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Location-Based Tracking Made Easy By RankWatch

When was the last time you searched for “restaurants near me” or “petrol pumps near me” or any other thing with the suffix “near me?” It must be recent, right? That’s how frequently people search for local shops and places while roaming around.

Besides, the usage of location-based searches has increased tenfold in the past few years. Which brings us to our next question: How important is a local rank tracker for businesses?

The answer to the above question would be “VERY IMPORTANT.”

Currently, Google local rank tracking is a major part of all marketing campaigns, and SEO experts even optimize their websites per local SEO factors.

Since RankWatch understands the concerns and needs of organizations, we have upgraded our tool and introduced a local rank tracker on all our features. 

So, let’s dive in and discover the various purposes and benefits of local rank checkers through RankWatch.

How To Do Location-based Tracking With RankWatch?

As stated earlier, the local rank tracker is now present on the maximum features of RankWatch, meaning you can target audiences from specific locations and get results accordingly. Here are the features that have a local SEO rank checker enabled in them.

1. Competitor Analysis

Performing competitor analysis is the most prominent step in any marketing campaign. Even for creating strategies for upcoming campaigns, you need to implement proper competitor analysis.

But, getting proper results without inducing online local rank tracking is quite difficult. That’s why, RankWatch’s competitor analysis feature comes with the all-new local rank tracker that helps you discover your top competitors based on the selected area.

It helps you get proper in-depth data and design strategies as per that.

2. Keyword Research

While designing localized marketing campaigns, you need to target proper geographical keywords to help your website rank in Google.

With RankWatch keyword research, you can discover high-volume keywords based on your selected location. It would help you discover keywords ranking in the specified location, along with their CPC and search volume.

In addition to that, our keyword research also provides you with top question-based keyword terms that can improve your SERP rankings if used in FAQs or throughout the content. 

Since the keywords are sought based on location, they can also help enhance your local SEO and marketing campaigns.


The SEO IQ feature of RankWatch is specifically designed to handle all on-page SEO factors of a website. However, on-page SEO factors vary from location to location, and keeping track of all varied requirements is a tough task.

However, with RankWatch’s SEO IQ, you don’t have to worry about keeping records for Google local rank tracking. Once you select the desired location, our AI-based patented tool will crawl through your top competitors in the area, make comparisons and then provide suggestions based on the analysis.

Once you implement the suggestions, your local on-page SEO will improve, and the changes will be visible in the results.

4. Rank Tracking

Another area where local rank checker plays an important role in Rank Tracking. RankWatch’s Rank Tracking feature helps you determine the rank of all your web pages in an orderly manner, along with the ranking keywords, SOV, traffic, CPC, and other essential metrics.

Since geographical barriers play a major role in web pages’ rankings, it is important to have a local rank tracker that can help you understand the ranking variation of your web pages as per the location. 

With online local rank tracking, you can easily understand the value and rankings of your web pages as per the area. Besides, our AI tool LARA gives you in-depth insights on local SEO, low-hanging fruits, and other metrics that can improve your campaigns.

5. Backlink Audit

Since link building holds an essential part in off-page SEO, it is important to introduce proper local rank tracker in this section as well.

RankWatch’s backlink audit shows you the number of referral links your website gets from different countries, and TLDs. It further helps you understand your site’s reach and how you can work on it.

6. RankWatch Analytics

What’s the benefit of having an Analytics section if it doesn’t provides you proper data as per the selected location?

With RankWatch, you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore. Our Analytics section is enabled with a strong local rank tracker that provides accurate traffic data as per the location.

Benefits Of Location-based Tracking

Most of you might still be confused regarding Google local rank tracking. Whether a local rank-tracking tool is suitable for your business? What all benefits can you get from a local SEO rank checker? 

We are here to answer all of that and much more. So, here are some of the benefits that local search rank trackers can provide.

1. Improved Local Visibility

The best benefit of implementing a local rank tracker in your marketing campaigns is that it would help improve your business’s local visibility. When you optimize your website for local SEO, it increases your visibility in the local market.

And, to be honest, who doesn’t love attention? If customers and brands pay attention to your marketing campaigns, it’s a good opportunity to increase sales and generate leads.

With a local rank tracker, you can make your name in any market worldwide, and RankWatch gives you this opportunity with open arms. 

2. Relevant Traffic

Another essential benefit that online local rank tracking offers your website is relevant traffic. Let’s understand this point with an example.

Let’s say you have a furniture shop in Berlin and have a website for the same. Though you have optimized the site with proper SEO factors, you forgot to localize it. So now, if someone from Hamburg searches for furniture shops and finds your website at the top, chances are they will visit it.

However, they won’t stay long on the site as it’s not in their locality. This results in an increase in website bounce rates and lower dwell times.

But, if you optimize your site per local SEO factors, use locally rich keywords, and induce a local rank tracker, it would help you reach relevant traffic without any hurdles, which would ultimately improve your SERP rankings.

3. Peak Sales and Leads

Yes, online local rank tracking does bring you leads and give a boost to your sales numbers. Since local SEO helps you get the spotlight amongst the localities, it helps improve your business sales. 

Moreover, there are several big brands and MNCs who want to collaborate with local businesses to increase their outreach. If your local rankings and reviews are perfect, there are high chances of getting potential leads from high clients.

4. Understanding the Local Market

Local rank tracker helps you understand your site rankings and gives you an in-depth understanding of the local market.

It’s a basic rule that before you start any business or marketing campaign, you need to understand your target market, and local rank trackers can help you in that area.

Once you get proper insights into the local market, it will help you devise customized campaigns as per the area. It doesn’t matter whether you have 12 outlets in 12 different states of India; if you cannot understand the various state markets, it would be of no use.

5. Improvement in E-A-T Score

Currently, Google focuses more on E-A-T, better known as expertise- authority-trustworthy, of a website. It states that the website is the best in the industry and provides factual and real data on the said niche.

As EAT score increases, so does the SERP rankings of a website. With proper local SEO optimization, you can become the best in your niche and geographical area, which boosts your EAT score and ultimately increases your SERP rankings in Google.

6. Edge Over Competitors

Online local rank tracking also gives you an edge over your competitors. 


Local search rank checker gives detailed insights on the local market, existing maestros, and your target audience. So, if yours is an international brand, then with proper location-based tracking, you will have the edge over your competitors who want to enter the same market but are not opting for location-based tracking or local SEO.

Even if they opt for the same, it would be a bit late, and you will be far ahead in the competition. 

7. Easy Collaboration & Link Exchange

Once your website and brand start to rank for local SEO, there are high chances of getting collaboration offers from different companies and even opportunities for link exchanges, which are highly beneficial for your website. Local SEO can help you make a name in the community and give you a long list of loyal customers and potential leads. 

Summing Up…

Google local rank tracking is extremely important in the existing market. If you want to make your brand name, local SEO is one of the biggest supporters you can get. Since RankWatch has introduced local rank checkers in each feature, using it would be the wisest decision you can make.

So what are you waiting for? Try RankWatch right now for FREE and see the difference for yourself.

Hope this blog was helpful.

See you soon!

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