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New Feature Update: Further Customizations on Manual and Scheduled Reports


RankWatch has made generating reports on the platform even more customisable for users. This has been included due to the vast number of feature requests we have received in the past few months regarding the same. Although a bit complex to implement, it has been done so to make our users’ interaction with the platform smoother than ever before.

Reports are now supporting the functionality to customise and generate based on:

a) Search Engines

b) Sub-URL’s

c)  Tags

The reason why this has been implemented for users is because earlier, they were only able to generate a report for all keywords in a specific project which in numerous cases may not be required. For example in a case where only a fraction of the total keywords are being optimised now and the rest added to be monitored over a period of time, users should be able to manually select those keywords. Hence, now users can manually pick and choose which keywords they want a report for instead of their entire project base.

1. Custom Manual Reports

While generating a custom report, most of the previous features are the same but now you can choose the specific Search Engine you want to generate the report for from the dropdown.

Once you select the Search Engine(s) by holding Ctrl, you would also be able to choose a particular Sub-URL you want the report on or select a specific Tag you have grouped certain keywords under.

2. Scheduled Reports

Similarly under Scheduled Reports, you will now be able to receive reports specific to your requirements of Search Engine, Sub- URL and Tags.

For any further information on the new feature update or if you require our assistance in anything, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line on


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