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6 Powerful Reasons to Use Video Marketing for Greater Success

Reasons to Use Video Marketing

Reasons to Use Video Marketing for Greater Success

Every marketing strategy, such as paid advertisement and hiring influencers has an outcome. It fails. It is in the inconclusive process of going viral. Sometimes it goes viral. But are you willing to wager your resources and time on marketing strategies that are fundamentally based on luck? However, when you think about ‘luck’, you realize it’s a cliché, since, luck happens when your preparation meets the perfect opportunity. Now you are thinking about what else I can do? Well, marketing isn’t just about good luck or the perfect opportunity; rather, it’s about the art of storytelling and communicating with a customer via the most effective medium. Yes, you guessed it there is no preferable and effective medium than video marking. Video content is a perfect key trigger for an effective marketing strategy.

Remember, nothing begets the marking strategy like a marketing campaign without video content.

This article is a perfect blend of content to provide you with bits of knowledge regarding video marketing and its key advantages, so you are equipped for remarkable and exponential growth. Stay tuned dear readers this roller coaster ride for success has just begun.

History of Marketing: From Ancient Trade to Tech 

In the present-day, a marketing campaign is a propelled mix of strategic analysis of business module and technology, be that as it may, it hasn’t generally been like this. The historical backdrop of marketing as we know had a humble beginning of essentially attempting to sell merchandise and offer services. 

Before some of you say, I know why the history of marketing? Well, this historical analysis is a great way to understand the reasons why marketing evolved from trade to tech and why you should evolve from traditional ways of marketing to the modern ways of video marketing. 

PS: history has repeatedly certified that when the time changes it requires advances in business practices and the business such as Kodak (Technology Company that produces camera-related products) who do not evolve, fall behind and stay behind forever. 

It was during the Industrial Revolution that buying merchandise started to be simpler for a buyer than make things themselves. Large-scale manufacturing made numerous enterprises to manufacture products according to the consumer market. That was the time when the concept of marketing flourished due to ever-increasing competition.

The objective before long moved evolved in terms of influencing customers to purchase their merchandise and choir their services by advertising themselves as superior to those of another organization offering something very similar. 

This was a time, which caused many businesses to fail because of their denial. That is the same case now in terms of video marketing. Make sure that your business is not in denial with regards to video marketing because the times are changing.

Likewise, the territory of marketing is again changing in terms of marketing practices. New practices such as video marketing are being introduced, and old practices such as pamphlets are dying. Now the question is, will your business learn from history and evolve or die with the old practices? 

The moral of the story: it’s the right time for your business to evolve and adopt video marketing.

Facts and Figures

Following are some of the facts and figures from reliable sources that show the importance of video marketing:

  1. About 97% of marketing experts guarantee that when a seller add a video to the product , then there is an extremely high possibility that the customer will better understand and most likely buy the product
  2. By 2021, more than 80% of the traffic on the internet will comprise of videos
  3. Currently,81% of the total businesses are utilizing videos to promote their brand, services, and products
  4. 90% of customers believe a video will more likely help them to make an educated buy and settle on a product while making a purchase 
  5. You can expect the conversion rate to go up to 80% when the landing page has a video
  6. Viewers understand 95% of the principal message when they watch it in a video contrasted with 10% when reading the message in a text.

Key Advantages of Video Marketing

Following are some of the key advantages of video marketing to help you better understand its potential for your business:

  1. Increased Conversion Rate 

As mentioned in the above facts and figures a video on a landing page can boost the conversion rate up to 80%. However, the video must be relevant, concise and most importantly, interesting. For example, video on the landing page of; Pitstop Arabia, Tesla, and various other big businesses shows how the business works –an explainer video. 

To be honest, an amazing video can prompt an instantaneous sale. So, pick up your camera and give your business a boost that it needs.

All things considered, the importance of video isn’t even that astonishing or shocking since the vision is our most overwhelming sense. Most data transmitted to our cerebrum is visual, which makes video the most influential medium of communication, now envision what perks videos can bring to your business.

  1. Easy to Do 

Maybe the best thing about making videos for marketing purposes is that it’s truly not excessively hard to do, until and unless you have a clear vision.  

You can begin by utilizing a news blog you have written for your website and transforming it into a video. You can likewise hop on Facebook Live and start discussing an important topic that is related to your business. Moreover, you can also film the how-to videos for your products and post them on the YouTube channel. 

You do not necessarily need a video studio to record videos; any decent stand-alone camera will work out fine. By the way, if you want to make animated videos for marketing, then you don’t need a camera too. You only need a laptop and endless creativity.

