The Future of SEO in India

What Top 23 Experts Think!

We asked 23 experts, 4 questions regarding the future of SEO in India:

  1. What is the importance of Rankings today as far as you're concerned?
  2. What are your favorite strategies to get your site or content ranked in the Google SERPs?
  3. What would you say are the 3 critical elements to be covered in an SEO site audit?
  4. What features do you think are missing in mainstream SEO tools? Are these any processes you'd love to see automated?

The Future of SEO in India according to Biplab Das, Founder and CEO at 7boats


Founder and CEO at 7boats
Ranking is important but having informative, user-oriented content is far more important today.
Importance of rankings?
If I take Google as an example for a popular search engine, everyone looks for a good ranking here. But Google intends to give the best search experience to the end user. It combines user's search intention with various other real-time information and serves right content in the form of rankings to help the searcher. So ranking is important but having informative, user-oriented content is far more important today.
Favourite Ranking Strategies?
Doing the SEO right and having more & more SEO optimized blogs & informative, demography targeted content on the website, social media, microblogging and content sharing platforms.
Elements to be covered in SEO site audit?
Website structure, Content style, structure & quality and Link popularity.
Your Dream Feature not present in current SEO tools?
I prefer manual auditing for researching mobile friendliness, link quality, content style & analyzing traffic with analytics & insights than blindly relying upon automated SEO tools. But it's good to have the tools. I would like to see automated features in SEO tools linked with defined KPIs to get an idea about performance from specific efforts so that I can work out a better strategy.
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