning can very much help you continually stay on your potential clients’ faces. What the artificial intelligence would help you do is to observe the shopping behavior of a potential customer from the past, present and continuous state, therefore, predicting the most likely good the individual is likely to purchase. So if John has a great taste for books, and he happens to search for books often, when he comes to your store where books are stored, the algorithms place a measure of his search habits and bring books from your store which he’s most likely to buy among other products you have made it very easy for your site to show only relevant products to each unique visitor. Each has their uniqueness as well as what they search for, the algorithm works with this uniqueness and brings to them what they would most likely go for. You would be on the edge if your products have paid promotions to them to, even after the potential buyer leaves your site, he still sees your products on other sites as an advert making you top of mind and increasing your chances of getting a purchase.

2. Product Sorting Advantage

Just like in a real-life setting, when a customer walks into your store to get an item, you would want to make the experience an easy and satisfactory one with all items placed in their proper sections. This is the case of machine learning also, think of it as an attendant at your store but a smarter one able to deal with customers and potential customers in a better, faster and smarter way. When a potential customer visits your store and searches for an item, it uses different metrics to attend to the search

Metric 1: The AI takes in the input of the buyer and searches through your catalog of products to see if it matches the exact words you have entered into the search pane. This is the most basic level of how the machine learning understands your search query and gives you a return.

Metric 2: This metric is called the natural language processing. This metric is a step higher than the first metric. It affords you the ability to correct misspellings as well as help understand the suffix and prefix you place on a search query. The AI makes sense of the things you type instead of automatically sending back an error message of product not found.

Metric 3: This is also another beautiful metric of responding to search queries, here a whole lot of personalization is applied here. In this metric, the AI adopts a synonym identifier algorithm that helps find products or words. According to the words related to what you have placed as your search query. It helps match words that you have in your catalog by using the words that relate closely to your query. Another nice personalization that can be applied is that the machine learning brings search results according to what you like over new products, so if John likes chocolate ice cream, and he searches for “ice cream” he gets a list of chocolate ice cream over any other flavored ice cream. You also get an autocomplete search pattern with this metric due to what others are always searching for here.

Metric 4: This is the ultimate level of the machine learning would use information about you to bring out everything relevant to you. It takes things more personal and uses your personality and behavior to determine what you need before you even demand.

When your search query can be understood by your site and returns a pleasing result to the user, it makes the experience a lot easier and enjoyable therefore leading to more chances of a conversion.

3. Automation and Bots

As earlier stated, machine learning can help do a lot of things automatically without you explicitly programming it, it learns and relearns from data it has found and observed. Automation like search behavior, IP tracking, product selection, chatbots and a list of others. The most interesting is the chatbot and the benefits it offers you. Just imagine what you can do with an automated chatbot that has a swift and polite response to every customer, just imagine a thousand users on your site at the same time, and all users are being replied at the same time giving relevant information to each user. That’s the height of automation. This is the things you stand to benefit from chatbots. Other things that you can get from using a chatbot is how it can be integrated with your social media pages to help create a very satisfying user experience. An example is how WhatsApp help integrate an automated messaging system on WhatsApp business so that you don’t have to answer each customer recursively. You can also get your chatbot combined with so much information about your business to help tell potential clients when they come to your site; they can also you explain the way your site works, it all depends on what you want them to do for you. Chatbots are a great way to help make your business grow and get the word out by creating more awareness.


The most useful innovation that the eCommerce world has gotten is machine learning as it adopts and takes note of the different information you would never have thought of or laid to waste. It logs every user from the point of entry to the end of checking out and records the observable pattern so that the experience for each user can be personalized next time they come in. These little things you would never take note of are the things that make for your conversion rate to increase. Machine learning proves to be the most effective tool that will speed up the growth of your business by not only growing your conversion but also making the customers you have stay because of its personalized design.

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