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All You Need To Know About YouTube Algorithm in 2023

YouTube has established itself as one of the most popular platforms for watching videos.

It is hard to find a person who uses the internet but does not search for video content on YouTube.

In fact, statistics for monthly users of YouTube reflect the same as well.

Being a YouTube content creator, you must be eager to grab this vast audience.

And the only way to achieve that is by understanding the algorithm for YouTube and enhancing your video content accordingly.

This article will explain the YouTube algorithm in detail that you must know in 2023.

What is YouTube Algorithm?

YouTube algorithm is a software program used by YouTube to recommend relevant videos to users that they will be compelled to click, watch, and engage.

The purpose of the algorithm for YouTube is to rank content according to the viewer’s likelihood based on relevance, richness, and user behavior. 

YouTube Algorithm Evolution

The YouTube algorithm is a continuously evolving process, so figuring it out needs strong efforts to stay in the game.

However, we can divide this evolution process into three separate eras.

2005-2011: The algorithm used to suggest the videos that get the most clicks. Video content creators took advantage of it by using clickbait titles and deceptive thumbnails.

2012-2014: YouTube updated its algorithm during this phase, prioritizing watch time and video completion percentage. That encouraged content creators to create more long-form videos. Though 60 fps videos were introduced in that era, the content quality still remained an issue.

2014-2015: This was when the YouTube algorithm got smarter and started suggesting video content as per viewer’s preference instead of the popularity of the content. The suggestions were provided based on the viewer’s feedback and past behavior.

2015-2022: YouTube took severe steps to improve its content quality by implementing content moderation during this phase. They ensured that content creators abide by their Community Guidelines and that no content with misleading information is offered. 

What Does The YouTube Algorithm Favor in 2023?

If you wish to take your YouTube channel to a different height, the first step is to remember that the YouTube algorithm prioritizes content that satisfies the viewers.

YouTube suggests creators make videos that make viewers happy instead of the algorithm. They no longer recommend videos on a popularity basis; instead, they prioritize the audience’s likelihood. 

The Most Essential Factors You Must Consider

The following are the most essential factors to consider for a YouTube algorithm hack,

The Signals YouTube Algorithm Looks For

YouTube algorithm suggests relevant content to the viewers by identifying the following signals,


Suppose you typed a query ‘how to make pizza.’ YouTube will show the list of the most relevant videos that satisfy your query.

The YouTube algorithm 2023 extracts these videos depending on the metadata provided in the titles, descriptions, and tags.


The algorithm for YouTube also measures the quality of the content by measuring the three following performance metrics,

  1. The duration for which a video is viewed by a user on average.
  2. How frequently do users view a video after getting recommended by YouTube?
  3. How many people liked the video?
Personal Preference

The algorithm of YouTube prioritizes the viewer’s personal preference. 

It curates and suggests a perfect mix of video content depending on the viewer’s previously viewed videos, the topics they frequently search for, and the content they liked previously.

YouTube algorithm 2023 also ensures that it does not suggest deceptive or misleading content by checking the authenticity and authority of the channels from where it comes.

Recommendation Areas 

The recommendation process of the YouTube algorithm takes place in three areas.

The Home Page: The homepage is where you land first after opening the YouTube app or website. They recommend content based on your previous behavior and likes without knowing your present query.

YouTube Search Results Page: When you insert a search query and hit enter, you get the YouTube search results page recommending the most relevant videos as per your query.

YouTube Suggested Videos: When you start watching a video from the search results page, YouTube suggests a list of videos similar to the content you are presently watching.

How To Enhance Your YouTube Algorithm?

Now that you know how the YouTube algorithm works in 2023, you must know the key ways to enhance your content for the YouTube algorithm.

Use Relevant Keywords

YouTube SEO works similarly to Google Search. 

It also offers the auto-complete feature, and those suggestions can be helpful keywords as they are based on the most popular search queries.

However, you must perform a thorough keyword research on the topic of your video content. You must include those relevant keywords in the filenames, metas, titles, and descriptions.

RankWatch offers their keyword research tool to make your life easier. Once you enter your target keyword or niche, the tool will show the entire list of keyword suggestions along with their search volume, competition, and CPC.

RankWatch also suggests keyword-based questions that most users type during their YouTube searches. Using those suggestions can significantly increase your video rankings.

You can use these keywords in your video file names and descriptions to enhance your YouTube SEO.

The title and meta description of your video also plays an essential role in determining the ranking of your video in YouTube search results.

Here comes the SEO IQ feature of RankWatch as a savior.

RankWatch SEO IQ provides you with the details of the usage of exact keywords in your title and also suggests if it requires any further improvements.

SEO IQ also provides the details of keywords used in your meta tags and suggestions for optimization. It further provides necessary actions to optimize the YouTube algorithm.

Add Engaging Subtitles and Captions

Subtitles and captions play an essential role as they describe what the video is about in a situation where viewers can’t or don’t want to hear the sound.

Your video script content describes the video to the YouTube algorithm. They see this description as a blog post. Hence, including the rich keywords in the video script is essential.

Find Trending Topics Using Google Trends

Google Trend is an easy bet to understand what is trending. You can plan to create videos around those trending topics.

If you research any particular topic, such as ‘Halloween,’ and hit enter, the interest graph clearly indicates that the buzz is high now.

It will be ideal to plan your video, start working on it, complete all editing and compilation, and upload it by the end of the following month (Halloween is on the 31st of October, 2023).

A Few Additional Tips To Enhance Your YouTube Algorithm Further

Here are some valuable tips that will help you design your video in line with the YouTube algorithm 2023,

  1. You should make compelling thumbnails for your video that viewers cannot resist clicking.
  2. You must hook your audience during the introduction part of your video. Otherwise, a higher bounce rate will discourage the YouTube algorithm from ranking your video.
  3. You must add relevant cards in your video, which are images that lead to your other videos related to what you mention in the present video.
  4. You should remember to add a CTA in each of your videos.
  5. It is an excellent practice to add an end screen, which is a static image shown at the end of your video.
  6. You must offer a subscription option on the screen by placing a subscription watermark at the bottom right corner of the screen. 
  7. You must consider adding a timestamp to help your viewers navigate the content.
  8. You can design a playlist for videos on a particular topic.

The Best YouTube Analytics Tool

If you are not that technical and looking for a one-stop solution for tracking your YouTube video analytics, then there is good news for you.

RankWatch dashboard now offers YouTube video tracking in the blink of an eye.


YouTube is one of the most popular and famous platforms for consuming video content for a considerable mass.

If you are a YouTube content creator and want to grab a chunk of this enormous audience, you must prepare your content in line with the algorithm for YouTube.

You must acquire a deep understanding of the signals and recommendation areas of YouTube algorithm 2023.

Using a reliable tool, you must find relevant keywords and include them in the meta descriptions, titles, file names, and video scripts.

However, if you need more trending topics, you can find them using Google Trends.

Remember our additional tips to improve your YouTube algorithm further.

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