What Top 21 Experts Think!

We asked 21 experts, 5 questions regarding the future of Content Marketing:

  1. Should organisations shift their content strategy from building branded content to establishing themselves as content brand?
  2. Which are the most useful tools in your daily content generation and marketing?
  3. Which social media channel will become platform #1 for content marketing?
  4. Who will win the battle long detailed vs short snackable content?
  5. What does the future hold for the Content-SEO pair?

The future of Content Marketing according to Cameron Conaway, Content Marketing Manager @FlowApp


Content Marketing Manager @FlowApp Twitter: @CameronConaway
A brand, perhaps now more than ever, has the ability to become its own media company if it's willing to bring in the talent and own a niche.
Branded Content vs Content Brand
Yes (companies should shift towards becoming a content brand), but this is a mindset shift as much as it?s a shift in strategy. Very few brands are aware of how badly traditional media companies are struggling. Many have become almost entirely reliant on freelancers, and many of those freelancers aren?t paid. The result is that a brand, perhaps now more than ever, has the ability to become its own media company if it?s willing to bring in the talent and own a niche.
Your favourite content generation/marketing tools
First and foremost it?s the tools that aren?t, such as having a supportive team that understands content marketing, values creativity and is fired up about the future. Of the tools, I?ve found BuzzSumo and Crowdfire to be especially useful.
#1 Social media channel for content marketing
Of the main players I see Twitter continuing to provide the most value for content marketers. It at once allows you to keep a finger on the pulse of industry trends, while rapidly connecting with others and now better developing those connections with the expanded DM feature.
Long detailed vs short snackable content
Those who don?t see it as a battle! Longform quality content will always shine in terms of SEO value, time on site and helping brands carve out a genuine place of authority. Snackable content will always shine in terms of keeping the wheels rolling and quickly becoming part of important conversations. Readers want, absorb and share both types of content. With more and more journalists transitioning to content marketing, I believe there will continue to be a positive shift from form guiding form to topic guiding form.
The future of the Content-SEO pair
More championship titles for those who value both (and place them in that order). For a throwback basketball reference? I see Content as Michael Jordan and SEO as Scottie Pippen. They couldn?t win a title without each other, but their synergy made them a dominant force.
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