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Why White Label SEO is Essential And How Does It Work?

In today’s competitive marketplace, if you want your business to stay ahead, the only possible way is to have a solid online presence.

That is why SEO is essential for every online business. Every website seeks a presence on the first page of SERPs. But only some companies have a solid SEO team to fulfill that wish.

SEO is a complex, continual, and long-term process. Many digital marketing agencies face excessive workloads handling various clients from different niches. That makes it quite challenging to invest sufficient time and effort in SEO. 

Agencies depend on white-label SEO services in such scenarios, i.e., outsourcing SEO services from a third-party provider.

This article shall discuss white-label SEO’s importance, work process, benefits, and disadvantages.

But before that,

What is White Label SEO?

White-label SEO is when a digital marketing agency outsources the SEO work for their clients from another third-party service provider but sells it under its own brand name.

That reduces the workload on the agency, and clients also get SEO services on time.

Who Needs White-Label Digital Solutions?

Digital marketing agencies depend on white labeling for one or more of the following reasons,

  1. The agency does not have in-house SEO experts.
  2. The in-house SEO team is operating at the maximum workload.
  3. The agency wants to reduce the SEO workload on the in-house team to let them devote that time to other essential tasks.
  4. The agency wants to expand its service offerings.

How Does White Label SEO Work?

White labeling is a partnership between two parties for SEO work. 

The agency must have an excellent relationship with the third-party service provider, and there should be no communication gap between them.

The partnership works in two parts,

Account Management: The agency manages clients’ accounts for SEO work and directly communicates with clients.

SEO Service Delivery: The third-party SEO service provider delivers SEO work to the agency. The agency delivers those white-label SEO reports to their clients under their own branding and takes the credit.

Why is White Label SEO Essential?

Hiring a white-label digital marketing agency can provide the following benefits,

Offer Better SEO Expertise to Clients

SEO is vast and not everyone’s cup of tea. Only experts should handle SEO to get the expected results.

If an agency does not have enough SEO expertise, outsourcing SEO work from a white-label site enables them to offer better SEO expertise to their clients.

Better Focus on Own Performance

Hiring a white-label website allows the agency to focus better on its own services. 

Outsourcing SEO work saves a lot of time and effort. That helps the agency to focus on optimizing its services and improving the quality of work.

Moreover, the agency can also expand its service offerings.

Boosts Client Acquisition

White-label reporting helps the agency to handle more clients simultaneously. 

That, in turn, allows the agency to acquire more clients, which means getting more revenue and earnings.

Reduces Overhead Costs

SEO talent and expertise are precious in the market. SEO experts come with a hefty price tag. 

If the agency has to maintain an in-house team of SEO experts, it will cost them a lump sum amount. 

Instead, outsourcing the work to a white-label SEO reporting agency can significantly reduce the overhead cost of the organization.

Measures ROI Accurately

White labeling helps the agency accurately measure monthly SEO expenditure. 

That helps the agency to calculate the pricing they want to offer their clients after adding the profit margins.

That, in turn, allows them to calculate ROI accurately.

The Disadvantages of Hiring a Third-Party White-Label SEO Provider

Hiring a white-label SEO provider may sound exciting and profitable, but that comes with its own hazards.

It is common to face the following hurdles for a digital agency while hiring a third-party service provider for their SEO work,

  1. When the agency outsources SEO work, no matter how reputed & reliable the service provider is, the agency’s reputation and brand image are at stake.
  2. The agency has to share a chunk of its profit with the SEO service provider.
  3. If the white-label SEO provider practices black-hat SEO strategies, it can permanently damage the agency’s reputation and cause the loss of valuable clients.
  4. Making a stringent contract agreement between the agency and the white-label SEO service provider is also essential. The contract agreement must include the following critical parameters,

If the agency can handle the SEO work of their client on their own and provide accurate white-label SEO reports timely, that can increase the agency’s profit margins many fold.

That is quite possible even without an in-house team of SEO experts, provided you have the right tool. 

You need a reliable tool that can be a one-stop solution for all your white-label SEO reporting needs.

We will discuss such a complete tool in the next section.

The Best White Label Marketing Solution 

RankWatch offers you the best white-label marketing solution and all other SEO features that an agency can think of.

Be it a website SEO analysis tool, a backlink checker tool, or, say, a mobile-friendly checker tool. All come with a single subscription.

RankWatch’s Reports section can help you achieve white-label SEO reporting most professionally. Let us find out how in the following steps.

  1. Login to your Rankwatch account and go to the dashboard.
  2. Go to the reporting section by clicking the ‘Reports’ icon on the dashboard.

  3. Scheduling your reports provides you flexibility on how you want to represent the SEO reports to your clients and at what intervals. You need to click on the ‘Schedule Reports’ bar for that. 

  4. If you click on the ‘Schedule Reports’ icon at the top right-hand corner, it will open the following window.

  5. It allows you to select the website for which you want to share the report with your clients. Further, you can select the Search Engine, Sub-URLs, and Tags for your report.
  6. You can choose the file format between PDF and Excel for the white-label SEO reports.
  7. Now, select or create a template for the report.
  8. If you want to send monthly reports, then select the frequency as ‘Monthly’. You can also select the date, date range, time, and time zone.

  9. The tool offers you with the provision for sending the reports automatically via email. Just fill up the details like to, from, sender’s name, subject, and message, and you are good to go.

  10. If you want to customize your report further, click on the ‘Templates’ bar.

  11. You can customize the template as per your requirement by clicking on the ‘Edit Template’ option.

  12. It will enable you to create a complete white-label report, without the mention of RankWatch anywhere, by choosing the appropriate template name, uploading your brand logo, and checking footer options.

  13. Next, clicking on the ‘Introduction’ tab will allow you to fill up the details for your report’s cover page, table of contents, and summary page, as shown below.

  14. The next step is to dive into customizing your report further. You must click on the ‘Project Stats’ bar at the bottom.

  15. It will open the page offering further options for customization as shown below. You can switch on or off any of them as per your customization requirement.

  16. Clicking on the ‘Closing’ bar will allow you to add a thank you message at the end of your report.

Now tell us!

Do you still want to hire a third-party service provider for white-label SEO reporting?

Now, if you are considering the cost implications of using an effective tool like RankWatch for white labeling, let’s check the pricing.

Even if you opt for the yearly ‘XL’ subscription, which covers all your SEO needs, including professional white-label reporting, it will only cost you $382 monthly.

Can you hire a high-quality, reliable third-party SEO provider spending 400 bucks monthly?

The answer is a big ‘NO.’

However, if you are worried about RankWatch’s reputation, we are happy to inform you that we serve more than twenty-five thousand satisfied customers worldwide.

Here are some positive reviews by satisfied clients who used RankWatch for their white-label SEO reporting. You can find the complete list of testimonials here.


SEO is the top-most priority for every website to create a solid online presence.

But not all of them can afford an in-house team of SEO experts. That is why white-label SEO services are gaining popularity.

However, finding a reliable service provider is challenging.

Moreover, choosing the wrong option can be fatal for your agency.

It is way safer and cost-effective to depend on a reliable and accurate tool like RankWatch. It offers a bundle of SEO features with the best white-label SEO reports at a minimum cost.

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