Domain Authority Checker


Understanding Domain Authority

Your website is doing well and you know it but what relevant proof can you give about how your site is performing?

Here is when domain authority comes into picture. It is a statistical representation (value ranging from 0-100) of a website’s reputation.

Do keep in mind that this domain authority is not the same as page authority. While a page authority is only a measure of success of one page, the Domain authority is an overall indicator of how your root domain (website) is performing.

About our Domain Authority Checker

Our tool computes your website authority and provides a score (out of 100). The higher the score, the better is your domain authority.

What constitutes a good score?

We cannot give a fixed value of what constitutes a good score but anything above 30 is decent. However, if your score lies in the lower range of 20-30, then you will have to focus on diverse areas of your website for its growth.


  • This tool allows you to understand how strong your online presence is. With actual statistics, you are better equipped to improve your online identity.
  • You can check the domain authority of upto 10 websites (in a single check) allowing you to do a bulk check for multiple websites.
  • Use this tool to understand your competitor’s domain authority as well.


  • You can enter upto 10 domains in the box.
  • Click on “Check Details” buttons to know the domain authority score for the entries you provided
  • The list of given domain names is then shown with a corresponding DA value for each.

What if you get a low domain authority score?

A low score on domain authority meter indicates that your website doesn’t have a strong presence. In case you get a low score, here are a few things you can do to fix it:

  • Give more importance to On-Page SEO.
  • Since content is the backbone of any website’s success, focus on creating crisp and quality content.
  • Optimise your website for mobile devices so the user experience is enhanced.
  • Share your content on social media platforms to spread more awareness about your site.