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Google Updates Adwords Editor: Supports Expanded Text Ads and More



Just a day after launching expanded text ads, Google rolled out another good news for paid search marketers.

On Wednesday, 27th July, Google released several updates to Adwords Editor for better implementation of extended ads including mobile app engagement ads, import/export, posting simultaneously from more than one account and so on.

Now if you go to your Adwords Editor the next time, it will encourage you to update it to 11.5 version.

Here is a sneak peak to the recent updates:

Expanded Text Ads

A new ETA (Expanded Text Ad) section is added in the left column under “Ads”.

Expanded text ads are basically longer ads with double headlines. They offer over 50% more ad text, giving you an opportunity to highlight more on your product features and service offerings.

In order to make the transition smooth, Google prompts you to test your existing ad against the new format. But, the standard ads will no longer be there after October, 26.

In order to make the most of these ads, make sure that you check out Google’s best practices.

Mobile Engagement

Mobile App Engagement campaigns can help you engage with users within the app itself. Adwords Editor now provides for drafting and editing of mobile app engagement ads.

Another update regarding mobile engagement apps was about setting up separate final Mobile URL.
This implies that you will not be able to create different mobile messaging without a separate mobile campaign.

Import/Export/Posting simultaneously from Multiple Accounts

This update eased out the process of managing multiple accounts. Now, you can easily import a CSV file into multiple accounts, post simultaneously on multiple accounts and export the details of multiple accounts into a single CSV file.
Convenient, much?

Structured Snippet Extensions

These snippets help you explain about your product/service in a more detailed manner. Adwords Editor now allows you to highlight your product/service features through structured snippets.

Other Updates:

  1. Apart from the above-mentioned features, Adwords Editor had the following updates as well:
  2. Enhanced advancements to Advanced search.
  3. Filtering by type while downloading campaigns.
  4. Increase options for targeted optimizations for mobile app install campaigns.
  5. Multiple column sorting.

To make the most of it, download Adwords Editor 11.5 today!

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