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A Complete Pocket-Guide on Creating High-Quality Content Pillar


Creating the best quality content is the fundamental action you must take for your brand. No matter how technically accomplished your website is, without proper and informative content, your marketing efforts mean nothing. 

This has compelled the experts to derive a high-quality pillar content strategy with better structure and correct flow of information. Why? Because it will not only improve the readability of your content architecture but also the website ranking in the SERP algorithm. 

So, let’s proceed with the detailed analysis. 

What is a Content Pillar? Three Major Bifurcation of Content Pillar

A pillar content strategy is a category of content development that doesn’t converge the information in brief and in one go. Rather it focuses on giving the information in clusters, where readers get detailed and comprehensive data on the subject, gradually exploring the end-to-end and holistic information on the given niche.

The three major sections of cluster content pillars are:

The Guide

The guide pillar page SEO serves as an encyclopedic approach for deploying the information to the visitors. Marketers believe that this section should contain a generic and holistic overview of the cluster topic that can let the users get a 360-degree idea of the content. It has been developed and optimized to grab the attention of readers looking for end-to-end information on a particular topic. 


This section of the content gets into the details and in-depth of the topic. The “What-Is” section of the pillar content is more effective when you target a certain set of keywords and break down the complex and cluster topics into multiple segments and subtopics. It is particularly a multiple dynamics of information broken down from a single topic and converged at the same point. 


This section of the cluster content pillar aims to offer information that deals with the process of task accomplishment. It generally serves as a final point of the reader’s interest where they get the data on step-by-step tutorials of how to carry out the goal. This page also consisted of a call-to-action where the visitors are strongly compelled to use the product or services to complete the task. 

How to Build a Content Pillar Strategy for Your Website?

After knowing the primary bifurcation of the content pillar, let’s know the guideline for building a proper content pillar strategy for your website. 

There are many procedures, but five major steps are: 

Determine Your Audiences

The first step is to understand your audience for whom you are developing the content. Creating content for the wrong audiences would result in the purposeless development of the pillar content. If you target the right audience in the process of content cluster creation, the possibility of visitor engagement and website traffic gets higher. 

RankWatch is a preferred digital marketing tool that can help you in this process. The Ranking section gives you a country-wise share of voice along with traffic, value, and SOV% of a particular URL. This will help you understand which audiences are favorable for the cluster topics or information you are trying to deliver.

Choose Cluster Content Pillars

After choosing the target audiences, it’s time to choose the right pillars of content. As discussed above, firstly, decide on the guide, then get into the what-is structure, and finally capitalize on the how-to section for the audiences. 

The Ranking Dashboard of RankWatch also offers you insights on top landing pages that bring a sense of awareness to the type of content that the audiences are looking for. This data can further help you choose the type of content pillar page and proceed with the development accordingly.

Do Keyword Research

With the keyword research section of RankWatch, you can get location-wise insight on a particular parent keyword, including search volume, CPC, competition, question term keywords, and many more. All these insights are sufficient to draft your pillar content cluster and build the content accordingly.

Develop Titles for Each Pillars

After completing the research, it’s time to develop catchy and attractive titles for each pillar page. A captivating title would help you to build up audience engagement and make your visitors curious about the information available in the blog. 

Market experts always say that half the job is done by the engaging titles of articles and blogs that compel the visitors to at least go through the cluster topics once. 

Develop Content for Each Pillars

After developing the title of the pillar content strategy, it’s time to work on the body. Make effective content that offers the users a precise and great description of the information. 

Use the RankWatch link center to build an efficient interlinking strategy. This will not only elevate the relevancy of the content but also help you to amplify the Pillars across different channels. Remember that after you post the content, try to update it regularly to sustain its relevance in search engine algorithms.

You can also use the online backlink checker tool of RankWatch to find the active links, deleted links, link acquisition trends, top referring domains, and many more. All these insights could collectively produce a thrust on your strategy to develop better content.

What is the Significance of Content Pillar Page SEO?

There are innumerable benefits of a content pillar page. However, a few benefits are so significant that no digital marketer can avoid them.

Let’s put them down.

Better Brand Engagement

Since pillar content streamlines a structured flow of information, it will surely uplift the brand’s audience engagement. The better the placement of information, the higher will be the possibility of your visitors sticking to the particular content. 

Uplifts SERP Ranking

With better usage of the right keywords and a complete focus on the target audience, you develop content that tends to rank higher in the SERP algorithm. As we know, Google crawls and indexes pages that have relevant and structured content, the development of cluster content pillar page SEO is certainly going to have a broad impact on the website’s SERP ranking. 

High Website Traffic

As discussed above, the better the website’s SERP ranking, the higher the possibility of getting good website traffic. Thus, we can get to the conclusion that a well-structured content pillar page is directly proportional to the high organic traffic of your website. 


Well, this is all about the content pillar page strategy that can build up a better flow of information and create a higher visibility scale for your website. As we discussed, along with top-notch SEO expertise to build SEO pillar pages, you also need a dynamic digital marketing tool. RankWatch is the most preferred one in this business for building pillar pages and topic clusters.

Along with the end-to-end analysis, it also has the potential to generate high-quality content. So, don’t forget to use RankWatch when you plan a better pillar content strategy for your website.

Hope this blog gives you enough insights on the content pillar and ways to strategize the pillar page SEO.

See you soon.

Happy Reading!

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