• Forbes claims 'Videos will surpass every other form of content by 2019', speculating a rise in video SEO. How do you plan on preparing for it?

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As experts say, "human mind remembers visual 60,000 times faster than the text". I think videos are going to be a big game changer in 2019. From a simple DIY to planning an itinerary or even reading a review of a product, people consume video with very high intent. With increasing internet penetration and high-speed data connections, browsing video without any interruption has become very easy.

As per a recent stats on Youtube, every 60 seconds more than 300 hours of HD quality video being uploaded to YouTube and there are about 63 million daily youtube viewers worldwide out of which more than 50% of YouTube views are coming from mobile devices. All this data is for one channel, imagine the amount of video data that would have been consumed put together all the video channels. All these stats show that the audience is consuming videos more than any other content form today. We as SEO, can leverage this opportunity and focus on video optimization to catch hold of our relevant user base. The optimization strategy here should not just be limited to Youtube or Dailymotion but should spread across other areas as well such as app videos, embedded videos on website along with a proper transcription, Facebook & Instagram videos and other video channels.

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YouTube is now integrating with Google Home Hub. This is going to make videos on YouTube front-and-center for one of the most important pieces of technology moving forward. It's important to create video content and then modify it for each of the individual websites that you do promotion on. From Facebook to Twitter to YouTube to Instagram, each needs to have a specific video strategy.

On the SEO side, video should be integrated into every blog post. Businesses should be embedding relevant videos into the sections of the blog that apply and in some cases creating stand-alone post where you're using a transcription and do optimization so that stand alone posts can rank. It's really important to use video, video site maps and make sure you have plenty of text to support your video content.
Here's a specific strategy.
1. Create video content
2. Syndicate it on your blog, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.
3. Link back from each site to your blog post.
4. Run advertising around each of your videos
5. Be technically correct with a video sitemap, schema and making sure you do not create thin content
6. Optimize your videos for the same terms you try to rank for for SEO
7. Use video for your conversion process
8. Create at lease 1 video a week to start and get a good editor to help you modify it for all the major social platforms



I agree with this statement. Over the past few years, I have been seeing a lot of changes in the field of SEO. Still, the content plays a vital role in terms of SEO. Now videos are everywhere. Studies conducted by Cisco says that by 2019, more than 90% of the traffic will come from video content. I think we need to make proper planning for optimizing the sites for video SEO.

Videos can be added anywhere. No matter whether it is a home page, service page or landing page, we can include videos and support the content to rank and convert more. As a brand manager, I would suggest the company to invest in video marketing and target the mobile users. We might be creating a team of experts to create and promote video content. Also, high-level strategies like influencer outreach and social media campaigns will be carried out every month.



Even though I partially value their opinion, we can surely see that 2019. has begun and people still rely on other forms of content no less than video. While video will eventually prevail

I believe it won't happen that soon. With that in mind and taking in the account that video platforms such as YouTube constantly evolve it is ungrateful to predict what will work and what won't from an SEO standpoint for video content once it actually takes over as a primary source of content for the most of the world.

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