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Why Join the RankWatch Affiliate program?

The affiliate program is often viewed as a fruitful process where both parties share the same, profitable interest. In recent times, affiliation has become an extremely powerful online marketing tool as more and more SAAS based companies are beginning to launch their individual affiliate programs to attract and form a direct relationship with their target market through carefully chosen affiliates. RankWatch is driving Internet marketing to a whole new level, where our sole ambition is to reduce time and cost by automating processes while providing actionable data to marketers. Through our affiliate program we look to partner with marketing experts and digital agencies to help us generate more potential RankWatch customers and in return make tons of money.

How does it work?

How does it work you ask? Good question. Once you sign up to the affiliate program you would need to promote our services to your friends and family. Every person who signs up to RankWatch through the affiliate link which will be provided to you by RankWatch, will get a15% commissionof the total cost of the package signed up by the person as a monetary reward.

What is the payout period?

The payout period is 2 months, which basically means, you get paid every two months for the business you bring in to RankWatch provided you have at least 2 signups through your referral (excluding self sign ups).

How can I track my progress?

RankWatch will provide you with an affiliate dashboard, where you will be able to track your Clicks and Sign ups.

What do I get started?

As this program is meant to benefit both the affiliate and the merchant (RankWatch), what you do depends on how much effort you put in as it is positively correlated to the amount you can earn. To begin, please fill out the application form to join our affiliate program. Once you do that, we will provide you with a unique affiliate URL, which you can then use to bring people on board. Every time a prospect signs up using that link, money will be transferred to your Paypal account every 2 months.