RankWatch supports 183 Search engines .. Reason to celebrate Christmas in Style !!

December 26, 2012 | Feature Update

Its Christmas time and RankWatch team has reasons to celebrate it in a Royal way 🙂

Today at RankWatch we have ability to track rankings in 183 different search engines, and not only that when ever you select a search engine our advanced algorithm makes sure that we use the IP located nearest to that country (if in case we dont have our servers in that country) so give you most accurate results. Here is a list of searchengines  which are currently supported by rank watch.

Many more exciting and useful features are coming in next few weeks so stay tuned and don’t forget to sign up for our Free Trial today !!!

Sidhant not only loves reading and writing about start-ups but also started off in this industry by testing out his own version of a political social network. Looking after Marketing and communications at RankWatch, Sidhant also has a keen interest for design and user experience (UX).

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