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Organic SEO vs Paid SEO: Know the Difference & Advantages


In Search Engine Marketing, two usual terms that often cross paths are Organic SEO & Paid SEO, and to be precise, it’s ORGANIC SEO vs. PAID SEO!

What is the reason? Because any digital marketer finally wants to stay in a win-win situation regarding ranking websites in SERP. 

So, which tactic should you opt for? Should you reckon paid search or organic optimization? Which method can let you make a global footprint at a large scale? Let’s find out the answer.

The more you dive deeper into the topic, the more you gain insights, eventually getting better as a decision-making body.

What is Organic SEO? Know the Advantages

Organic search engine optimization (organic SEO) is the process of obtaining a high ranking on a search engine results page, possibly in an unpaid, natural, and algorithm-driven way. Some major advantages are:

Cost Effective

Cost-effectiveness is the frontline benefit of Google organic search SEO, where the expenditure doesn’t add up exponentially. Unlike pay-per-click advertisements that would charge you after each potential consumer clicks on the link, Organic SEO is all about neutralizing the cost-per-click and maintaining a healthy budget for the campaign. 

RankWatch is a broadly embraced digital marketing tool that offers a major section of its features as a free tool. These tools are given by most other service providers as charged facilitation. 

Let’s say, Mobile Friendly Checker tool. To ensure the compatibility of your website on any mobile device, RankWatch offers you a tool that can conduct a mobile-friendly test within seconds. You just need to enter the domain URL and Email ID in the given column and click on “Run Test.”

Another gift to the digital marketers from RankWatch is the free SEO web page analyser. To gauge the SEO performance and uplift the site’s SEO metrics RankWatch offers you this exclusive capability.

Get an end-to-end site analysis report with RankWatch’s Website SEO Analyzer. Build strategies, fix SEO problems, and strengthen your site’s search visibility with on and off-page SEO metrics like speed, Google organic search volume, page responsiveness, and much more that drive high SERP ranking.

Better Credibility

Credibility is another critical factor that Organic Search Engine Optimization is chosen for. It intensifies your online presence rather than just selling away click-like paid search marketing. So, organic SEO can be sheer productive in regard to credibility scale. 

With the Domain Research feature of RankWatch, you get insights like keyword distribution, search volume, new & lost keywords, organic competitor analysis, top-ranking pages, and a lot more.


All these data and meaningful insights help determine the credibility of Google organic search SEO of your website.

Healthy Competition

Organic Search Engine Optimization not only boosts your online visibility but also surpasses your competitors effectively. The higher the magnitude of organic traffic, the better the ranking will be by overtaking your competitors.

Also, to surpass your competitors, you first need to analyze their actions. Competitor Analysis is a part of organic Search Engine Optimization practice, and RankWatch can effectively help you with that.

Our Competitor Analysis section gives you information like top trending competitors, top-ranking keywords, ranking URLs, top-notch snippets, and much more.

These actionable insights help you understand your competition and draft the SEO campaign accordingly.

Holistic Approach

Although internet users are pretty heterogenous, Google organic search SEO tends to target them in an entirely holistic manner. Rather than targeting the potential customers for clicks, Organic search results bring 360-degree traffic growth to the website. 

What is Paid SEO? Know the Advantages

Paid SEO in Search Engine Marketing is also called pay-per-click, where the marketers bid on top-performing keywords for paid search advertising on Google. Some prominent advantages of Paid SEO are:

Highly Targeted

The most integral benefit of Paid search advertising is that it is highly targeted to the right audiences. Unlike Organic search SEO, which is more like beating around the bush, Paid search ads tend to hit the right set of audiences. 

Instant Execution

In contrast to Organic SEO, Paid search ads are pretty fast in terms of execution and output. Rather than harnessing long-term benefits, these campaigns are taken for immediate benefit and business growth. 

PPC advertising helps businesses grow with more organic traffic. To measure your website’s traffic, RankWatch is available at your doorstep.

The RankWatch Analytics section offers you a scratch-to-end report on your website traffic. Be it total search traffic, social media volume, or organic traffic calculation, everything is available on your plate.

Further, you can view the number of visitors, including last month’s visit, new visit, and returning visitors, simultaneously. 

Agile Optimization

Another big advantage of Paid search advertising is the flexibility to optimize SEO campaigns. On the accountability of the data available with the campaign manager, you can turn on or turn off the bid to customize the execution and possible result.

Calculative Results

One of the best parts about Google paid ads is the structural calculation of investment and output. You can constantly analyze the ratio of investment and output of a campaign on a regular basis.

Google paid ads to empower businesses with calculative results. It will help if you monitor the clicks, conversions, and, eventually, the ROI of the business.

RankWatch’s keyword research feature is best for designing a PPC campaign. It assists you in identifying keywords that will organically generate traffic to your website along with their CPC value.

Besides, the Rank Tracking feature of RankWatch also gives you enough data on keyword selection.

There you can feed a particular keyword on the given column and fetch data like:

  1. Global Search Volume
  2. Country Search Volume
  3. SOV%
  4. CPC
  5. Initial Rank
  6. Highest Rank 
  7. Keyword Difficulty

So analyze the keyword competition and volume, make every possible use of RankWatch’s keyword research and rank tracking features that comprehensively offers you a graphical and tabular distribution of keywords.

What is the Difference Between Paid & Organic SEO?

Now, let’s summarize the major difference between paid and organic SEO 

Organic SEO

  1. Free traffic
  2. Single quotation budget
  3. Long term investment
  4. Slow and gradual
  5. Hard to drop down

Paid SEO

  1. Pay-per-click (PPC)
  2. Cost per click
  3. Short term investment
  4. Get immediate results
  5. Ranking drops once you stop investing

So, these are the fundamental differences between organic SEO and paid search advertising campaigns. Further, you can analyze the traits and attributes and choose one of them as per your business convenience. 

Organic SEO vs Paid SEO: Know What is Best For Your Business

The option between organic and paid SEO is pretty complicated. Further, it also depends on what sort of business growth you are looking for. For quick and short-term results, you can go for Google paid ads; meanwhile, for gradual and long-term sustainability, Organic SEO is best for business. Basically, the nature of business expansion and the traffic you are looking for determines the bottom line of investment. 

Let’s offer you a few facts that can help you choose one among these two:

  1. Most marketers believe that Organic Search Engine Optimization is better than PPC for its uniform acceleration in website traffic.
  2. Users tend to ignore paid search advertising in any search engine.
  3. In contrast to that, half the internet users are able to differentiate between Google paid search advertisements and naturally ranking websites. 
  4. The rest half affirm that Google paid search websites offer better information as compared to naturally ranking websites.
  5. For local businesses to gain instant results in SERP, Paid advertisement is phenomenally capable.

Summing Up….. 

Well, this is all about organic and paid search ads, their performance, possible advantages, and the impact that they could bring to your website’s performance. However, after the plan, you need to have a capable SEO tool that can help you execute your plan.

Undoubtedly RankWatch is often spoken of as supreme in the global market.

Hope this article is informative to you.

Happy Reading!

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