What Top 21 Experts Think!

We asked 21 experts, 5 questions regarding the future of Content Marketing:

  1. Should organisations shift their content strategy from building branded content to establishing themselves as content brand?
  2. Which are the most useful tools in your daily content generation and marketing?
  3. Which social media channel will become platform #1 for content marketing?
  4. Who will win the battle long detailed vs short snackable content?
  5. What does the future hold for the Content-SEO pair?

The future of Content Marketing according to Kathryn Aragon, Director of Content for Mirasee


Director of Content for Mirasee Twitter: @KathrynAragon
There's got to be a middle ground: short and easily consumable content, but rewarding readers with valuable insights and solutions.
Branded Content vs Content Brand
Not necessarily. I do believe there?s value in becoming a content brand, but a lot of resources are needed to accomplish that goal, and content may or may not position you appropriately for your target audience.
Your favourite content generation/marketing tools
I don?t rely on a lot of tools. The ones that spring to mind are: BuzzSumo, Buffer, TweetDis. I?m sure there are others, but these are the ones I?m relying on now.
#1 Social media channel for content marketing
That depends on who you?re targeting and where they hang out online. For B2B, LinkedIn. For consumer and new business, Facebook. Others may be useful to reach specific goals, but for outreach and exposure, I see these two leading the pack.
Long detailed vs short snackable content
From what I see, long-form content is impressive. It can build credibility and authority very quickly. But few people have time to consume it. Short content tends to be shallow, and doesn?t actually solve the problems they promise to solve. There?s got to be a middle ground: short and easily consumable, but rewarding readers with valuable insights and solutions.
The future of the Content-SEO pair
I think they?re joined at the hip. Content isn?t complete until it?s been optimized for search and for conversions.
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