What Top 20 Experts Think!

We asked 20 experts, 5 questions regarding the future of Social Media Marketing:

  1. What are the primary strategies you use to engage with your social media followers?
  2. Which are your favorite Social Media Marketing tools?
  3. What are your boldest predictions for The Future of Social Media Marketing?
  4. Which are the new social media platforms you expect will build momentum?
  5. Do you believe social media channels will increasingly become "pay-to-play" for marketers?

The future of Social Media Marketing according to Nathan Chan, Publisher and CEO at FoundrMag


Publisher and CEO at FoundrMag Twitter: @NathanHChan
Our primary strategy here is creating awesome content every single day
Your primary engagement strategies?
Our primary strategy here is creating awesome content every single day on a consistent basis which seems to garner a decent amount of audience for us. It really depends on what platform you use, we got a strong focus on Instagram that seems to be where a lot of our audience spends their time. However, we are going to focus more on Pinterest and Snapchat as well.
Your favourite Social Media Marketing tools?
I quite like Iconosquare and Social Blade for Instagram analytics, Buffer, Zappier, Social Quant for Twitter
Your biggest prediction for Social Media Marketing?
I just know video is going to become massive. So people are just going to go doubling down on video even more.
The next up-and-coming social media platform?
I think Snapchat and also Youtube. Just the way things are going, I think video is going to get a lot bigger because you can see all of these platforms like Periscope, FB live. Snapchat pushing video. This behind the scenes reality tv type can work for brands.
Will SMM become increasingly pay-to-play?
Really depends. Certain platforms are paid to play, but at the same time there is always going to be some platforms out there where you don?t have to pay just like snapchat and instagram right now.
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