What Top 20 Experts Think!

We asked 20 experts, 5 questions regarding the future of Social Media Marketing:

  1. What are the primary strategies you use to engage with your social media followers?
  2. Which are your favorite Social Media Marketing tools?
  3. What are your boldest predictions for The Future of Social Media Marketing?
  4. Which are the new social media platforms you expect will build momentum?
  5. Do you believe social media channels will increasingly become "pay-to-play" for marketers?

The future of Social Media Marketing according to Lisa Buyer, Author of Social PR Secrets


Author of Social PR Secrets Twitter: @lisabuyer
I have a daily, weekly and monthly strategy that includes everything from monitoring brand mentions to interacting and sharing media stories
Your primary engagement strategies?
I have a daily, weekly and monthly strategy that includes everything from monitoring brand mentions to interacting and be very generous and giving to sharing the media?s stories. When I say media I mean the ones that I might be targeting for a future story, so I am giving to them and hopefully developed a trusted relationship before I go to them with a story pitch. The bottomline I give more than I receive and it always comes back in positive karma
Your favourite Social Media Marketing tools?
Without a doubt, my ?go to? tools would include Buffer and Canva. I also use TweekDeck for organized monitoring and chats. I also love Slack.
Your biggest prediction for Social Media Marketing?
With the rise of social media marketing has come the rise of mental burnout, overworked syndromes and stress caused by the unstoppable pace of social media and the FOMO for business and personal brands. As social media takes over our lives more will turn to reclaiming their lives via mediation, yoga and ways to disconnect without having an anxiety attack.
The next up-and-coming social media platform?
Snapchat has had a rebirth with brands and marketers. Live Video like Facebook Live and Periscope are examples of precedent-setting players.
Will SMM become increasingly pay-to-play?
Pay to play is already the norm versus the exception. Organic is only possible as new features or channels are introduced and brands have a first mover advantage mindset.

Today?s public relations is in a unique and advantageous spot because you can now pay to play and be extremely successful in an organic type of way. Going directly to your audience and the targeted journalists is more available than ever, but also more complicated.

Today?s publicists need to be savvy storytellers in a very journalistic and social media style that reaches mobile users in a very visual, creative and organic way. That?s a tall order! Which is why meditation and taking breaks is so key to survival and success.
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