The Future of SEO in India

What Top 23 Experts Think!

We asked 23 experts, 4 questions regarding the future of SEO in India:

  1. What is the importance of Rankings today as far as you're concerned?
  2. What are your favorite strategies to get your site or content ranked in the Google SERPs?
  3. What would you say are the 3 critical elements to be covered in an SEO site audit?
  4. What features do you think are missing in mainstream SEO tools? Are these any processes you'd love to see automated?

The Future of SEO in India according to Rohan Chandrashekhar, CEO at BuzzValve


CEO at BuzzValve Twitter: @rohancs
The only way to stay on top of evolving quality benchmarks and updates in Google?s search algorithms is to produce great content consistently!.
Importance of rankings?
Any sustainable business today that's looking to attract high-value customers has to turn their attention toward search rankings. There are no two-ways about it. My company, BUZZVALVE, is fortunate enough to work with many marquee brands and startups. In all honesty, a significant chunk of clients in the early days came solely via organic search. We simply did not have the luxury of "word of mouth" or "referrals" back then. And so, getting on SERP #1 with high-quality content was the only objective we really worked on. If done right, the number of tangible business leads you can get with a good search ranking is practically unbeatable by any other marketing tactic, except perhaps WOM.
Favourite Ranking Strategies?
In my book, the only way to stay on top of evolving quality benchmarks and updates in Google's search algorithms is to produce great content consistently! That's it. Create a solid content strategy, hire a talented content marketing partner, and just go out there and execute. Don't forget to learn along the way. There are a whole bunch of tweaks and techniques to optimise each page and the base layer powering your website so it's friendlier with Google. But surely, that can be done in parallel with publishing solid content.
Elements to be covered in SEO site audit?
Is your site quick to load? Is it mobile responsive? Have you been publishing best-of-breed content within your industry?
Your Dream Feature not present in current SEO tools?
It's easy to make things look complicated. The challenge is in making them look easy to understand and use. And there lies the opportunity. I get pitched by many SaaS companies who offer "best in class" features at ridiculous prices. The thing is, "best in class" need not mean "best for my business". I don't think that tools today are missing out on any features. In fact, what we're experiencing is feature overload. Moving forward, being able to work with only the features that you want for your business, in relation to the metrics that matter most to you, is going to be the adoption standard. Secondly, SEO as a subject and as a technique is beneficial to everyone ? big and small. It's time for tools that are underserving SMB's and overpricing the enterprise to change their business model in everyone's favor.
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