The Future of SEO in India

What Top 23 Experts Think!

We asked 23 experts, 4 questions regarding the future of SEO in India:

  1. What is the importance of Rankings today as far as you're concerned?
  2. What are your favorite strategies to get your site or content ranked in the Google SERPs?
  3. What would you say are the 3 critical elements to be covered in an SEO site audit?
  4. What features do you think are missing in mainstream SEO tools? Are these any processes you'd love to see automated?

The Future of SEO in India according to Kamaljit Saini, Head of Digital Marketing at Puretech Digital


Head of Digital Marketing at Puretech Digital
Rankings or placement being the "First Point of Interaction" deserve the seriousness of digital marketers.
Importance of rankings?
Rankings still remain one of the important measurability parameters. Whether it's SEO or PPC, your brand placement combined with your communication strategy on SERPs will define the Quantity of Sessions that your website is going to get through Search Engines. Rankings or placement being the "First Point of Interaction" deserve the seriousness of digital marketers.
Favourite Ranking Strategies?
Off Site content & communication that can intimidate and Onsite content that can dominate is generally our strategy to get our content ranked. If the content can address the concerns and provide a solution to a customer, it gets the required attention. We have always used content as a medium to address problems and how users/customers can be benefited through the brands they are going to get engaged.
Elements to be covered in SEO site audit?
Critical elements that we always evaluate a brand against are:
  1. Technology and Ease of navigation in website: Technology that makes thing easy for Crawlers to match user queries to solutions that you are able to provide.
  2. Content: Content that can anticipate your prospects/customers journey of a brand engagement (Typically 3 phases, beginning with being Aware, Engaging and becoming a customer. In today's scenario 4th Step is gaining attention, which is advocacy) and emphasis on benefits that a customer is going to get if they engage with the brand.
  3. Customers: Customers are your assets. If they can be your advocate be it on any channel of communication, dominating the digital mediums of promotions will be easier for the brand. Hence, we believe in ensuring that customers are leveraged as advocates which make our jobs easier to ensure that we to meet the client's objective.
Your Dream Feature not present in current SEO tools?
The way Search Engines work have always kept Automation at bay. So far most of the automation tools generally provide data in silos. They don't provide a holistic view of all the signals that can influence your rankings positively or negatively. A tool that provides great offsite popularity of the website is not an equally good technical evaluation of a website or other Onsite Factors or Social Signals. Even the greatest of Rank monitoring tool won?t really highlight what made the website slip or improve its rankings viz-a-viz competition. Hence, a holistic view of SEO effectiveness is something that is the need of the hour.
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