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How to tap the true potential of internet marketing for your business?

Creating an original online marketing campaign can be difficult and time-consuming. It also requires proficiency in digital marketing to handle data analysis and structure. One must be invested in learning about the activity and posture of your competitors if you want to create customer-specific content to stay ahead of them. No matter what business you are in, you must be fiercely competitive since there is no other way to capture your audience’s attention.

It is a known fact that for any given successful brand, developing highly engaging internet advertising campaigns is a crucial step. A competitive analysis targeted at your rivals can help you moderately in this process.

  1. A competitive analysis, in short, is a living document that analyses and assesses your rivals’ strategies to identify their advantages and disadvantages compared to your goods and services.
  2. In a broader sense, comprehending and using the data from a competitive analysis will assist you in identifying strengths and weaknesses related to brand health, community management, content strategy, and more. 

Now you must be thinking, though competitive analysis is helpful, what about the internet marketing campaign? Won’t creating a successful ads campaign need converting ad copies that are better than your competitor’s? And nonetheless, you’re thinking right. You’ll need ad copies that are converting and better than your rivals. But something that you don’t need at all is to worry, as RankWatch is there to your rescue.  

How does RankWatch help you? 

RankWatch is an Online Marketing Platform that is cloud-based and has AI. Using the advanced artificial intelligence devised by an online SEO tool (RankWatch), you can now keep complete track of your competitor’s internet advertising campaigns.

RankWatch even lets you download the ad copies being used by your competitors. This same function proves to be a boon for users. Though there is no denying that be it google ads, instagram ads or any other platform, developing a converting ads campaign is an inevitably long and thorough process that requires a lot of brushed-up skills and apt expertise and hence having the competitors’ advertising copies downloaded and at your disposal gives you an edge over competitors.



  1. The Ad Copies option that you’ll find under the Competitors section in the RankWatch tool allows you to download your competitor’s ad copies in bulk.
  2. Once you get hold of the ad copies, it becomes easier to analyse and assess the type of content your competitors are putting forth. This automatically gives you an upper hand over your competitors as it becomes much easier to devise a content strategy that can counter your competitor’s campaigns and convert better.
  3. The competitor ads listed under the section are filtered and sorted out by the advanced AI developed by RankWatch.
  4. These ads are market optimised, which means that these are the advertising copies that your competitors rolled out aiming for the same keyword that you’re targeting.
  5. Our AI also gives you insight into the specific search engine/ region those ads are targeted at.


Why is RankWatch your best online marketing partner? 

The internet marketing services provided by RankWatch are the best-in-class you’ll find in the market. We assist business owners in identifying the critical places where a website is losing traffic and those where traffic may be gained. They are analysed and given Intelligent data to work with, increasing revenue. 

  1. The competitor’s advertising-copies download option that you find in the RankWatch tool is a service merely offered by any other player in the market. 

Combined with the other Internet Marketing services like Rank tracking, Backlinks management, keyword research, Analytics, Competitor assessment, etc., under the same roof, RankWatch is your best internet marketing partner.


The online marketing industry is an ever-changing and growing market led by innovation and technology. We at RankWatch understand this change and are bound to match the pace. We have been expanding tremendously every year and are today the industry leader in this area. Our customer base has more than 29000 users and is expanding quickly. 

Go global with RankWatch- 

The most recent addition to complement our commitment to growing along with the fast-paced market is the upcoming launch of Universal Keyword Research. RankWatch is a premium internet marketing platform used by professionals around the globe, and to serve their business-specific needs; we work with a global vision. 

  1. In this pursuit, RankWatch Keyword Research has been launched in four more countries- India, Australia, Germany and the UK(internally).
  2. Using our keyword tool, You can uncover the ideal keywords to boost your internet marketing strategy.
  3. Based on search volume, intent, keyword difficulty, number of results, CPC, level of competition, SERP Features, variants, and other factors, determine any phrase’s organic and advertising value.

Apart from the recent additions regarding keyword research, we were already providing our internet marketing services in the USA, which helps us command our significant presence in the global market while strengthening our position as the market leader.

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