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6 Proven Ways to Help Generate More Leads with Your Blog

Many internet markets are interested in using blogs as a great marketing key, and they use various platforms for this purpose. Blogs help in sharing ideas, information or entertainment and this is why blogs are one of the most searched items on the internet. Blogs are just not for fun, but people are also able to make money through showcasing advertisements, but it is just not that simple. To earn more, your blog should have traffic, and apart from earning, a blog with huge traffic explains that it is successful and people are enjoying coming back to it. Many people start blogging without having a detailed knowledge about it, and their main purpose of bloggi ng is to earn money, but not all of them are successful in earning high profits. Although there are people in this world, who have now become millionaires through their blogging business, for that they have used the authentic ways to generate money. It is crucial to understand that making good money through blogs is not an easy task and the bucks you are going to generate totally depends on how high or low your blog traffic is. 

In simple words, if you are willing to make your blog successful for any particular reason such as earning, then you must know some ways to generate high traffic or viewers. So if you are not sure how to gather regular traffic for your blog, then you should follow these six ways to generate more leads.

Concentrate on your Post Title

The title is the face of your blog because it increases or decreases viewers’ interest in reading your blog. Many bloggers are not able to fulfill this need, and they simply don’t focus on the title, and their whole attention is on the content. Without any doubt, the content of the blog should be useful, informative or entertaining, but you must also focus on keeping a great title for your blog post. The best way to create your title is by optimizing it so that it is available in the first pages of the search engine and when the reader views the title, he should not be able to avoid it. Keeping your post title optimized is one of the best things that you can do in order to increase the traffic of your blog. Apart from an optimized title, make sure it is catchy and should sound interesting so that it is hard for the readers to avoid skipping it. Concentrating on your post title is the first most important thing that you should be doing if you are willing to become a successful blogger.

Recommend Relevant Newsletters

Newsletters are one of the best ways to keep your audience in contact with your blog. Through newsletters, you can engage your audience and inform them about new information and updates on this particular niche. For example, if you have a blog, which offers wallpapers for smartphones and many visitors have joined your website through the proper registration process, then you must send newsletters to them every week or a month so that they are always informed about new things on your blog. It is also very important that the registration process on the blog should be easy and must not ask too many personal questions because that may annoy the user and he might lose interest in filling a long and huge form. So try to create your blog that has easy access and on which people find many interesting and new things.

Call to Action Buttons

You might have seen calls to actions button on various blogs these days because it helps in engaging traffic on the blog. Call to Action button is simply an indication or an option for a reader to gain more knowledge or have more related information about the topic he is presently viewing. For example, you have posted something about ‘Network Marketing’, and you have also written about ‘best ways to have a successful network marketing plan’, and you want your readers to read the other article as well. So, you must add a call to action button at the end of the article to allow the readers to jump to the other related article straight way.   

Excerpt Long-Form Content

This is similar to the call to action button, and it is very useful for generating leads. You just have to show a shorter part of your information, and then you have to give an option to download the complete version to the reader. For example, if you have written a long researched article on some topic, then you can publish the abstract on your blog and give a downloadable link of the entire content. 

Place Opt-in Forms

There are various places on your blog, where you can offer the users some services like free consultations, free trials or opt-in forms. You can use opt-in forms on your ‘About Us’ page, header, footer, sidebar or at the end of your blog post. Opt-in forms not only allow you to offer your services to your viewers but also make your blog look more premium. Don’t be ordinary. People like free services and if you can offer some free services by registering your viewers via a very brief opt-in form then you will eventually get more subscribers to your blog. 

You can also put in an entire landing page in opt-in forms to redirect your viewers to another page where you want the viewers to go. You can also have social share buttons in opt-ins, and this is a very cool trick to allow your viewers to share your contents easily. Your opt-in form can also have some call to action, and this will help you to get more conversions. If you host many webinars for your followers, then you can use the opt-in to get more registrations for the same. So, opt-ins in your website is really a cool trick to improve the visual impression and also have more viewers’ engagement to your blog

Use Subscription and Pop-Up Subscription Forms

Pop-Up forms seem to be annoying, but if you are aiming to have more registered users and serious followers rather than only viewers, then you can use pop-up forms. Pop-ups are used widely to draw the attention of the viewers on any matter. A social media expert, Dan Zarrella, did an experiment by adding subscription pop-ups on a blog, and it was found that some people left viewing the blog after seeing the first page (when subscription form popped up), but subscriptions were increasing. However, on removing pop-up subscription form from the blog, it was seen that there was a fall in the subscriptions. 

So, if you want your blog to generate maximum leads, then it is necessary for you to apply these six proven ways and within a short period, you will find your blog stats going towards the direction of success. Trial and error are the best procedures to go with the development of your website to generate more leads. Try to gather feedbacks with every change you make and keep improving the user friendliness of your blog and this will help you to generate more leads in coming days.

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