What Top 21 Experts Think!

We asked 21 experts, 5 questions regarding the future of Content Marketing:

  1. Should organisations shift their content strategy from building branded content to establishing themselves as content brand?
  2. Which are the most useful tools in your daily content generation and marketing?
  3. Which social media channel will become platform #1 for content marketing?
  4. Who will win the battle long detailed vs short snackable content?
  5. What does the future hold for the Content-SEO pair?

The future of Content Marketing according to Barry Feldman, Content Marketing Consultant, Feldman Creative


Content Marketing Consultant, Feldman Creative Twitter: @FeldmanCreative
Email is platform #1 and will remain so. It's the channel marketers can rely on to keep the people who care plugged in.
Branded Content vs Content Brand
I can?t give you a straightforward yes, so I have to say no. Establishing a content brand might be a viable strategy for companies capable of publishing consistently over the long haul, but the majority simply can?t?or won?t?commit the resources required to pull it off.
Your favourite content generation/marketing tools
The one I simply couldn?t do without is the WordPress platform. There are many I call on otherwise, but the list is long and varied. With a fair degree of consistency, I find myself clicking around Google Analytics, Google Keywords Planner, Buzzsumo, Moz Bar, and Canva.
#1 Social media channel for content marketing
Email is platform #1 and will remain so. It?s the channel marketers can rely on to keep the people who care plugged in. If you insist I nominate a more standard or real-time network, I?d say it?d be impossible to choose one for all, but it?s LinkedIn I sense is making some of the better moves to satisfy the ?for content marketing? part of this question. I?m interested to see when they?ll finally flip the ?video switch? on.
Long detailed vs short snackable content
They?re not opposing forces; they?re allies, or at least they should be. If you were to plan and execute them entirely separately, you?d have to make choices per your objective and consider audience, channel, and the dynamics of the sale. For instance, a snappy pic may draw someone closer to your brand, but you?ll likely need far more substance to satisfy the needs of carefully considered decisions.
The future of the Content-SEO pair
The ultimate test of relevance and experience. Understand: every day search engines get better at interpreting and meeting the user?s need. The marketer?s trick bag is approaching empty. Your opportunity to attract the perfect prospect to a web page lies in absolutely understanding and satisfying her or his needs.
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