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RankWatch API key and where to find it

In this post, we will discuss what an API key is, followed by the purposes and module for which you can use the API key in RankWatch, and how to find and generate a unique API key in RankWatch.

What is an API and API key?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a clearly defined way of communication amongst several components. In simpler terms, an API allows different applications to communicate with one another. And to protect that communication, a unique API key is used. The purpose of this key is to identify the calling application or user. Plus, they help control how a specific API is being used and protect it from any malicious use. 

Bottom line: API key is a unique authorization code that allows information to pass through different applications or modules.

What is the purpose of API key in RankWatch?

The API keys play a crucial role in various modules of RankWatch. In order to successfully operate these modules, you need an API key. Some of the prime modules that function with the API key are: 

How to find and generate API Key in RankWatch?

To generate a unique API key, head straight to RankWatch Dashboard and click on ‘Account Settings’ – next to the user name.

This triggers and drop down menu and there you need to click on ‘API Access’.

This leads you to a page which lists all the active API keys on your RankWatch account. If you have still not created one, then you need to access ‘Add API’.

Doing so, directs you to a page where you can create your API.

You just have to enter your API name; the API token and Password are generated automatically.

Note: You can add multiple API keys so it is advised to name them based on the purpose they serve.

Once you’ve entered the API name, just click on ‘Add API’.

Now, you are directed back to the API Access page, where you can find that your API has been listed.

There are two action buttons as well: One allows you to edit the API and the other deletes it.


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