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How to Drive High-quality Leads Using Product-led Content: SEO for Lead Generation


Driving high-quality leads is the ultimate goal of any content marketing. That is why digital marketers consider SEO as the most crucial aspect of their websites.

However, even after writing top-notch content, targeting right keywords, and getting high-authority backlinks, you cannot expect immediate results. There are billions of websites trying to follow the same and offering tons of information and products.

It is not like the traffic was waiting for your content to resolve their problem, and they’ll immediately consider it as the best solution. No one will entertain your demo calls and become a customer instantly.

Then what can you do differently to make the user feel comfortable and boost your lead-generation process?

The answer is you need to write product-led content.

The tone and pitch of product-led content should be narrative and helpful. Your content should address the problem that users are facing and narrate the solution. The reader should feel like it’s helpful advice from a friend who is not trying to make a hard sell. 

You need not pitch your product bluntly with a strong CTA; instead, you should weave your product naturally within the content while narrating the solution. The users should naturally feel that your product can solve their problems best. 

A product-led content should sound least promotional. 

Why is Product-led Content Marketing Essential for SEO Leads?

Now that we know what product-led content is about, we will discuss why product-led content marketing plays an essential role in the lead-generation process.

Client Acquisition

The main motto of generating product-led content is to boost your conversion rate.

Creating high-quality TOFU and MOFU product-led content can give you the leverage to engage leads during the early stage of the customer journey. That allows you to showcase your product as the best solution to your target audience from the very initial stage.

That, in turn, increases the chances of online lead generation.

Customer Retention

Though conversion is the most crucial stage of any lead generation digital marketing strategy, holding those conversions as your long-time customers also plays a vital role in digital marketing.

Often customers switch to a different product or service due to their lack of knowledge about the proper usage of your product. Hence, you must include case studies, screenshots, and tutorials in your product-led content. 

It will help users understand the features that your product offers and provide them with the knowledge on how to use those features to gain maximum advantages.

That, in turn, will boost your customer retention.

No-cost Advertising

If you can write top-notch product-led content, it can encourage readers to try out your product. 

And if they find your product satisfying, they start enjoying your product. 

And when you enjoy a product, you suggest it to your near and dear ones. The same happens with your users, and they start recommending your product.

That, in turn, provides you with no-cost advertising for your lead-generation campaigns.

How to Create Product-led Content to Generate Leads via SEO?

Here we’ll discuss the key steps to perform for digital lead generation using product-led content.

Keyword Research

Your product-led content can be an essential part of your lead-generation process only when searchers can find your content.

You must ensure your product-led content targets those keywords and search queries that users frequently type during their searches.

For that, you must perform in-depth keyword research using the correct tool. RankWatch’s keyword researcher can be of great help. Here’s how you can use it.

  1. Log in to your RankWatch account and visit the dashboard
  2. Go to keyword research and enter your primary keyword
  3. Select your target country for which you want keywords
  4. Select either phrase or broad match
  5. Hit the ‘Search’ Button after selecting the location.

The tool will show the entire list of keyword suggestions along with their search volume, competition, and CPC.

RankWatch also suggests keyword-based questions that are popular search queries often used by most users during their searches. Using those suggestions boosts your chances of generating SEO leads.

After conducting keyword research, you must use them in your product-led content for lead generation digital marketing. 

One additional benefit of performing keyword research is it discovers the keywords that are performing weakly. You can use them smartly for better SEO for lead generation.

You can use Google Console for that purpose. But with RankWatch Console you can overcome the data limitations of GSC.

  1. Go to the dashboard after logging in to your RankWatch account.
  2. Click on the ‘Console’ tab.
  3. Select your Google search console account and profile.
  4. Add your GSC account to the RankWatch console.

  5. Choose the property you want to research.
  6. You can perform a global search or select any particular country as per your operational area of business.

  7. Select the time frame you want to research for. The tool offers data for the maximum period of 16 months.
  8. You can perform the research for any particular device or can opt for “all devices.”
  9. Hitting the submit button will provide you with the reports in a blink of an eye.

These data can further enhance your lead generation strategy.

Optimizing Product-led Content For Higher Rankings

This is the most critical part of the lead generation process, as product-led content is not just a blog post with some backlinks inserted in it.

You need in-depth product knowledge, exceptional writing skills, and creativity to write product-led content for lead generation digital marketing.

If you are not an expert in writing product-led content, checking your content using a reliable tool will be beneficial. That will ensure your content has all the improvisation and optimization opportunities for better lead generation.

RankWatch’s SEO IQ feature can significantly help you in such a scenario.

It can offer improvement ideas for your product-led content in detail.

You can get suggestions on keyword usage by clicking the content recommendations tab. It also measures the keywords relevancy to the context of your product-led content.

You can find the optimization status of your web page content by clicking on the ‘Content Editor’ tab. The tool also provides you with keywords for better lead generation strategy.

If you click on the ‘Questions’ tab adjacent to the ‘Optimization’ tab, it will provide you with the most relevant search queries frequently used by the searchers. You can use them in your product-led content or FAQ section to optimize your content for SEO leads.

Implementing these improvements and optimizing your product-led content, as suggested by the tool, will significantly enhance your lead-generation process.

Even after knowing your product and targeted keywords, if you face a shortage of words while creating product-led content, you can use RankWatch’s free word combiner and generator tool to get started. 

Spy on Competitors’ Content

In this highly competitive digital marketing arena, keeping an eye on your competitors is a must. You should check what topics they are choosing to create product-led content.

That will help you understand your competitors’ lead generation strategy.

However, analyzing your competitors and their ranking trends is a tricky task and you need the right tool to accomplish that.

RankWatch’s competitor analysis feature can be the ideal tool for you.

  1. Log in to your RankWatch account and go to the dashboard.
  2. Add your domain as a new project.
  3. Click on the ‘Competitors’ tab.
  4. The tool will show the ranking trends.

  5. Scrolling down further will help you find other ranking metrics of your competitors like ranking keywords, ranking URLs, average rank, snippets, and many more.

This data will help you plan your lead generation digital marketing strategy.


If you can creatively design your product-led content, it can be more effective in lead generation than your landing pages having solid CTAs. The reason is customers feel naturally connected with your product if you can weave it into your product-led content as a solution. 

Once your product satisfies your customers’ needs, they become emotionally attached to your brand. They may even start recommending your product. That plays a vital role in the lead generation process.

Creating top-notch TOFU and MOFU content can allow you to engage with your future leads during their initial stage of the customer journey. It will help you describe your product as the best solution to their problem early.

And having a tool like RankWatch in your arsenal makes your lead generation journey a cakewalk.

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