  1. Amplified Brand Awareness

Perhaps the best thing about advertising via video is how adaptable it is. You can make recordings for a wide range of purposes, for example, for each phase of the product lifecycle; from the assembly line to the consumer’s hand. You can utilize recordings to build brand mindfulness, move lead transformations, energize brand commitments, and that is just the beginning. 

Ultimately, you can record videos in various domains which will spread awareness among the targeted audience while bringing the potential customers one step closer to the doorsteps of your brand.

  1. Video is What Customer Understands better

Toward the day’s end, the best outcomes originate from advertising what customers want and can understand. According to statistics, other successful business modules, and various marketing experts, it seems like what customers want is what they need and can understand better. That is why using video marketing for a well-needed product can do wonders not because customers can’t understand the text, but they do not have time for it. 

Video marketing is something other than a trendy expression; it’s a new normal of the marketing campaign, and it seems like it’s going to stay for a long time.

  1. Cost-Effective

Another extraordinary thing about video advertising is that it shouldn’t be extravagant, which means you can shoot a basic yet amazing, top-notch video for a marketing campaign by just utilizing your Phone. Furthermore, you can interact with a huge number of audiences by just uploading the video to a popular platform such as Facebook and YouTube. Video marketing is quite cost-effective, somewhat than arranging expos and bearing hefty costs. 

Also, the video stays in a loop for a considerable amount of time rather than a one-day event. Remember it’s the quality of content that matters not the quality of video until it’s understandable.

  1. Videos are Google-Friendly

Extremely low bounce rates characterize a good and Google-friendly site, and videos help big time since they increase the time spent by visitors on the site. Lesser bounce rate builds up trust and flag web indexes that your webpage has great content. 

You can post tutorials and DIY videos to your onsite blog to keep your customers engaged and informed while improving your business ranking in Google search results.

How-to: Video Marketing

Here are two fundamentals of video marketing so you can quickly start recording and promoting your business:

How to develop your video marketing strategy?

To develop your video marketing strategy, you will need to:

  1. Allocate a considerable amount of resources for recording a decent video. 
  2. Tell your stories and compare it with the story of a commoner. 
  3. Engage the audience. 
  4. Keep it short. 
  5. Publish on time and on an authoritative platform. 
  6. Analyze the video after it publishes, so you know which type of videos affects your targeted audience best

How to make a typical video to market your business?

  1. Planning your video
  2. Scripting your video
  3. Understanding to use your cameras
  4. Setting up your studio
  5. Choosing a type of marketing video
    1. 360° & virtual reality videos
    2. Animated videos
    3. Augmented reality videos
    4. Brand videos
    5. Case study videos
    6. Customer testimonial videos
    7. Demo videos
    8. Educational or how-to videos
    9. Event videos
    10. Expert interviews
    11. Explainer videos
    12. Live videos
    13. Personalized messages
  6. Shooting the video
  7. Organizing your footage
  8. Editing your video
  9. Choosing your music
  10. Recording your voiceover
  11. Giving final touches to the video
  12. Testing on a test audience
  13. Publishing

Example: Apple’s Latest iPhone 11 Video Advertisement

The video advertisements for Apple’s new iPhone11 was unveiled at the Special Event, which was focussed around the details of everyday life and how the iPhone 11 can get through everything while making life easier and less hectic. 

The iPhone 11 video ad indicates realistic instances of the phone’s abilities, including its new double camera, throughout the day battery life, faster processing power, high definition video and astonishing but also tough exterior. 

The add begins with the well-known iPhone alarm; then we see the iPhone getting thumped around in a vehicle and by a cat to demonstrate the strength of the phone. 

Afterwards, the ad shows some of the amazing things its cameras can do and how tough it is even when underwater or when the espresso is spilled on it.

The video ad goes on further while demonstrating various other capabilities of the phone. This video advertisement is made to be very relatable in a realistic environment while showing the humdrum of day-to-day drama.

Ultimately, the iPhone 11 advertisement is chronicling everything from day to day use to helping individuals remain dynamic, sound and associated. Many viewers of the iPhone 11 ad even said that they instantly wanted to buy the phone because the video helped them to understand the product better and that the product was extremely relatable to their lives.

As you can guess from the example, the era of video marketing has started, and every other big corporation is adapting it to better communicate with its customers at an emotional level.


The above article gave you a genuinely precise picture of how your targeted audience is gulping down video content and the manner in which your video marketing affects the targeted audience.

This article does not only show how your videos are made and exhibited yet, in addition, the manner by which they will perform best. I hope by now, you would have understood the significance of video marketing and its key influence on sales. 

Are you considering adopting video marketing to promote your business? Tell me about it in the comments; I’d love to keep the conversation going.

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